• jordan pursel
    Nov 2021

    They are all awesome! My son gets a great cut every time! They are punctual and consistent! Highly recommend

  • Jason Benedict
    Oct 2021

    Always a great experience at Crockett and Co. I step out looking like a million bucks- at least to the extent possible!

  • Jak Doormonster
    Oct 2021

    Been regrowing the beard for a couple months now and wanted to get it touched up for an ID photo.

  • Austin Schaffer
    Sep 2021

    David did a great job and I'm definitely coming back

  • Dave McGuire
    Aug 2021

    Great place for a proper haircut. Highly recommended.

  • Gary Persons Jr
    Jul 2021

    Joe has been cutting my hair and trimming the beard for years! This time Joe was fully booked when I needed it done by a certain date so Olivia took the reigns of grooming the way past due cut and trim. She did amazing as well. I’ll never go to another shop! 5 out of 5 every time! I’m not one to write reviews but this shop deserves it! I’ll be back soon!

  • John
    Jul 2021

    I can't say enough great things about David, Daniel, and Emily..I reached out to them about having all my groomsman come for a wet-shave on the day of my wedding. They couldn't have been more excited and promptly made arrangements to handle all 9 of us, back to back 3 at a time. They were welcoming and very excited to have us there.None of us had ever had a straight razor wet shave and were a little unsure about it, but they set us at ease and explained everything as they went through it and made it very warm and relaxing experience for all of us.The vibe of the place along with the music was very well thought out and felt very genuine, making you feel so welcome that you want to hang out for the day.David personally took care of me, giving me the most attention and even cut and styled my hair for the big day at no charge. I looked amazing and got many compliments on my hair.My only negative or complaint is that I don't live in Buffalo, otherwise I'd make this monthly experience.To change up your regular experience or if you have a wedding party I doubt you can find a better experience than Crocket & Co.Don't hesitate to try them out, you won't be disappointed!

  • h.
    Jun 2021

    Ive been to 4 different Barbers since I moved here and I didn't like how how they left me.. sadly this makes the 5th shop too. (But I'll give them another chance)I like the style of the shop.They were nice. ButBefore he started I did show him some photos of a haircut that I had a while back that I really liked. He didn't really look at the pictures or wasn't paying attention not sure but he said. Just like any other barber I dealt with before "okay I got it" that should've been a red flag ?but I just went with it. [Happy I didn't hear I'll do it better than your last barber. Cause that guy messed up my hair so bad I had to wait months for my hair to grow to have hair to cut again lol]During the cut we had some decent conversations but nothing about the cut.If I'm a new client shouldn't it be a general thing to ask the NEW client questions about the cut they want?.... even after you said "I got it" like hey how low you want the sides? Where do you want the fade to start? Do you mind if I start on a higher setting before I start cutting your hair low to make sure that's what you really want or if that's what I actually saw in the photo you showed me.cause regardless if you saw a picture or 2 or none at all. Shouldn't you double check with them before you switch clippers or go in with the scissors or am I wrong?I'll give them another try. Buy honestly leaving the shop I didn't feel completely satisfied with my cut.I know i should've been more verbal with it. But i still voiced a personal concern. Hey I've been too 4 Barber shops and none of them left me feeling good after i left the shop. Cause the cuts were all choppy uneven fades and were just point blank bad.Shouldn't you make your client feel as comfortable as possible... please make me feel comfortable next time. Cause this isn't a good start. And I would love to find a barber that understands the style I like.* i had a few Nick picky stuff. Like he let me leave the shop with hair all over my face. I looked more of a mess before I got into the store. But I'm joking. But either way when someone leaves your shop shouldn't that cut represent your shop and hospitality... idk

  • Bailey Hummel
    Jun 2021

    Wonderful shop and service. Will be back!

  • Patrick R.
    May 2021

    Nice vibe. Great cut. Good conversation. Fair price. Highly recommend. Looking forward to seeing the new space.

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