• Andrea J.
    Nov 2021 me and my cousins were looking for a place to get a sentimental, but basic tattoo on a Saturday night. We went to 3 different places and they were all either unavailable, priced unreasonably, or didn't look very sanitary. Then we found Sintown! The Operator was personable, the staff was welcoming, the facility was clean, AND the price was right! Although our tattoos were simple, I highly recommend them for intricate work as well, as we got a chance to see some of their more detailed tattoos on other customers that night. They are definitely our tattoo parlor of choice for our next adventure!

  • Krescent P.
    Nov 2021

    Ok so boom! I got my nose pierced by Sir Walt. Believe the positive reviews about him. He is so calm, sweet, gentle and very patient. I'm sure I was getting on his nerves but he answered all my questions and made me feel so comfortable. I was very nervous. He educated me on the process start to finish, so I knew exactly what I was gonna experience. He is my new favorite. Go check him out. The room was your typical piercing room. Everything was clean and Sterlized. Both my best friend and I were pierced . Take him your money . He is so worth it.

  • Jacqueline Edwards
    Sep 2021

    Sir Walt is an expert piercer. Very nice and professional. I will be going back soon.

  • Rebecca McGinn
    Sep 2021

    I had a great experience here, I went in to get a piercing by Walt, whom I was referred to. He did SUCH a great job. I'm very impressed with how easy going and relaxed my experience was with him, I was a little nervous and it immediately went away because of This guy and his character. He was very cool, kind and gentle with me. I'm absolutely going to go back to see him specifically again for more piercings. In fact, I'm going back next week or two to get another 1 or 2. And I'm also contemplating getting my next tattoo I want done by him as well.Thank you Sir Walt for being awesome and great at what you do! And of course, Thank you Sintown Tattoo Studio ? ??

  • Meghan Love
    Sep 2021

    I will definitely come back again when I decide to get another tattoo. Gabe was amazing, super inviting and made the whole experience such a fun time! I was very nervous going in because it was my first tattoo but he is the absolute best. He also has great taste in music!

  • Myia Christine
    Aug 2021

    Awesome Tatts and Great customer service. Reasonably price. Ask for Gab

  • Naomi
    Aug 2021

    The sweetest piercer! Went with me and two friends to all get piercings, Walt was so gentle and did a great job. Absolutely recommend and was for a great price

  • Tina Liljedahl
    Aug 2021

    I took my daughter for her first tattoo. She wanted a fine line tattoo that was simple. Diamond gave her EXACTLY what she wanted, did excellent work, and she left so happy. He was so professional, but was fun and made us comfortable at the same time. I will be going back for one soon. **Happy 18th to my girl, you are fierce**

  • Bailey Grays
    Aug 2021

    My husband and I went in to get some piercings and everything was fantastic! He got one ear and his nose pierced. I got a second lobe piercing on both ears and my daith. Sir Walt gave us amazing customer service, made us laugh multiple times, and was patient with me when I didn’t know what I wanted. We had a great experience and I will definitely be coming here for more piercings!

  • Miss Efe Rhonor
    Aug 2021

    I got my industrial piercing here and I am very dissatisfied by my service. I first got the piercing and everything was OK but I had to take it out for work. I tried to put it back in professionally and when I went to go and get it put in by a different piercer they told me that my industrial piercing was angled incorrectly. Due to this my piercing was never able to heal and caused me a lot of pain and discomfort. I should’ve known better than to enter this place and receive a piercing due to the fact that it was messy and smelled off. 0/10 for service and I will never be coming back here again.Service: Industrial piercing

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