• Nancy Morreale
    May 2019

    First time here, I didn’t get the mans name but he did a great job!!!

  • Delila Bryer
    May 2019

    I quit going here because it was terrible. But recently I went in and Lee did the best pedicure I think I've ever had in my life! She is amazing and my new go-to person. I will follow wherever she is working...even if it's here.

  • Ana Ruby
    May 2019

    Me and my sister got our nails done and they did not even last long there was barley glue to hold the nail it was just horrible will never go there again.

  • Jennifer Riggs
    May 2019

    BEWARE! Don't go here! My first time here and I will Not be back!! They will over charge your credit card and argue with you about their, fees for nail refills. Also their service is HORRIBLE, unfriendly, and not very clean place!

  • Janett Lomelí
    May 2019

    The Worst place in DP for nails... They should close it...

  • Jennifer Meza
    May 2017

    Horrible experience. They don't have enough staff and wait time was too long I had to leave.

  • Leslie Diaz
    May 2017

    Had a pedicure here but it was not great.

  • Christina B.
    Sep 2016

    I should have just gone to Couture nails like I usually do but they were jam-packed and Silver nails could fit me in right then and there. I needed a set of nails and my eyebrows waxed badly. Although it took almost two hours to finish my set of gel nails (with no designs or jewels added) and to get my eyebrows waxed, I do think they did a good job on both. Time management is definitely not their key priority. I'm giving two stars because this place is just disgusting. I don't think anything has been sanitized here in years. The floors are filthy, the bathroom is almost inoperable and she doesn't change out the towels between each use. I also saw her switching the polish brush between bottles a bunch of times. While I was getting my nails done, my sister saw a HUGE cockroach climbing on their Buddha statue and alerted them to it. They refused to kill it or remove it, wouldn't even spray it with anything. I had to worry about a bug crawling into my purse or onto my feet whilst getting my nails done. Ick! Be advised that it was still alive and well when I was leaving! This place needs a really, really good cleaning before I will be back as I'm afraid I'm gonna get an infection or carry one of their roaches out with me. Sorry Silver Nails, back to waiting at Couture Nails I go.

  • Lacee H.
    Jun 2016

    Bad infection!! I've been going here for over ten years. They're super nice and really fast!! But yesterday I got a regular pedicure and woke up this morning with a swollen, red and throbbing big toe. Watch for STERILIZED instruments. I don't think they clean them properly. I don't think I'll ever go back.

  • Lisa Madrigal
    May 2016

    Horrible service my nails were so sore and cut will not be going back

  • Alicia S.
    Feb 2016

    Ive been coming here for 4 years. It's not the fancy's place in town. But they do really good work. Kathy does the best nails. I've never gotten a fungus. Kathy has a small team working for her. So the all down fall is time. Sometimes you will have to wait. But, once you have experience their pedicures. You will want to go back.

  • Stephanie S.
    Sep 2015

    It sucks that other people had bad experiences here. But I was passing by and randomly decided to get my nails done and the nail tech did a great job. I loved them and will definitely go back.