• Adam T.
    Jan 2022

    I've been trying to find a reliable car wash but there are many here in Reno/Sparks. Most are self service power wash kind like this one. So without getting too much into the details of what a car wash is - I'll say this. The first time I used this location a month previously the final result wasn't too bad without using the dirty soap scrubber since I just wanted a good wash/rinse only. Fast forward to now and when I got there, only two if the car wash bays were open. Turned out the one I picked was flooded because it's muddy season around here and off roaders wash off all the caked on dirt and grime. The bay floor was so muddy, the power wash just splashed more dirt on my car. Plus since it was flooded, I was unable to pull my car all the way in but unless I wanted to wade through 8 inches of muddy water to wash the front of my car. I think a little bit more maintenance would probably keep the bays open. Plus there was hardly any soap from the power wash and the spot free rinse was hardly that. I had all kinds of spots after the wash. I may or may not be back.

  • Shane' M.
    Nov 2021

    My favorite car wash in Sparks. The outside is always clean, never too busy, and I can get my car clean to how I like it. They have a machine for air fresheners and car wipes which is super helpful..Wish I could get change or cash back though.

  • Tina J.
    Oct 2021

    The car wash is friendly place. The staff came up asked if they how I was doing and if they could help. The manager Frankie asked if there was anything wrong I said no. The car wash was clean. I have drove pasted and I have seen it trashed by bums put then clean it up fast. I give them thumbs up for dealing with vandalism and bums trashing it for no reason. I will keep coming back to this place

  • Jeffree Garcia
    Sep 2021

    A great place for a quick wash

  • J R.
    Sep 2021

    Updated review. The business responded to my issue. I was completely satisfied with their response. I have been back several times since then and everything works. PLUS there is still free vacuums.

  • jessica whitstone
    Sep 2021

    excellent selection in ways to wash! got 2 different scrubbing brush wands, a high pressure soap/water wand, AND a high power BLOW DRYER!! WHHHHAAA!!!?? only one of those I've seen in Reno or sparks!!! only place my fiancé and I will go to wash our vehicles ??! love this place!

  • Teresa Perez, Girardot
    Aug 2021

    The reason I went here is because this is where I used to go for washing and vacuuming my car and we'll there was only one vacuum running and someone was using it and another car waiting and another person washing there car. So I decided to go to another self-service facility to wash and vacuum my car. If I would have stayed to use this facility. I would have probably been there longer then hour to use the vacuum. Time is precious in this day and age and it's not something I had to waste on that day. Yes it was very inconvenient to drive to another place, but it worked out in the end because I found a place that is my new favorite place for self-service car washing with plenty of vacuums.

  • Nicole Abbott
    Aug 2021

    Good little hidden hotspot. It had everything that I look for in a car wash. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of five is because the bay that I was in happened to be that the vacuum was broken and there was no spot-free rinse. Otherwise the place is clean and very well kept

  • Keith McDaniel
    Aug 2021

    Clean, safe, all of the products were in working order not busy no waiting

  • Andrea Jones
    Jul 2021


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