• Myronda Mays
    Feb 2020

    My first time here! I love this place! Ruby did an amazing job!!!! My French pedicure was perfect! Thank you Ruby!

  • Ocean Scherbarth
    Feb 2020

    They ate so good at doing nails. This is my new favorite nail place.

  • Ashley engard
    Jan 2020

    The first time to ever visit this location and I was blown away! Every single person from the time I walked in to the moment I left were absolutely amazing! Friendly, smiling, and of course a nice beverage to keep you relaxed! I will definitely be back to visit!

  • Brianna Garrison
    Jan 2020

    The front door says “walk-ins welcome”. Yet, when I entered with my daughter the front desk receptionist asked what services we wanted and then proceeded to tell us he could not take walk-ins because they are full with appointments. However, he took three walk-in customers after us. Even my daughter could recognize the discrepancy and asked “why did they have room for them after he told us no?” I was still in the doorway when I heard them say they did not have an appointment.

  • Natalie Aggarwal
    Jan 2020

    Aria Nail Bar provides the best customer service. As soon as you walk they greet you and you don't have to wait. Trish and Anne did an excellent job with my gel manicure and pedicure. This is my go to nail salon.

  • Christine Tran
    Dec 2019

    Excellent service!!! I came in to get my nails done for the holidays and they turned out amazing. The staff here are very welcoming and attentive. Sy was my tech and he did a great job! I highly recommend this beautiful salon!

  • Josephine Ehrsam
    Dec 2019

    The most elegant nail salon I have ever been to. I recieve great service, the staff were very nice. I will be back again

  • Janice McDonald
    Nov 2019

    This place specializes in customer service! They are friendly and efficient, but take their time during your appointment and don’t make you feel rushed. They make sure you have a relaxing experience worth every dollar. Speaking of price, they are very reasonable an competitive with other area nail solons that don’t cater to the luxury of the customers have as much! 10/10

  • Sarah Cruz
    Nov 2019

    Im a frequent customer and I absolutely love coming here!!! The manager Lanny is so helpful and always has the best ideas if I’m ever indecisive about what I want to get done that day. Everyone is super professional and friendly and the salon is BEAUTIFUL. Coming here always makes me feel like a queen

  • Krazy K
    Nov 2019

    My sister got her nails done here and this is not her first time getting a full set of dipping powder done for her nails but her nail technician Jordan was working through her nails in such a hurry. There's gaps at the bottom of her nails that makes it seem like she's had them done for a while and when she pointed out the gaps and the bald spots she was told that "No they look fine there's no problem". Anytime she told her to fix anything she was just told that "oh no it's fine" or "oh no it looks fine." The only reason she gave a 2 is because the guy at the reception was nice and helpful when she wanted suggestions on nail colors that compliment each other. I'm not sure why Jordan was rushing through because it wasn't even a busy time where they had people waiting to get their nails done if I remember correctly there were some technicians just chilling in the back on the massage chairs. She most likely won't be returning here unless it's a last resort. I'm sure the other technicians are good but her first experience here wasn't great. This time is by far the worst nails she's gotten throughout all the times that she has gotten them done. I will say that the guy at the reception was still nice enough to give her an extra 10% discount for her dissatisfaction.

  • Ansu ABRAHAM
    Nov 2019

    Came in with my mom and sister , we all did pedis and it was great !! The guy in the front was really funny and gave us free drinks . Very clean and fun salon must try ! They have 10% off happy hour from monday to thursday also wich is a plus

  • Alina M.
    Nov 2019

    The guy who was the receptionist when we came in was super rude and not helpful whatsoever. He was yelling at my aunt for not knowing what she wanted. We normally don’t get our nails done so having your nails done for the first can be confusing and a little patience should’ve been there. The girls who did the nails were great though. They had a more calm demeanor and explained everything. The prices are out of the roof. They charge for every little detail and the work was basic So honestly you could go anywhere cheaper and still get the same service. Will not be returning here!

  • Anon
    Oct 2019

    Ok so let me say I know I came in a little late around 6:55ish so I can kind of understand what happen . Amy i think her name was did a Harmony pedicure for me tonight and honestly it just felt like a basic pedicure with some wax and stones her face was not happy at all until the very end , May the lady who did my nails was very happy talked to me the entire time even tho it was after hours was very pleased with her the manager apologized and gave me a solution to the pedicure issue . Overall the salon was very beautiful the drinks were great ! I will give them another chance as long as its not with Amy.

  • Laura Cordova
    Oct 2019

    I love traceys work!! Will recommend. Really nice staff

  • Sophia Dixon
    Sep 2019

    This is my 2nd time at Aria Nail Bar & I love it! Free drinks are awesome. Beautiful environment

  • DarcFlash
    Aug 2019

    I love Tracy at Aria nail bar! She takes her time and does exactly what I ask even if she thinks its old fashioned! Lol. She also takes great care of my daughters nails❤

  • Harmeet Sheemar
    Jul 2019

    Went here for the first time about two weeks ago. I got a shellac manicure with acrylic and I got a basic pedicure with acrylic. My shellac started to get messed up two days after I got them done. I did call them to tell them my shellac was messed up and they did offer to fix it, but I did not have time to go in for that. Never have I ever gotten shellac on my manicure and the polish starts to chip so soon.

  • Emma
    Jul 2019

    This is my second time going to Aria. The first time was just for a regular pedicure and that went swimmingly. I thought, I should go back for another pedicure and a regular manicure. I have short nails naturally and we came into the nail salon before 12:30 and waited for at least 10 minutes before we were seated. When we were seated, we weren’t attended to right away and had to wait an additional 10-15 minutes before they actually started on our nails but we saw 2 girls come in and they were seated right away. When asked, an employee said “they had an appointment” like it was our fault that we didn’t make an appointment even though walk ins are accepted. Anyways. The guy who did my nails did such a bad job I literally cried when I sat back in the car. I’m not asking for Picasso art work here - I literally just wanted white shellac on my hands. There are no clean lines and instead of using acetone at the end to clean everything up, the guy used a CUTICLE CUTTER to CUT THE COLOR OFF MY SKIN. I am beyond furious. When he was painting my nails, he asked if I bit my nails, which I do but is none of his business. When I replied “yea I used to” he asked if I wanted acrylic, which I don’t because I had them on for the longest time. He asked me “are you sure?” which implied that my nails are too short for him to be able to paint. I wish I could attach pictures to show what a piss poor job he did, but I can’t. My mom, who was with me, waited way too long for a full set. By the time my nails were being painted, they were about to start on her full set but we have things to do and can’t wait another 30-45 minutes for something that should have been done at the same time as her toes. We were here from 12:35 to 1:52. This is the second and the last time we will be coming here. If you have short nails, beware of this place please.

  • K H
    Jun 2019

    i love the customer service from the reception girls! it’s also very nice and modern on the inside, great complimentary drinks but my pedicure was pretty disappointing. my technician was staring over her shoulder while she was exfoliating and massaging my legs (there was rly no massage, just rubbing them which was disappointing) which leads me to feel like her focus wasn’t on my service. i was eager for it to be over because it was that disappointing. oh well. 3 stars for the pros though.

  • Theresa Rodriguez
    Jun 2019

    i’ve gotten my nails done here twice (acrylic + polish & refill + polish) and was taken care of by Andy the first time and Tracy the second time and i was beyond impressed by both of their work. the rest of the staff is extremely friendly and very attentive. Jenny, one of the managers, is super thoughtful and helpful. she remembered me (& my drink order!) i will continue to come back to Aria as often as i can

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