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  • Dani Ortiz
    Apr 2023

    Mike is the best! I have always been anxious about getting manicures because my fingers have been cut/burned during the process, but I never have to worry when Mike is doing my nails! He is very gentle and precise, and always does an amazing job. I always leave happy when he does my nails! Highly recommend. :)Service: Acrylic nails

  • Angela Kaseman
    Mar 2023

    This place was recommended to me so I had high hopes. My biggest complaint is my nail tech cutting me twice, yes bleeding. After leaving my fingers are so sore and that cuts ? hurt. I am disappointed she was not careful despite her being very slow. I would not recommend or come back based on today's of the cuts are circled in pic.Services: Nail cut & filing

  • Nayelli Arguelles
    Mar 2023

    I have tried at least 5 places in Pearland and I didn’t like any except this one! They are so nice! I had to bring my 3year old with me and they put her in a little chair right next to me and made her feel comfortable. They didn’t rush anything or pressure me choosing a color.Services: Nail designs

  • Sarah H.
    Feb 2023

    I've been to this nail shop a few times because I love going to the tech Kim but I will no longer be going anymore. Everytime I go they seem like they aren't even happy for me to be there when I'm the one giving them my money and business. I don't understand if it's because I look young but I always tip 18-20% for my service. I went today and was standing at the front for a minute before I was even greeted. Which I understand if they are busy but they had no sense of urgency and like I said they didn't even seem happy or welcoming. No smiling no "hi how are you". I walked around to look for my tech Kim because they were just letting me stand there. The man at the front was just sitting there when I came back up. I took my business to Genova nails right by them. They were actually welcoming and happy for my business!

  • Courtney Y.
    Feb 2023

    Well, the pedicure ended up looking ok and the polish lasted appropriately. But when I pay good money for the more expensive package, I do it for the experience of the pampering. I do not want a half ass massage or just smearing lotion on me. Not once was I asked if I wanted something to drink. The package that I asked for was supposed to have my choice of a scent, but they chose the scent of the the girl sitting next to me probably because it was convenient for them to prepare it at the same time. The salon was pretty and appeared clean. They were busy, so they probably do a great job most of the time. Maybe the girl was having a bad day??? Not upset, just disappointed.

  • Delilah Skylar
    Jan 2023

    Loved this place! The guy who did my nails was such a sweetheart. I think his name is Kevin. Love the ambiance of this place and its people. Will definitely make this my nail spot. ✨?Service: Dip powder

  • Adriana Melara
    Dec 2022

    Service was great. It was my first time and everyone helped me out so much. Jenny really gave me the nails that I truly wanted. Definitely recommended!

  • Racquel B.
    Dec 2022

    Showed up for my appointment, checked in and was told to "pick color". 30 minutes later, I was STILL WAITING and asked the receptionist if I had time to go get a drink. He said yes, to which I was surprised-so I asked him how much longer it would be before the nail tech will be ready for me. He said 15 minutes, which translates into 45 minutes late for my appt. So I go to CFA and come back and waited some more. (And nobody has acknowledged their lateness yet. That's the issue; the blatant disregard) I'm finally taken back, my nail tech comes up and says "Sorry, I'm too busy, how can I help you today?" Uh, what? (They ask you what service you want when you make the appt.) So I tell him again, I'd like a dip manicure. He puts my hands in a bowl of acetone and goes back to finish whatever he's been doing with his other customer. When he comes back, he's still removing my polish. At this point, I've been at the salon for over an hour and I'm over it and them, already. I was done. I told him nicely, maybe I'll just do the dip another day-maybe he can just file them and I'll go--a which point he actually laughed and scoffed, saying he'd finish them in 30 minutes. I guess making customers wait is funny to him or maybe he just thought I had absolutely nothing else to do on NYE?? (And of course, it was NOT 30 minutes- that was just another lie to keep me there) Then, he put gel top coat on the dip w/the nail lamp and said "This way you can go away faster" LMAO!! I understand mistakes happen or people run late. But, I had an appointment that the nail tech was almost an hour late for. There's no excuse for telling a customer "pick color" and then just making them wait like it's not a big deal. I did mention to the receptionist that I would've appreciated him telling me that they were running almost an hour late. I could have left and come back? Gone to lunch?? They don't tell you the truth because they're afraid you'll leave, so they say "pick color", make you wait, and hope for the best. That is total b.s.So, yeah. They wasted my time, laughed at me and lied to me. No acknowledgement, no apology. Rude and not at all respectful of customers or their customer's time. And to add insult to injury--that same receptionist/doofus asked me if "everything was good" on my way out. 2 stars only because my nails looked good, but the customer service part of it totally sucks.

  • Jill M.
    Oct 2022

    This is the place to go in Pearland for the best mail services ever!! I have been coming here for 4+ years now and recommend this place to everyone! Tracy has been my manicurist for the entire time and she is amazing!! Doug at the front always remembers your name and welcomes you in with a huge smile and sometimes funny little jokes. Everyone is friendly and welcoming.

  • Crystal F.
    Oct 2022

    Today was my first time coming here. It was wonderful! Very nice and clean salon. The music is not too loud and just the right songs that temp is up beat but relaxing at the same time. I got a pedicure and my technician took her time and did not rush through it. I really enjoyed my experience.

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