• Andrea McNeal
    Aug 2021

    I have had a membership for years and the other locations are great. This location is not. Things always closed for "repairs" and the staff has poor communication skills. Try getting anyone to answer the phone or say anything to one of the many rude and condescending overly entitles other patrons - it won't happen! Also men clog up the machines for a long time - some just sitting there stating ay their phones. I think its proximity to the base causes some of these problems. Save yourself the heartburn and go to one of the other locations.

  • PoeticHonesty
    Jul 2021

    Nice clean gym. Staff was nice and I was able to make my way around to get in a quality workout. Definitely will visit again before leaving for Chicago.

  • Brett Martin
    Jul 2021

    Signed up for training with a guy who claimed he'd be able to train me for 12 months, then he bailed within a few months of signing. Plus, he seemed super enthusiastic about training me from the get-go, but gave little effort and much less enthusiasm once it came to actually training past the first day. Additionally, when I had asked if I could take the contract home to review before signing, I was told over and over again to sign it at the moment. I felt coerced. Though the staff, for the most part, are good, the training program at this gym is an absolute rip-off. I've tried to get help in regards to the issue, but nobody has been of any help to me. Also, after work hours, the gym is super packed. Finding available equipment without waiting around is nearly impossible.

  • Koda AnnMarie
    Jun 2021

    I love the pool area! There's a ton of workout machines, as well. Staff seems friendly, which is a plus. Have really been enjoying the gym, and the price isn't bad either!

  • LD Schoonover
    Jun 2021

    I have been a member of LA Fitness for 17 years. 15 years in Murrieta, CA and 2 years at Beavercreek N. Fairfield. Yesterday I needed assistance twice locating equipment. Both times the most pleasant associate Aman was very helpful. He is to be commended for his attitude and willingness to help. Also, your General Manager Austin answered all of my questions in a timely manner. These two men are a definite asset for Esporta Fitness. The best I have ever experienced in my 35 years of working out in different clubs. They are the apogee.

  • T. J.
    Jun 2021

    ? i prefer the name, LA Fatness!!! The pool and whirlpool are back to normal! There were six people in my swim lane, including myself!! I didn't mind! One needs to be brave during these End Times!!The Zumba classes could be modified and revamped, gets kinda stale doing the same dances five years running and no modifications mentioned for those with bad knees. Everyone looks at you like you're lazy when you don't do the same moves!! I once had a lady, 80 years old look at me and say out loud, "If I can do it, you can." I didn't say, "I have the knees of an 80 year old!". I really am trying to avoid a total knee replacement as long as I can.The good part of going to the gym for me is talking to my neighbors!! We have political discussions and people will tell me how they tell other people about me. For someone who lives alone, that interaction is priceless!!

  • Amanda Hostetter
    Apr 2021

    We just signed up today. But I definitely recommend it. The one we have access to has a lot of amenities that fit our needs. And the staff specifically L-jay was super cool and friendly. Answered every question we had.

  • Chris Ranly
    Mar 2021

    Great place actually... But you might get Corona because everybody in the gym is forced to use and touch just 1 water fountain! Still trying to make sense of that one. Seems like that's doing the opposite of lowering the risk ? other than that, great!

  • Marina Faulkner
    Mar 2021

    Great classes lots of open space and covid safe

  • S S.
    Feb 2021

    - 100 stars = - 99 stars This facility in Beavercreek, Ohio called the police (one old lady and one young lady at the front desk) on someone for apparently no other reason other than "you did not check-in" and "are you a member" ? No, the person just decided to walk in and workout, without being a member or checking in. The old lady and her coworker made up a story and called the police (i.e. not a member here, we do not know the person, just walked in, did not check-in, etc) - who knows, are certain folks not welcomed there? Beware, lying or misleading the police (false reporting) is often a tactic employed by those who are wicked, with the goal of inflicting harm to the victim. This is outrageous and unacceptable. Our hope is that this facility will be sued or closed and the law will compensate the poor customer for all the pain, suffering, and humiliation.

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