• Jana Bernard
    Dec 2021

    I usually get the owner and he does great but he gave me to another lady. She rushed through the whole thing, then she kept digging at my cuticle and wouldn't let me wash my hands after she had gotten done filing. All of my nails are now different shapes and lengths. On top of that she changed the colors that I had chosen and then argued with me about it. My left and right hand do have the same shape or length.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Briana Boccieri
    Dec 2021

    I’ve been coming here for awhile and really loved it until recently. The owner always does my nails but hasn’t done a good job. First of all I was Charged 60 for ONLY gel polish on my natural nail. A manicure was not included in this price. There are also no prices listed. I picked out my dip colors to have them changed because the nail tech thought it looked better. I’m all for recommendations but having my nail color changed without being asked isn’t acceptable. They were also for a wedding and didn’t end up matching my bridesmaid dress. It’s a really cute place but not worth the money.Service: Gel manicure

  • Sam Doehr
    Dec 2021

    I am extremely unsatisfied with my gel manicure and my pedicure was painful.. and it's so stupid. Like I asked very simple nail art. And the guy refused to do that for me.. and when I came outside and was upset.. I came back and asked for a fix. The guy made them so much more worse. Refused to give me a refund. I called asked for a refund. The owner hung up on me.with the rough massage and and the guy bring completely rude and mean.. I am never coming back to this place

  • Adrian Wren
    Dec 2021

    Probably the worst manicure of all time. My manicurist recommended the dip powder so I said I’ll try it I pick my colors and he brings over the powder which is bright pink mind you I wanted the eggplant color and I even told him that doesn’t look like the right color he said yes it is so he proceeded to do the powder anyway he started doing my first nail and after it dried I said this still is not the right color this is a bright red I wanted eggplant I even showed him the fake nail Selection and he insisted that this was the right color and that it just needed time to dry in a topcoat to change colors so it dried he put the topcoat on and it was still a bright red. So this means I told him before he started during my manicure and even after I told him that I wasn’t happy with the color and he played it off like it was a joke he also kept digging into my cuticle with the drill so bad that it burned and left a cut on my ring finger I literally was not joking the whole time and was telling him that this is not the color I asked for and that I hated the color and he brushed me off. Going to ask for a refund tomorrow or demand that the color gets changedService: Dip powder

  • Claudet Allgood
    Dec 2021

    I paid $35 for Gel Polish change on my Toes. It's usually $60 for a pedicure..I've never paid this high amount before it's usually no more than $22 at most places & there's no prices listed either. I will Never come back here again.. The quality of work did not represent the price smh..

  • Rachel Young
    Nov 2021

    All I can say is that the man that did my nails only cared about squeezing as many customers into one day as he could. I walked in and only waited about 10 min which was awesome, but now I see why nobody had a long wait! Upon sitting down and showing him my color (dark purple), her proceeded to ask me what I do for a living (dental receptionist), and then tell me I should do a pink and white ombre instead because it's more professional... I went with my purple and the polish is painted poorly on my nails and he knicked my cuticles multiple times during the visit. The nails don't look bad at a glance, but I want them to look good up close too! He also took a phone call on speaker phone with someone for a majority of the visit. I paid $64, which is more than I've ever paid. I will definitely not be going back.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Carmen Cruz
    Oct 2021

    Love the place big roomy and I don't smell like a nail place everybody is so professional and friendly I love going there thank you for your service

  • tirby
    Sep 2021

    Prices aren't published. Told the guy several times that the water was too cold for the pedicure. Shaped my manicure with the nail polish on. Messed up polish. Not pleased with the overall service for the extremely high pricesAfter the original post, I had to show what my nails looked like after three days of getting them done. All of my nails broke off. I wish I could give negative stars.

  • Melissa Mellott
    Sep 2021

    Went here and got a mani pedi! Pedi was terrible! When he used the snips on me he actually cut my skin in several areas leaving cuts! Then he couldn’t paint my nails someone else had to come and do it! Then I got a full set with gel finish! The girl I was with was in such a rush! She left a lot of debree on the back of the nails o have to file down myself when i got home! Not to mention my index finger nail is crooked! For $130 + you guys need to do better and take better care of clients! Will not return here!Services: Manicures

  • Mai Rodriguez
    Aug 2021

    I went today and am fully disappointed!! I ask if they could do a simple line design thay said yes and almost did it and last the polish is cheap !!!! I used protecting nail gloves and didn’t work when I take it out the polish was crack !!!! And I paid $150 for nails in hand and feet like the feet but my hands very DREADFUL!!!

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