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  • Terry Ann Crooks
    May 2023

    Wonderful group of staff members that greet you with a warm welcome. Went for acne cars and dull skin texture. My problem was solved in 10 minutes. The steps I was given to make my skin come alive again, have people complimenting me all the time. Don't miss out!

  • Mallory M
    Apr 2023

    Not a legit business by any means, cosmetic misinformation as well. I’ve consulted a few more better clinics for CO2 resurfacing for half the price that they were offering. Best to avoid this place and their inaccurate practice.

  • Lee van Laer
    Mar 2023

    I have gone here for dermatology for four years now. Attentive, excellent service, very professional. Can’t think of a single reason not to go here for my dermatology needs.

  • Katherine Mason
    Feb 2023

    Dr. Q is an amazing and caring doctor. I have had to have numerous lesions treated and always feel safe in her care. She’s honest and truly concerned for your well being. She has kept my skin (after years of sun abuse) cancer free.

  • Maxwell
    Jan 2023

    The best. So nice to work with an independent doctor not part of the behemoth hospitals / mega NYC dermatology practices. Dr. Quintana provides cutting edge and passionate care.

  • Michelle C.
    Dec 2022

    I'm surprised with the positive reviews. As someone who is also a medical professional - I felt like there was a lack of bedside manners in this office. I completely understand that healthcare is busy, but whatever I experienced, I felt was inexcusable. I only spent 3-4minutes with the doctor, and hit with a $400 bill not covered by my insurance. I went to this office due to a suspicious mole. This mole started growing 3-4x times in size. I also had a major rash flare. I'm sure this doctor is amazing to others, so I keep wondering if I went to a completely different office. Whoever the doctor was came in and rattle off a general summary of what I "think" I have versus what I "actually" have. She spent less than 5min with me - asking me "well if you want me to biopsy we could. But it's up to you. And then we'll see! So....What do you want to do? If I remove it, it's going to leave a scar, which I don't recommend." I found this disheartening- as I went to this office based on a recommendation from my primary care doctor to get the mole checked out. Does she even understand how I'm feeling? Secondly, I asked her to take a look at my rash and just tells me "gonna send two prescriptions, one is a steroid, the other is for prevention, do you have any questions for me?" If I can describe how this consultation went, I would equate it to something I can read from a generic pamphlet. I think the icing on the cake was my prescriptions sent to a pharmacy NOT of my choice. The team, while they had better bedside manners, spent a good 5min inputting my local pharmacy which I showed them on Google maps the address and, they sent the prescriptions to a specialty derm pharmacy of THE OFFICE choice that is on the other side of the city from where I live but local for this office... I can't even comprehend why this office gravitated to a random pharmacy of their choice, relax, the creams they ordered can be ordered by any other pharmacy but whatever. I had to work with this random pharmacy and my local pharmacy to transfer a fill over to somewhere local. That took me 2 hours. Did I just get billed $400 for basically working for this office and doing the grunt work for their absolute lack of organization?Faster forward a month later, I really lost hope but I went to another dermatologist who agreed it's a suspicious mole, and it's covered fully by my insurance. this other derm I went to took the time to sit by me, go over step by step what is going to happen, asked me to call her after 5 days of using the ointments for rash, even drew a diagram of how a scar will appear after the biopsy. The level of empathy from this OTHER office was a complete 180 at the level of care I received here. All in all, I'm trying very hard to be understanding because healthcare has not been easy these days. And the doctors here might even be remarkable at some point in the past, but it's not now. I honestly don't think this appointment was handled with any level of professionalism and lacked empathy. It's a r shame that I'm going to be out $400 for a 5min lackluster "consultation" if you can even call it that?

  • Mia F
    Nov 2022

    Little to no wait time, clean office, friendly staff and Dr. Quintana is extremely knowledgeable!

  • Debra Hayworth
    Nov 2022

    It was a pleasure to visit this office! The staff is very nice- which really puts you at ease. My experience couldn’t have been better with Dr. Quintana. She puts me at ease and listens to all of my issues and answers all of my questions.I am so grateful to have found such a great doctor. Thank you!

  • Chelsea Lein
    Nov 2022

    I've been a patient for over 10 years now and nothing but great things to say about Dr. Q for guiding me through breakouts, preventative anti aging and everything in between.

  • John S.
    Oct 2022

    I've been seeing Dr. Quintana for a few years now. Initially I came in every couple of weeks for about 1-2 months, but now I visit about once or twice a year just to discuss prescription refills. Thanks to her, my issues with skin flaking and managing seborrheic dermatitis symptoms are completely resolved! These are issues I've dealt with my entire life and would cause me embarrassment when out in public. But she found the right set of prescriptions for me, and over time adjusted those prescriptions appropriately.I also came to see her about my rosacea/blotchy skin redness issues. While we're still working on that with slower progress, I appreciate that she's always advocated first starting with a conservative approach using topical and/or oral prescriptions, rather than going for the more intense procedures like I initially proposed (lasers, chemical peels, etc.) right off the bat. In other words, she seems to care about what's best for the patient, rather than just going for whatever route makes the most money.

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