• nikki cross-clark
    Mar 2020

    So rude it’s not even funny

  • nicole cross-clark
    Mar 2020

    So rude it’s not even funny

    Feb 2020

    Terrible customer service! I called with a question about the pricing of spray tans and the man who answered the phone was extremely rude and hung up in the middle of my question.

  • Payton B.
    Jan 2020

    Horrible customer service. The girls at the desk were extremely rude and not helpful at all during my first visit. They try to trick you into paying the most money possible. I won't be returning due to their attitude and rude responses to my questions.

  • Lauren W.
    Nov 2019

    Absolutely ridiculous prices and terribly rude staff. One of the girls "helping me" at the front desk was extremely disrespectful and gave me unnecessary attitude when I asked a simple question. I refuse to give this place my business!!

  • Dee-Anna Drake
    Sep 2019


  • E M.
    Sep 2019

    This place is a hot mess. There is no sense of urgency and they're not friendly. Everyone moves super slow to clean beds even when people are waiting. They just seem super unorganized and the result of poor management. The spray tans also come out uneven and splotchy. Save yourself the headache and go to the many other spray tan options in Nashville

  • Brittany Inglish
    Aug 2019

    Bad customer service! I bought a 2 spray tans from another location but apparently they had to be used within the same month. Of course someone never told me that and of course this location never said sorry or even offered to fix the issue. It’s even more ridiculous that you can pay $45 for a basic spray tan when someone can airbrush you professionally for that price or a little more. Not worth it and bad customer service overall.

  • Tara Tenorio
    Jun 2019

    Customer service from corporate to local stores is consistently poor. The spray tan product is extremely unpredictable - there have been several instances where I’ve sprayed and no color has shown up at all. I’ve reported this and corporate was vaguely apologetic. This is absolutely an instance of getting what you pay for and having no other option in town with multiple locations.

  • Cydney Marsh
    May 2019

    Horrible company that will steal your money and ignore your messages. Don't sign up for an account! They're unethical and they are NOT honest.

  • Michael B.
    May 2019

    AVOID. Two ladies that arrived after me were shown to their booth before me. No one knows what they are doing and I had to wait for 30 minutes due to that. Staff not helpful and tried to sell me everything under the sun.

  • A B.
    May 2019

    Do NOT go to Sun Tan City in Green Hills of Nashville TN!!! Everyone that works there are Extremely Rude and They're all B's! I'll never go there again. Every time they're the same and very unprofessional.

  • Ashleigh Phifer
    May 2019

    Salon director would not take a coupon I had that I received when I signed up for the email club, saying they’re not a franchise or something, which is fine. But the way she went about it was rather rude and she didn’t suggest any other replacement coupon or try to tell me how much the sunless visit is normally and see if I was interested. I would have purchased the visit if she would have tried to upsell to me. I was really excited for some “me time” today and now I’m just frustrated. The brunette at the other computer was at least telling people she was sorry for the wait and seemed nice enough so that is a positive!

  • Aaron
    May 2019

    Brooke, the assistant manager, is the only reason you need to avoid this place. Very dishonest, rude, and pushy. I came in for the very first time and just wanted to tan a few times before some pictures. She told me I had to pay $40 for a "drop in" or I could pay for an expensive membership. I went to the West End location right after I left this location and had a completely different experience. There was another Brooke who was very helpful and did not even attempt to sell me a membership. She walked me through "drop in" prices which were as low as $15! Avoid Green Hills unless you like being ripped off and dealing with aggressive rude managers. GO TO WEST END and see the nice Brooke instead.

  • Cydney-Nichole Marsh
    May 2019

    Horrible company that will steal your money and ignore your messages. Don't sign up for an account! They're unethical and they are NOT honest.

  • D Campbell
    May 2019

    As a man working in an all female environment, who is finishing his bachelors degree I have never dealt with such rudeness from fellow coworkers in my life. So much to the point I felt the need to stop coming in. They make fun of the customers, hide 5 minutes before they close and lock the doors, and purposely push over priced plans on people to raise commission. I should of known better getting a summer job there when I had more experience than the manager but take it from me, go to west end.

  • Rachel Traughber
    May 2019

    I’d never had a spray tan before today and wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but Jennifer was SUPER helpful and informative. I really appreciated her assistance and can already see a difference!

  • Morgan H.
    May 2019

    I've been going to this location bi-monthly for a couple years now. The service isn't great, but as long as you don't go on a Thursday or Friday night you shouldn't have to wait long at all. You can also use the app and check wait times, which is what I always do. I get the dark spray tan with hydration and I've never had an issue with the way it turns out, (and I'm pale with fairly dry skin). You don't need all the extra stuff, primers and extenders, in my opinion. Definitely moisturize daily with a fragrance free lotion, the fragrance will eat away at your tan.

  • Caroline F.
    Apr 2019

    HOW DO WE GET THE OLD SPRAY TAN SOLUTION BACK? I've never in my life had a spray tan come off this badly and I've been a customer at STC for 10 years now. In two days, your body is half orange/half white. As it comes off, it gives your skin the appearance of stretch marks and scales even with hydration. HATE HATE HATE. PLEASE FIX THIS SOLUTION or change back to the old one. 10/10 do not recommend getting a spray tan from STC until the solution is changed.

  • Catie Rocco
    Mar 2019

    I very rarely post reviews but I felt that the experience I had tonight needed to be shared. I was checked in by the assistant manager who proceeded to try to sell me their primer. I told her I wasn’t interested but maybe next time. She still persisted which is fine but after numerous times of telling her no she said well you can’t tan without this primer you’ll look bad... I’ve had a membership to sun tan city for almost 2 years and have never used primer and I’ve been fine. I told her I never use primer and I look fine and she said well I’m sure you don’t. She proceeded to make me feel like she wasn’t going to let me tan because I didn’t have primer and then said in a condescending voice “well I’m glad you think you look good”. In that same condescending, rude accent she wished me good luck while I was walking back to my room. She legit told a paying member to not tan because I didn’t want to purchase a primer!?!? I really hope someone speaks to her to let her know this is no way to treat paying customers. What is upsetting is I’ve always had such a pleasant experience her until tonight and now I do not know if I’ll return to this location.

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