• Christian adventures P
    Jan 2022

    Very satisfied with my dip manicure. It survived very active ocean/Beach type vacation without chipping. This picture is a week later after it was done.

  • Valerie Ayres
    Jan 2022

    Yesterday was my first time at Hanbury Nails. I was nervous because of some of the reviews and I never have a good experience at any nail salons in the area. I showed Duke a photo of what I wanted and he did such a great job. He continued to check that my nails were even and that he didn’t miss any spots. He checked to see if I liked them with each step as well. Best experience I’ve had at any nail salon. I will continue to come here and request Duke. ☺️Service: Acrylic nails

  • Wild Thumper (Thumper)
    Dec 2021

    Absolutely Fantastic!!! They were warm and inviting while working with both adults and children. They even took my children into consideration with the pedicure.

  • Shebly K.
    Dec 2021

    A cute nail salon! They were very busy but still got me in and out within 45 minutes for a dip! With lots of color options!! Lots of chairs and nail techs there and available. My nails were awful and so short they still made them look very good with no issues or pain. Going on week three with my nails and they are still looking well!

  • Hillary G.
    Nov 2021

    Went for dip nails and showed them a picture of what I wanted for my gender reveal next week. I was assigned to a male tech who barely talked to me, was rushing and completely butchered my natural nails. There was no tips left on my nails to do the design I wanted nor the nail shape I wanted. He was very rude and just kept telling me No you can't do that. Well not NOW after he cut my beautiful nails down to stumps. Had he listened to me from the get go, he would have had an understanding of what I wanted. He honestly just didn't seem to care. I told them I didn't want to pay full price as my nails were now completely ruined for my gender reveal and he fights with me about it while I'm standing there in tears. Tracey suggested she would fix them and add tips - free of charge and that they would only charge for me the gel dip original price of $45. I reluctantly agreed. Still didn't end up the design I wanted and then they charges me for the tips! Do they think I am stupid and don't remember what you said 45 min ago? She said she didn't charge me for the nail design, which I DIDNT EVEN ASK FOR. She told me she was throwing that in for free too to make it up to me. Allll lies. Cant even with this place I spent $65, one bloodied nail from being filed to hard and awful design that is nothing like what I asked for. Should have listened to the reviews. Save yourself the mistake and learn from ours!

  • samantha newman
    Nov 2021

    The first photo is what I requested. I did not think it was much to ask for since there are no special designs or anything, it is just five different colors to create the “ombré” look that I wanted for fall. The second photo is what I got… it was going to be much worse because he originally picked out a very bright red instead of the burgundy one. When I tried talking to him about it a few different times really nicely, he was sort of rude and very short with me then began laughing with his co-worker. The massage chair was broken for my pedicure which wasn’t the deal breaker for me, but adding to paying for something that was wrong, it made it worse. It felt like he was just concerned with rushing along the process. I understand that they were busy, but I don’t mind waiting longer to get things right. There was also no sign on the door that said cash tips only so he was frustrated that I didn’t have cash on me and walked away when I told him I was going to go to the bank to get cash or get cash back at the grocery store since I planned on running into the store anyways.

  • Ryn Abraham
    Nov 2021

    There were many stations that looked very nice. I got sat at one that looked like it was a storage station and assumed I would be moved. There was acrylic all over the counter and gross dishes and opened tools laying around. A man finally came over and was on his phone. He got out the tools strewn across the counter and began putting on the acrylic with absolutely no nail care. He put the tools back without cleaning them or putting them in a solution and was texting for a majority of the time. The cuticles look awful and the nails are quite crooked. The design isn’t exactly nice either so the nails don’t even look good. Everyone else seemed generally nice, but it was the grossest, most painful nail experience I had as he also kept pulling my my nail. Not happy and don’t recommend with the chance of getting that nail tech.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Kayla Thorogood
    Oct 2021

    I had a horrible experience here. My nails were not shaped probably, they were messy, and the guy doing my nails cut me multiple times. Then they laughed when I expressed my concerns and dislike. Never coming back again.

  • Nicole Gard
    Sep 2021

    I walked in with my daughter on a Sunday afternoon and we got right in! Our two techs were so nice and did a wonderful job!

  • Lisa Spry Helms
    Sep 2021

    They do a great job. Ask for Joy or Beer, they’re both great!

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