• Genesis Borens
    Nov 2021

    Will never visit this nail salon ever again. I came to get a gel manicure only three days ago and I asked the gentleman that was doing my nails (because I had never gotten gel before) how long would it last. He said that it could last from 4 to 6 weeks. Not even three days later five of my nails are chipping. I called this morning and told the man that answered the phone about the situation and he said that I could come in to get them fixed. Upon arrival he looks at my nails and tells me that my nails are too thin and that is why the gel is lifting up not because of the person that did them or the service. He then says I should get an overlay with gel polish and he would give me a discount only charging $37. I've been getting my nails done for years and that is no discount and I was very offended that he thought I was dumb enough to believe so.. especially when I just paid for this whole manicure three days ago. I told him that I didnt want pay $37 which is $4 dollars more than what i paid originally. Again, the original guy assured me my nails would last between 4 to 6 weeks. He says that it depends on the person and I said well he should've let me know that at the time of service. He then says the best he can do for free is fix the nails that are chipped and I said OK that's fine. He asked me if I remembered my color which I didn't. He said i should've remembered my color and wanted me to look through all of the colors to find which one best fit, rather than just repainting my nails to accommodate the paying customer simply for the inconvenience of having to come back up here only 3 days later because my nails were not done correctly. I left immediately because this is no way to treat a paying customer. Very Very unprofessional and I would Highly not recommend to anybody to visit here. zero stars. Best nail spa? nope. Worst nail spa.Service: Manicures

  • Paula Mcdade
    Oct 2021

    I didn't get what I asked for they suggested what they wanted me to have I was there for 2 1/2 hrs! I will never go back, extremely slow on pedicures and nails

  • Kristie Weeks
    Sep 2021

    I always get a gel French tip on my toes and sometimes it takes forever because they keep correcting it, but the tech here did a great job and didn't take the whole day to do it! I decided to get a manicure with gel this time and if everyone did it as quickly and precisely as they did I would have been getting them all along. My new go-to place for sure!Services: Nail art

  • Michelle N.
    Aug 2021

    Stopped in today . As a travel nurse I change nail places at least every 13 weeks ... well the last place in San Antonio really messed up my nails ! Best nails did an absolute amazing job !!! I showed them what I wanted and they nailed it! They will be my go to place while I'm here in Tyler !

  • Mauseleate Bowie
    Aug 2021

    I don’t feel like I was given my discount and every time I go it’s a different price and there are no prices up on a board, I feel like they are just charging whatever they choose to do, very unhappy about the transactions today, and my daughter and I have been going to Hazel for awhile, but change is coming, you’re not appreciated as a customer bc it’s all about the $$$ to them

  • Shanequ Evans
    Jul 2021

    I called first to ask if they did long nails they said yes. Then you go in and they act like you asked for a organ or something. They snatched my old set off which now hours later is causing pain. Then the lady that did my nails messed them up I spent almost 300 in the spa for my set and my daughter set never again

  • Rhonda Harris
    Jul 2021

    This was my first time in Tyler. I needed my eye lashes fixed. The young lady told me I had to get a new pair. So, I did. The minute she put them on; my eyes begin to burn and run. She told me that it will stop soon. All day Saturday they were runny and burning and red. Sunday morning I awaken to my left eye swollen shut. I checked out my hotel and headed to the salon. The young lady was there. She just looked at me and said I will give you your money back. She gave me my money back and simply walked off. NO apologies or anything. Come Monday morning; I had no choice but to go to the doctor. I was told that both eyes were infected. I was prescribed eye drops. Although I have insurance; it did NOT cover the drops. Which were over $100. I called the salon and spoke to someone who said he was the owner/manager. He spoke very good English. I understood him very well; And he understood me as well. After explaining to him the situation; His words to me were “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO ABOUT IT?!”I asked would he consider paying for my eye drops?! I used my insurance. Paid my co-pay; that is the least you can do. I wear lashes often and have been for years. NEVER had this happen to me. He told me, “WELL, WE GAVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!” Then proceeded to hang up in my face. I was NOT rude to them. I wasn't disrespectful or any of that. The lack of care is what did it for me. If I can post my pictures; I most definitely will. My first and last time in Tyler and definitely NEVER going to this place again!!!Service: Eyelash extensions

  • Kalon Corbett
    Jul 2021

    They are so loving and they don't force you they're not forceful to do things you don't want to do they are polite and absolutely loving I love my nails

  • Lakeysa Stuart
    May 2021

    Shellac bright orange love mimi she is amazing

  • T Mck
    May 2021

    It's ok for right now...

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