Salon Institute Toledo Campus

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3034 Wilford Dr, Toledo, OH 43615
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  • Michelle Ann
    Oct 2021

    My daughter seen Ava for her Full Highlight with a “money piece” in the front and had a haircut!!! She did very well with teenagers And we loved the results!!! Ava is a people person one of the best students my daughter had for her hair ever!!!

  • Rebecca Fountain Kirian
    Sep 2021

    I have been there adleast once a month for awhile now and I go to Zac k. He is so amazing and friendly, down to earth, and really loves what he does and he is great at it

  • Casey Stewart
    Jul 2021

    Autum is the best? my daughter loved her nails and hair

  • Ryan Peters
    Jun 2021

    Wife has a great experience. Very clean and great attitudes! Will be back when we come back to town.

  • Bman Ok
    Jun 2021

    Great place call and check out for specials throughout the week.

  • Melanie Berlanga
    Jun 2021

    Karmen did an amazing job so happy. Will be going back to see her again.

  • Cynthia Waite
    May 2021

    She did a wonderful job. Very friendly confident of her job.

  • Julie M
    May 2021

    Clean and professional, the student I had, Alex, did a great pedicure on my feet.

  • Sarah Liz
    May 2021

    I am definitely a little biased because I'm friends with one of the Educators here but she is truly amazing at what she does and loves what she does and I believe that has a huge impact on the students. I've been a model a few times and I'm always very pleased with my hair when I leave!

  • Kammy Harris
    May 2021

    Never in my life would I have guessed that my total would be close to $250!!!!!!! I expected to pay around $100 for a color lift and then a full color. This is a school, these are students working on your hair! Not only that but I was also there for 7 hours. When I do it myself the chemicals are on for maybe 40-45 minutes when I use a lift. It was on for around 3 hours! My entire day and almost 50% of my paycheck went into this. Does it look good, yes, it looks exactly like it does when I do it myself with box dye! I am SO angry at the cost. Having a student do it should’ve been cheaper than a salon AND THE FACT THAT THEY CHARGED ME PER TUBE OF COLOR SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT I COULD HAVE BOUGHT IT FOR MYSELF IT WILD. This isn’t the first time I’ve had it “professionally” done (I put professionally in quotes because it’s seriously a person whos only touched one other person head before) by someone who’s been doing hair for years and has her own salon and it was $100 less. The only reason I give one star is because zero isn’t an option.

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