• Jodi L.
    Dec 2021

    $40+ for a child's fade?? And it was uneven, like noticeably uneven! So what? offend the barber when he took us on a walk in? No we couldn't, so we just left, but we will never be returning again.

  • Nicholas Widdoss
    Nov 2021

    Ive been too many barbers throughout the years and Jay is definitely the best hands down. Fair prices and also a very knowledgeable, intelligent person to talk to during your cut. He even hooked me up with facial sample last time now I am hooked. My Hair cant grow fast enough. Thanks Jay..

  • Jason Myers
    Nov 2021

    J. Ecsylence was the best: great conversationalist, expert barber, and he even does facials. I never had a facial before, so I didn't know what to expect. That said, I left the shop feeling fresh and invigorated.It was just my first time Satori Cuts, as I'm new to the area, but I already feel quite comfortable recommending this place to everyone. And if you go in for a cut, you might as well throw in a facial and leave the shop an entirely new man!Will definitely be returning. Had an "excellent" (see what I did there?) experience!Service: Haircut

  • Noble
    Nov 2021

    They really fix you up, they take time and precision to get your cut right. First time going there and they showed me all the mistakes my old barber made. If they really wanted to, they could’ve just cut my hair anyhow and call it day like any other barber, but nah they took time to make changes and everything so my cut could be the way it was suppose to be. Definitely would recommend them if your looking for a clean cut, most definitely can do the task.Services: Haircut

  • Phantom Blackstar
    Nov 2021

    Best barbershop in PA coming from a New York and having to look for new barber wasn’t easy but after stopping in to satori cuts the level of professionalism that’s displayed makes me keep coming back . The haircuts I received was on point every time and trying the new facial that they offer wow wow wow . my skin felt brand new and I loved the facial.Service: Haircut

  • Ed Cook
    Nov 2021

    I just sat in fabians chair and got a full service beard trim and head shave , topped off with the best facial I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend satori cuts. Ed

  • Ramiro Rodriguez
    Nov 2021

    Barber is Very professional..takes pride in his work, he did a great job on me.I fully recommend this barbershop services to the max!god bless this barber and his business!??????

  • Puzzle Party
    Aug 2021

    First time customer. I showed up without an appointment and asked if there was room for me. Jason looked at his schedule and gave me a slot. He even gave me a quarter to pay the meter because I was out of change.An older gentleman showed up and cut in line. Jason politely explained that it was for a quick trim, which it was, and I said no problem. Given that I had shown up without an appointment, I just rolled with it. I found out later that Jason had visited that man at the hospital and given him a trim there to make him feel better.When it was my turn, Jason helped me feel comfortable and even changed the music to accommodate me. He calmly did his work while we chatted. I wish I had before and after pics. I looked like a wild man at the start, and Jason made me look great with an excellent haircut and beard trim.Some places are about haircuts, some places are about relationships, and some are about both. Satori Cuts is definitely about both.Services: Beard trim

  • Orlando Ramos
    Aug 2021

    Jay is a professional , I felt welcome and took time out to know his customers. He is a gentleman . Thanks for the perfect cut

  • Chaos & Harmony
    Jun 2021

    Amazing and very professional i will come back again. Thanks guys

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