• Amber Garcia
    Dec 2021

    I had a very hard time finding a nail salon when I moved out here from another state. my bestfriend brought me here one day and I have mot went else where ever since! Michelle is my go to nail tech. a huge positive for me is i feel comfortable and confident going to see any one here

  • Sade' F.
    Dec 2021

    It's been 3 years now and I'm still in love with the level of care and customer service I receive from this establishment. Trish is my technician but everyone here is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Clean and comfortable place!

  • Kamari A.
    Dec 2021

    Let me start by saying I've been getting my nails done for 15 years. I'm very experienced with products, techniques and what to just expect getting a full set. This place is nice on the inside and seemed clean. The place I wanted to go to is closed on Tuesdays so I found this place. I just relocated to Vegas a week ago from LA. I came in for a full set and gel polish fixed on 2 toes. I was matched with Leon an older man. I greeted him and explained what I wanted. I didn't get any dialogue back from him not even a how are you ? First red flag. I asked how much would the 2 toes be I don't mind paying whatever. He responded don't worry about it ???? Okaaay. He directed me to his tech desk. He starts my full set as Leon is putting on the nails he's laughing and talking to coworkers. Once he gets to my thumb he literally drops my hands aggressively and says one sec, gets up and walks away. He comes back and states my thumbs are so big he needed to get toenail tips on them. Leon then laughs and continues to laugh and talk to his coworkers. I asked him is he laughing at my fingers with his coworkers, he says yes, then continues to laugh. I'm blown away and embarrassed. I wanted to let him just stop and leave ! I should of just left! I've never had a nail tech need anything bigger than a 0 for my thumbs. Especially a nail tech that makes fun of their customers. He continues doing my nails, doesn't ask me what shape just length, cuts the nails and he did give me the color selection for gel. I was stuck between 2 colors, he suggested the pink out of the 2. I told him short and square he responded I know ! How do you know ? But OK. As he continues he's super rough with my hands. Pushing and tossing my hands around. I told him if there's something specific he'd like me to do just tell me. ( instead of being so rude and careless) no response. Once he's done shaping my nails I attempted to show him by lifting my hands that one hand was longer than the other he smushes my hands away. Doesn't even look at what I explained to himself I said excuse me don't do that I'm just trying to show you what's wrong. I lifting my hands again to show him since he's being so rude. He responded not done yet, then attempts to smush my hands away again. I just said wow! I never had a nail tech be so rude to me for no reason. I just decided to not even try to mention the error anymore. Still no conversation, that's fine though I don't need to talk while getting my nails done. Still laugher and chatter with coworkers. He asked me what color I'd like to choose out of the 2 I chose baby blue. I can't believe he made a snarky noise at my color choice as if it was ugly or he was disgusted. Before he painted my nails he asked me how did they look I said thank your for fixing the length issue. He response, told you I wasn't done yet, wash hands. He definitely was done and " wasn't done" once I pointed out the error. Beyond rude, poor customer service and 52$ for short acrylics I think will definitely never return. I came from LA I'm used to high prices for services but this was bullshit. I still tipped even though he didn't deserve anything. My nails are cute but still have lumps in them from lack of buffing.

  • Betty A.
    Dec 2021

    Trash!!! TOTALLY SAVED THE DAY. Perfect shape, GRAET SERVICE. She was friendly and attentive. Will definitely be coming back for another fill!

  • Krystal T.
    Nov 2021

    After moving here from NJ I was having trouble finding a good nail salon in Vegas and this place is it! I think everyone here does a great job to be honest but my personal favorite is Van! She recently did a Christmas set for me and she nailed it! She's patient, helps me pick out the right colors to match whatever photos I show her and then executes even better than the photo! Highly recommend!!!

  • Lori C.
    Nov 2021

    Michelle did a wonderful job on my pedicure, so relaxing, and I topped it off with a dip manicure. Great job Michelle and so nice to meet you. I will be back.

  • Curt Friedman
    Nov 2021

    The staff there is just great, had terrific pedicures today!

  • Kaitlyn M.
    Oct 2021

    Yet another AMAZING hard gel manicure by Philip! I highly recommend Lavish Nail Lounge

  • Patricia M.
    Oct 2021

    I had my nails done on the 2nd of October and by Tuesday they were already peeling I took pictures to keep it for proof I called and told them what had happened and that I couldn't go until Friday October 8 on my day off I work everyday until 8 so I couldn't make it until my day off when I get there the lady that did my nails was not the same person that did them on that October 2nd she was so serious and like mad that I was there they never apologize for their mistake and when she was finish she asked how long ago I did my nails there that's when I pulled out my phone and showed her the pictures is not fair that o been going there for years never had a problem but this time I did and they get mad and question me is so sad I work retail and when they return something always do it like it was the day they came and bought it treat them well and with a smile I was going to leave a tip for her redoing my nails but it just upset me they just don't have that great customer service that you would inspect when you are spending 100 dls for your service I'm very sad this happen to me it really did bother me a lot now I don't know if I want to go back imagine 10 yrs I been going there

  • M. T.
    Sep 2021

    The three times I've been in there, I've been EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED!!! Yesterday, was the latest and last time I give them money!! My manicure consisted of my fingers being put in a bowl of hot water and trimming of my cuticles....that's it!!

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