• Nina Prince
    Nov 2019

    I went kn a couples massage with my boyfriend. I loved it. He liked it but wanted the massage a little harder in pressure. He's an athlete and hasn't had a massage on over 5 years. He enjoyed it through. I recommend this place to anyone in the Myrtle Beach area.

  • Oxana Kudryashova
    Nov 2019

    I’ve visited Majestic massage and day spa for facials 5 times and had a great experience every single time. Facials felt amazing and I’ve noticed difference in my skin. Spa is very neat and cozy. Definitely would recommend it to everybody and you can find a awesome coupons on Groupon.

  • Niki Bender
    Oct 2019

    There is nothing worse than paying for a $260+ gift card for a couples massage for your parents TWICE just to hear that this place did not allow them to use it properly either time and that the scheduler was incredibly rude. I have spent over $1000 on massage gift certificates for people to this place and will never do so again.

  • Tory Kluewer McLaughlin
    Oct 2019

    So relaxing. Massage so worth the money. They did a wonderful job!

  • Betsey Howell
    Oct 2019

    The massage was wonderful! No complaints about it. However, I used a gift certificate and when I asked about a credit for the remaining balance, I was told that there was none because it would be used for the gratuity. I gave them the certificate when I checked in and should have been told that BEFORE I went in for the massage. I left the masseuse a cash tip so with that and the remainder on the gift certificate, she ended up with a 30% tip! I won't go back. I've used gift certificates at other massage places and never had this happen. I've always received credit towards another massage or a spa product.

  • Donna T
    Oct 2019

    Best couples massage ever plus we were able to get a same day last minute appointment!!!! The lobby is beautiful and the massage room was very relaxing and intimate. The staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable. While we waited for the couples massage we were provided with bottled waters and mimosas. Trouble areas were identifed and we were given stretches we could do at home. We will definitely be visiting everytime we are in the Myrtle Beach area!!

  • ron welch
    Oct 2019

    took my girl and i to a couple's massage, and after a long deployment out to sea this was everything i needed.

  • Mary
    Oct 2019

    Had a wonderful massage and facial from Elizabeth; so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Would definitely recommend!

  • Suzanna Fulton Goulding
    Sep 2019

    Wonderful. I have had the blessing of massage at many spas. This was a luxurious treat and they took me same day. Danielle was excellent!

  • IsaBellea Kellie Thompson
    Aug 2019

    My boyfriend and I had a couples massage and absolutely loved it! Relaxing, clean, friendly staff!

  • Gear Grinder
    Aug 2019

    Very professional no poor behavior... Move on corndogs... We went in with a 6:30pm appointment she had a facial and massage I had a one hour massage. They were very caring and asked often about our comfort. Offered something to drink and bathroom breaks before and after. The massage was absolutely wonderful and she loved her facial. We had a GREAT EXPERIENCE! We will return every year!

  • Hannah Garber
    Jul 2019

    My husband and I booked a super last minute same day couples massage and were so impressed. I’m currently 28 weeks pregnant and they accommodated my needs so nicely. The atmosphere is so soothing and tranquil. Everyone was so kind and asked if we were comfortable throughout the whole process. This was our first massage and it won’t be the last. I highly recommend!

  • Ana Paulus
    Jul 2019

    I went this morning to Majestic Massage for my very first massage ever. I was assigned to Lily. OMG! I know I don't have much to compare it to, but that has to have been the very best massage EVER! I was not sure I was going to like going so the appointment I made was for only 30 minutes. The massage was so good and extensive I thought I was there for 1.5 hours. Next time I will book it for an hour. Do not hesitate to go, ask for Lily and I promise you will not be disappointed. She was amazing!

  • Matthew Bellomo
    Jul 2019

    My wife and I booked a couples massage while here on vacation and LOVED it! They took special care of my wife who’s 27 weeks pregnant and were attentive to everything we needed. She even listened to me tell her my neck and shoulders were hurting and paid some extra attention to those areas. It was very relaxing and we felt much better leaving than we did walking in! Highly recommend for anyone in town!

  • Terry Counts
    Jul 2019

    Excellent place wonderful service very very nice

  • Amy Hubbard
    Jun 2019

    This experience was fantastic! My boyfriend had never had a massage before, so we booked a couples massage. Firstly, walking in, the ambiance is breathtaking... wood paneling, soft scent of candles, low zen soundtrack, and a water feature gently bubbling. There were these chaise-like loungers, so comfortable. I felt the stress begin to melt. Then we get into the room and the tables are covered in rose petals. The massages were great. They used hot towels and hot stones, and the tension just slipped away. My boyfriend loved it and said he felt drunk after. Great massage. Definitely would book again.

  • Julie M.
    May 2019

    Quaint little place, the spa is in an old home. Very inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Was in Myrtle on vacation and wanted to get a couples massage. They had next day availability, was greeted with a mimosa while we waited for our turn. Everyone that came out of their rooms had the same look on their faces which was complete relaxation. I would highly recommend this place.

  • AshleyFroelich513
    May 2019

    My husband and I got the couples massage while on vacation! The place is very relaxing! We both really enjoyed our massages! I would highly recommend this place!!

  • Robert Saracelli
    May 2019

    Ok folks, here's the low down on this place..... From the looks of it, this place appears rather sketchy from the outside, and honestly, if it wasn't for the other reviews it received, rating it very high, I would have booked a massage somewhere else. In my opinion, if this place got rid of the overgrowth of vegetation around the building, as well as the horrid green color on the facade, it would be much more appealing and inviting. If they gave it a coat of WHITE paint and maybe some black or a beige trim, it would look much more PROFESSIONAL and clean... again, just my opinion. That being said, don't judge a book by its cover!! I had one of THE BEST massages I've ever had in my life! If you go there, ask for Francella! She is a very knowledgeable and professional masseuse who made me feel incredible afterwards! The place is very clean, has an oriental style decor/theme inside and the prices are very good. You will not be disappointed!! I'll DEFINITELY be back, the next time I'm in town! (Hopefully the outside appearance changes before then.)

  • Erica Dalenko
    May 2019

    So first I loved my massage itself Stevie was amazing. However I received the single worst pedicure and manicure in my life!!! The lady was nice and I feel bad even writing this because she begged me not to complain but honestly it killed my ENTIRE VISIT she jabbed my toes and was using THE ROUND TIP OF A BRUSH TO CLEAN UNDER MY NAILS which she proceeded to tell me she couldn’t get and I had to do it MYSELF then she beat my legs so hard I just had to tell her to stop!! it just ruined the entire massage. I was already nervous when I first went in because this place is not a luxurious spa as I was used to. However Stevie melted away all my fears during the massage and facial. But by the time I finished with the pedicure I wanted to cry and walk out. the manicure wasn’t much better no wax hand treatment absolutely nothing basically filed and painted my nails. It seemed like they just got someone off the street to do my nails!!! She was not in uniform ppl kept going in and out the back door during my session I wanted to just cry it had been all so overwhelming and I got the package for Christmas it was expensive and I don’t get to do things like this often. Even tho I enjoyed Stevie by the end of the manipedi I was distraught and just wanted to leave and never return. I wanted to leave as soon as she started the pedicure but my partner had already paid for everything on the package so yeah idk I don’t think I’d ever go back if I did it’s purely for Stevie she was amazing but the rest of the experience was ruined by terrible manipedi so bad I wanted to just cry! I will probably never go back because when I left I wasn’t refreshed or feeling amazing like I should have been I called and cried to my partner that the entire experience was ruined by terrible ending!

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