• Heidi Gamble
    Sep 2021

    They overcharged me for a gel manicure on my natural nail. They said $35 for pedicure and $35 manicure/gel on my natural nail. I get home and they charged my card $150. Check your receipts ladies and gentlemen. I'm disputing this to my bank. No wonder she kept her hand over the receipt. I will not return. Didn't even turn out great and is gel polish for gosh sakes!! OVERPRICED AND OVERCHARGED AND VERY, VERY UPSET AT THE DISHONESTY.Services: Pedicures

  • Jessica S.
    Sep 2021

    I've been to Exotic nails twice. I was not impressed the first time. However, all I wanted the second time was to get my nails and toes painted, so I figured I'd give them another shot. I waited about 20 min when a woman came up to me and told me which colors to look at because the ones I had originally picked out were gel only. After waiting about another 15 min, they took me to a station and then told me that I couldn't just get my nails painted. My only option was gel. She said I'd have to get gel on my nails and toes for $50. I turned around and walked out. This is a nail salon. If I brought my young daughter to get her nails painted would they not be able to just paint her nails? I don't think so. Trying to bully me into spending more money is not the way to gain my business. You've lost a customer.

  • Pamlea Flesch
    Aug 2021

    I was very unhappy with myservice & how my nails turned out. The womendoing my nails was rough and extremely rude, the whole time she was doing my nails she was notpaying attention and looking around the room. All of my nails are different sizes and bumpy , i payed 60 dollars for my nails and they are 1 color ! over priced

  • Amanda H.
    Jul 2021

    I wanted to like this place so bad. I called ahead to see if they had time for a fill and a pedicure and was told yes. I drove down and was told yes again. The woman who did my nails was in such a hurry that my thumb nail is uneven (one side of my nail on my thumb is different than the other) and all the polish on my left hand is bumpy. When I brought up the pedicure she was frustrated even though I had been told it was fine. She ended up handing me off to someone else because she had an appointment waiting. My toes turned out okay and the guy was super nice. I think my nails turned out poorly because she was in a hurry to get to another person that they were barely shaped and didn't even get to fully dry. Really a bummer. I should've said something when I was there but I genuinely didn't look closely at them until I had left.

  • Kristi Neal
    Jul 2021

    Good prices, staff was nice and accommodating. Was able to do exactly what I was looking for as far as the ombré nail. I left happy and satisfied! I will return again!

  • Vickie G.
    Jul 2021

    They said they weren't open but a client came in right before me and sat in chair for service. Not impressed.

  • nikki bowditch
    Jun 2021

    decided to try this place out because i moved 30 mins from my beloved nail salon in bay village. the whole experience was fine, the techs were nice & seemed professional. i did notice that i was only get acrylics, no manicure. my cuticles or skin around my nails was not touched, but i wasn’t too upset about it. i always get almond shape with some sort of design. this usually takes an hour & a half. it took her 45 mins if that. it just seemed rushed. my nails started lifting & breaking the next day. i spent $77 & am just truly unhappy.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Jeanine Collins
    Jun 2021

    Made appointment two weeks ago for 2 pedicures. Arrived and signed in, no greeting, no acknowledgment nothing. Sat down and my granddaughter arrived 5 minutes later. There were no remaining chairs. I got up to tell her no one had spoken to me yet but I did sign us in. Female employee looked at us and rudely told us to go sit down. There was no greeting, no checkin, no professionalism, nothing. The place was filthy, as were the individual employee tool kits that we saw. We will never go back here. It was disgusting . We hope the health department pays them a visit very soon.Service: Pedicures

  • Bethany Morman
    Jun 2021

    I love it here. My dad and step mom also go here and they are treated like family! This is the only place I trust with my nails. I swear by this place. Always recommend to friends. I live 40 minutes away and it’s always worth the drive.

  • James A Morman
    Jun 2021

    Have been going regularly for several years. Louanne and staff are AMAZING! Better than a podiatrist for my ingrowns.

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