• Michael Moore
    Aug 2019

    FYI: This review was originally rated one star w/o a comment. Once I was notified of response comment was added.

  • Ioasa Tuia
    May 2019

    I loved my experience with Traci. Received a lot of compliments from families and friends about my lash extensions..

  • Sharon E.
    Apr 2019

    I walked into this salon needing a recommendation of a good, healthy lash product for me. I think this salon only uses volume lashes, which ended up being a bad product for me. They are too heavy to be glued to my skimpy lashes. I lost A LOT of lashes and the ones that didn't fall out, are really stubby. I think they are growing back, now, but believe me, I've felt like going into hiding the past few weeks. I think individual mink lashes would have been better for me. This salon should have known that. Or maybe they did but didn't have the right product on hand. Either way, I had a bad experience. Bottom line: don't count on this salon to do the right thing. DO your research, walk in knowing what you want and don't be swayed to something else. If she doesn't agree, be ready to say thanks but "bye". OR go some place else that has a range of products on hand.

  • Alicia Ali
    Feb 2019

    Went to 3D Volume Lash & Brow Studio after of course having the most unskilled technician ever, wax my brows at a nail shop (I know huge mistake). When I arrived I had exactly 1 1/3 of an eyebrow left. Soooo glad I came. This lady performed a miracle. I walked out of there with 2 complete brows. Since the I've gone regularly for lash extensions and facial treatments. This place is the spot to be for eye lashes, brows, facials and so much more.

  • Tracee Sampson
    Oct 2015

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