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123 N Main St Suite A, Greenville, South Carolina 29601
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  • Brittany Rae Cimino
    Aug 2023

    I am absolutely obsessed! I’ve been looking for a place like this for SO long! I’ve been taking trips to Charleston often because they have a place like this there and I just love it. I am so glad to have found the booty shop. I can’t wait to take more classes and meet friends. Caroline and Ashley are absolutely incredible! They were so welcoming and their energy was great. I felt comfortable the minute I stepped in here. If you’ve been wanting to try for a while and have been pushing it off, stop AND GET UP AND GO! SO MUCH FUN! KICKS YOUR BUTT! I love the meet up after where you can chat with others and have coffee or mimosas! Absolutely love this place and the vibes!!!!

  • Delana Wilkinson
    Aug 2023

    All the instructors are amazing, the vibes are immaculate, love the coffee/mimosas after, the music… it’s hands down the best place to work out and make friends!!! Been coming here for a year and this is hands down the best gym I’ve ever been to. Not only are the workouts great, but I am so grateful for the community. You really feel like you belong!

  • Katie Gibbs
    Aug 2023

    Katy, our trainer was AMAZING! When we went in I was like there's no way that yoga is going to make me feel a burn but i definitely got a workout in. The place itself is beautiful and perfectly put together. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about my experience.

  • Lauren Warhola
    Aug 2023

    My instructor was so sweet and very easy to follow. I had never done yoga before and was worried about being able to keep up, but she demonstrated everything extremely well and made me feel comfortable. I had an overall wonderful experience!

  • Fabian Tobon-Atehortua (Fabi)
    Jun 2023

    I loved the class! The instructors were very hyped up and fun! I am so excited to go back and do more advanced stuff as well! Very cheap class! Very challenging as well!

  • Heather Hodnett
    May 2023

    Had an awesome first class here. I’ve done a lot of barre and this was honestly one of the hardest barre classes I’ve done. Loved the challenge! Norma was a great instructor with great cuing. The music wasn’t quite my style but I would definitely come again. The free coffee (or mimosa!) afterwards is such a sweet touch. The decor is also so adorable and Instagram worthy.

  • Manar Rafkah
    Apr 2023

    If you are ready to die in a hot, sweaty, and yet sexy way, then definitely sign up for the late cardio class! Attended my first class last night and I have never been more sore, even after hitting the gym 4-5 days a week. Ashley and Kaylyn have done an amazing job choreographing these workouts to help move ALL your muscles! I was super shy walking in and having 2 left feet, I was so nervous. But after a few minutes in the first workout, I was so confident and even feeling myself a little!!! I will be back ladies!Thank you so much!!

  • Juliet Anderson
    Apr 2023

    The facility and atmosphere is amazing! Very friendly staff, great music, and good instructors.

  • Kylie Smith
    Mar 2023

    The instructor was so sweet to introduce herself and staff was friendly in welcoming me in for the first time!

  • L
    Jan 2023

    Highly recommend for barre, saw great results physically and how I feel after 3 months (3x/week). The instructors are knowledgeable and do a great job correcting form though the larger the class the less assistance you’ll get so you also have to be mindful of your form. The best advice is to go at your own pace even if it feels like they’re going a bit fast, just follow your own rhythm.Nicole and Caroline are both very hands on with form correction. Norma also consistently reminds everyone to check on their form, it always feels like she has her eyes on you because she announces right when you’re slipping to check on your form. Lizzie typically checks forms by walking next to you and shows/tells you how to improve.I recommend all of the barre instructors but I’ll rate them below by difficulty (personal opinion) and their routine style:1. Caroline M. - stamina and strength training2. Norma W. - mobility and ab workout3. Lizzie C. - overall body and leg workout4. Nicole S. - mobility and flexibilityAll barre classes follow the same cadence of warm up, arms/back, lower body, core, then slow down stretches. At the end of each class, you wipe down your equipment and put them away. My only critique is depending on where you are in the studio, the music can be a bit too loud and overpowers the instructor’s voice.

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The Booty Shop

123 N Main St Suite A, Greenville

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