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  • Noel H.
    Mar 2022

    WHAT TF DID I DO COMING TO THIS HAIR SALON!!! NOW MY HAIR IS DAMAGED. I should've know better, I called this salon and asked if they do men's hair(braids or cornrows) specific so the lady on the phone which I believe may be the owner goes "yes we do only cornrows no styling" it sounded a little off but I couldn't get my stylist to do it and I needed to get it done for my shoot so I still went for it-that's all I really wanted to do just a simply few cornrows. When walked in the first thing a noticed was a kid eating Mcds making a mess food all over the place right by the entrance, fine. Next nobody greeted me they just knew I was the guy who called for the cornrows so immediately they told me to sit on the chair(by far the most uncomfortable chair) and someone came out of the back to do my hair. Now this is where s*** started going left; as soon as she comes out she goes sit on the chair I was like "can I at least take my coat off before we get started? So I take it off and go back on the chair where the nightmare began. This lady goes "LET ME BLOW DRY YOUR HAIR" I'm like ok go for it, At this very moment I'm thinking to myself she should know what she's about to do so I closed my eyes for a min. Tell me how she's blow drying my hair with a steaming hot blower where you can see the smokes coming out and being mad rough, she didn't even wet my hair which it's how it is supposed to get done. I IMMEDIATELY TOLD HER IT WAS BURNING MY HAIR and she goes it's ok just a little bit(in Spanish) THAT WAS A MAJOR RED FLAG now I'm getting real uncomfortable, she didn't even blow dried my hair evenly and just proceeded to start "doing" my cornrows, mind you she didn't even asked me what or how I wanted them so I had to stop and tell her I just want 5 simple cornrows. When I tell you this lady looked completely lost and my hair was looking crazy, she didn't even separate it she just started twisting it from the middle part of my head and let me tell you how bad it looked, it was so bad I had to tell her to start it over because I didn't like the way this was going. At this very moment I was asking myself what did I get myself into I should've never came into this salon, she untwist my hair and was about to start over again but I've had enough already. I knew my hair was going to be bad if I let her finish so I just got up and they all look confused as I was approaching to grab my coat and get tf out so the owner goes "what happened? I told her NO NO NO I didn't have to say much she already knew I wasn't happy I told her this is my hair I can't let someone ruin it but s*** it was too late I knew it was damaged and I was so pissed and disappointed because I don't think they care much, the lady that was doing my hair didn't even say sorry or anything she just stood there with a d*** look on her face she knew she f***** up from the moment she touched my hair but didn't show no empathy whatsoever neither did the owner as I was on my way out I looked back I caught her smirking with a sorry a** face saying she feels bad, b******** This was the most unprofessional staff I've ever dealt with everything in general was very unprofessional it went from bad to worse. NOW I HAVE TO PAY THE CONSEQUENCES OF MY HAIR BEING DAMAGED AND LIVE WITH THAT TRAUMA. I just wanted to support the locals and show love but this is how this turned out. NEVER AGAIN. My advice to the girl that messed up my hair if you really wanna do this you need to work on your craft and get better at this because this ain't it and to the owner(the person who I spoke to on the phone) if you knew she wasn't good at it why would you tell me to come to your business, you could've just be honest and tell me y'all don't do men's hair. I don't wish this s*** on anybody so please if someone else calls asking to do braids make sure you tell them the truth or get someone who's professional a

  • Jay Dee
    Mar 2022

    I came to this salon on a Sunday and my usual girl Carol was not there. Another female (not Carol sister) washed my hair. My wash and set came out terrible! And my hair was coming out every time I combed it. The following Saturday I washed my hair at home and it smelled horrific!! Not only that, even more hair was falling out. I went to a professional and she told me that they definitely put a chemical in my hair. I also have colored hair so the chemical (which was probably perm in the conditioner) damaged my hair! I don’t even have thick or coarse hair so I don’t know why she would add anything to my hair! I don’t recommend this place to anyone!! Especially black women!! They will not take care of your hair.

  • Natasha B.
    Nov 2021

    Terrible, they never cut even and literally forget to cut pieces of your hair. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Can't believe they are still licensed to cut tbh.

  • Lorella Alvarado
    Feb 2021

    Always on point ?

  • Valerie have p. Ii Flores
    Jan 2021

    They are family oriented they treat they customers good and they work is unspeakable they are real good in styling and caring for their customers hair I love them great service

  • Aida Gomez
    Jan 2021

    Dahlia made me look like a super star ⭐

    Jan 2021

    I came here a day ago to do a hair cut very rude and disrespectful the lady cut my hair for $15 I asked her if I can come back if I didn’t like the results she said yes , I came in today to make it shorter the lady refused and denied wat she said told me to pay extra 15 dollars I made it clear to her that i am not satisfied with the haircut she called me a liar will definitely not be coming here again n do not recommend anyone to come here

  • Amy D
    Nov 2020

    i come to this place expecting a good experience and my hair looking cute but when they washed my hair it was like they put curly hair damaging product in there to make my hair look "better" when its straight. she knows that i love my curly hair and all she does is talk about it and tells me to take care of it(which i do) . but i expect them to do the same and today when i washing my hair i see that my hair doesn't want to get curly and its straight as hell if you guys who have curly hair and want ya hair to be curly after ya leave the hair salon. than please don't go here. its not worth it. 2 years of healthy hair down the drain

  • Valerie Flores
    Aug 2020

    They are family oriented they treat they customers good and they work is unspeakable they are real good in styling and caring for their customers hair I love them great service

  • Jay S.
    Mar 2020

    IDALIA (blond in the first chair closest to the wash sinks) has been my hair stylist for no lie like 10yrs I moved to Northern NJ and STILL drive all the way to NY just so that she can do my hair! I bring her a preferred style (I've done highlights, big chops, hair extensions etc.) Everytime she ensures to give me what I want even if it requires retouching she makes sure I leave a satisfied customer! Yes the hair dryers are hot but they have no problem lowering the temperature (you'll just be under longer) but the hair has to be completely dry before placing the iron on it (they also give you the option to just use the blow dryer and not the iron)

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