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  • Sylvia Butler
    Jul 2023

    I must say this to you and hopefully anyone that have a loved one that needs love and care this would definitely be the wrong place to place them NO

  • Christy Gonzalez
    Jul 2023

    Working with this facility and staff has always been a pleasant experience. They truly put residents needs first and provide excellent customer service. Nick goesout of his way to make sure the transition is seamless and Reyna, the director of Nursing is on top of her patients needs.

  • Ashleigh Chase
    Jul 2023

    The team at Advanced Health and Rehabilitation of Live Oak have a long tenure. Every time I visit the residents look happy and well taken care of. The staff is always greeting me with a smile and willing to help.

  • Mary Coy
    Jul 2023

    My mother is 98 yrs young and calls this home. She keeps busy with their activities. Bingo, her favorite puzzles in the puzzle room outings to different restaurants and more. If you are thinking about bringing your love one here do it

  • April Butler
    Jul 2023

    Wish I could put ZERO stars this facility is emaculent however the staff is terrible. They were lazy never checked on the patients left them in the rooms for hours without checking in on them. Do not take your family here and if you do please get a camera in the room to keep an eye on your family member.

  • Claire F
    Jul 2023

    They don't even deserve one star! If your loved one is really "loved" you shouldn't consider this place to care for them at all! Their standard of care is substandard.

  • Kathy wilson
    Jul 2023

    This place is horrible my sister was there for three week now she back in the hospital with stage two bed sore, Dehydrated, low sodium due to not eating or drinking. Burn between thighs because diaper were put on to tight.

  • Andre Dennis
    Jul 2023

    My mom was at that location in live oak texas,the service was absolutely Bad, they never check on the patient to see they needed changing or if they wanted anything, her wedding ban was also taking from her finger, my Dad, two aunts, and myself know that none of us removed it, we put in a report for that missing ring, , that location employee staff just about every one I talk with didn't want to get up and do their job, Very Bad place to put your love ones end, especially if the need proper medical attention.

  • Elisa Marie Salazar
    Mar 2023

    I like me this Rehab.The venue is nice and clean.Staff is nice and caring. DON is vary responsible. Their bedside manor is so caring.

  • Marylin whittington
    Jan 2023

    I would give this facility zero stars if I could. I should have written this sooner. My mom stayed there for less than a week a few years ago after having a traumatic ankle break and corrective surgery. I toured the place prior to her being admitted. It was pretty and the person providing the tour said all the right things. My mom arrived around 1pm. I went to see her 3pm and found her in a room at the end of the hall that had no call light (not working and didn't at all during her entire stay), no phone, a bed higher than any I had ever seen, and no side rails in place for safety. That was my first impression. I put her in a safe position and went directly to the DON to try and establish our expectations of safe and adequate care. I thought this would be all that was necessary. As the day went on, she had zero orders because the intake person failed to do their job correctly and my mom was unable to get pain medicine until nearly 10pm after having her ankle reconstructed just a couple days prior. They told us we would have to return to the ER to get pain meds that evening. An unnecessary ER trip during flu season for a 74 yr old woman because their staff failed to do their job. I offered to get her meds from home which they told me I was not allowed to do. We finally got it resolved by calling another one of their physicians since the one assigned to her was not responding. To be brief, here is a list of issues we had before I had her transferred to New Braunfels Regional Rehab hospital, one of the best facilities we've ever experienced. Lazy, inattentive staff that refused to check on her or answer the bell they gave her to use as a call light, no soap in her room during her entire stay, the only hand sanitizer I saw was on the med cart and rarely used, soiled linen left on her RR floor because she was never provided with a hamper, nurses trying to give her meds from their bare hands instead of a med cup, nurses trying to give her sleeping pills at 6pm instead of 9pm when they were due, meds being incorrectly administered twice a day instead of once a day as ordered, so slow to medicate for pain sometimes 1-2 hours after asking, repeatedly trying to lift her by her previously fractured/unrepaired right shoulder after we informed them of this injury and asked them not to, improper transfers trying to utilize the leg she just had surgery on even though she was non weight bearing on that side, demanding she use a diaper because they didn't want to help her in the RR even though that's how she was going in the hospital then leaving her soiled for over an hour, confining her to her room without telling her why one day, not bathing her on schedule until we pitched a fit, urine smelling dining room, and the list goes on. They were grossly understaffed yet still accepting admissions despite the fact they couldn't take care of the patients they already had. The PT staff seemed genuinely interested in her care but we couldn't get past the nursing issues. I myself am an RN. I had multiple meetings with the CNO and upper admin. As it turned out, the state was already investigating this facility and had a team that would visit monthly. I met with them and the facility received TEN citations from the state as a result of my report alone. Verifiable infractions. This place is unsafe, unsanitary, uncaring, unprofessional, and flat out dangerous. Do not take your loved one here if you care about their wellbeing. I cannot stress enough how disgusting their "care" was. There were a couple of CNA's that were amazing but the nurses used and abused them because basic patient care was beneath them.

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