• Amanda Schlangen
    Mar 2021

    Well just like the Dayton Mall- they use the same towels on everyone, you can watch when they are done using them they fold them and put them back on the chair. Also the sheet on the bed- well everyone gets to lay on the same so remember if you want to lay down for one then your laying on everyone else's sweat.

  • Jeremy Blockner
    Mar 2021

    I’ve been coming here for quite some time and typically the massages are pretty decent but tonight was by far the worst Massage I’ve ever had from the older lady working there. Both of the gentleman and a younger girl are OK but if you get the older lady run the other way.

  • Grace Nguyen
    Nov 2020

    The older gentleman with a bigger build does a fantastic job! One of the best massages I've ever had. My sister told me that the older lady does a good job as well because my sister likes harder massages. Also, I think they only accept tip in cash.

  • Lindsay Hanson
    Nov 2020

    I have been here multiple times and each time it gets worse. They INSIST that you pay in cash and when you don't they get upset. I even had them ask me to go to the ATM. Which I declined. My most recent trip was the worst. This evening I asked for the 15 minute chair massage. She kept telling me 20. I told her no 2 different times. I said just the 15. When I went to check out she said she did 20. So the price was $27. They barely speak English so I wasn't about to argue with her. Then when I paid with my card, she saw that I put 0.00 down for the tip. Rightly so when you did what you wanted anyways!! The woman had the audacity to say "no you give me" and tapped the tip bucket!!! And then again. I was completely flabbergasted. Never again!!!

  • Krista Fout
    Nov 2020

    I went there and was asked to wait 10 minutes.... I waited .. onegentleman finished his massage, , my turn right... NO .... SOMEONE ELSE WALKS UP AND THEY TELL ME 10 MORE MINUTES AND THEY TAKE THE PERSON WHO HASN'T WAITED AT ALL. THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS..SOME RELAXATION , I LEFT AND WONT BE BACK

  • Trey Blevins
    Aug 2020

    If you dont have anything wrong and just want everything done this place is great. Feel so relaxed now

  • Kayla Minna
    Jun 2020

    My mom and I have been coming here for years. I normally don’t like places in the mall because of the noise but I just bring earbuds and fall right to sleep. The massages and the pressure are great. Definitely a more firm massage but that’s what I like. They prefer cash but will take card and will be a language barrier so be kind.(During covid-masks are worn by employees, and they take your temperature at the door)

  • Sarah Dallis
    Mar 2020

    I've gone here many times and I thoroughly enjoy the massages. Yes, they use a good pressure. I carry a large amount of stress in my neck/shoulders and they do well at providing relief for a while. I also have chronic back pain from an old injury and bulging disc's. Their massages have released the pressure of those disc's and surrounding areas. I sincerely appreciate the firm pressure they provide. Without that I wouldn't have any relief. That is also why they hold their hand on one spot; it's not to kill time, it's to provide relief from that pressure point and it feels glorious!I time them on my massages as well, and I've never come up short; if anything they go over the time by a minute. These are situations that other reviews have mentioned, and I feel should be mentioned from someone else.All in all, I've had great experiences and continue to go back to them versus spending a absurd amount of money to get half of the relief.

  • Faith Yingling
    Mar 2020

    All I can say is AMAZING!! This was my first time coming here and it was the best massage I’ve ever had. Despite being a very unassuming place in a mall, don’t judge a book by its cover. My back was really bothering me in a couple places, and it no longer does. I will absolutely go back.

  • Shonda Allen
    Mar 2020

    HIGHLY recommend!! I have a lot of neck and back pain. They use firm pressure and attention to detail on key spots. Best massage I’ve ever had

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