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  • James M.
    Dec 2021

    Our first visit to Greenvalley was a nightmare. We will never go back. Bad bad experience. I took my friends here from Canada and this stupid dumb waitress ruined it all. She had no name tag we couldn't get her name. First time she served us we didn't give her a tip we've spent over two thousand in slot machines and beer was free. Second time she came around she avoided us. One of my friends walked up to her to serve us she said she's busy. We got lucky with the slots in front of the buffet that's why we stayed in that area otherwise we could move somewhere else. 30 minutes later We saw her going around saying cocktail to the other side still avoiding where we at. I walked up to her to come serve us she said she'll be right over. Another 30 minutes went by she never came by. Over a lousy tip she refused to serve customers?? This blonde bitch is horrible. I hope she will get fired for being a selfish bitch. She's there to serve people. This was a turn off we will never visit this casino anymore. We wasted a lot of money at Greenvalley and yet this dumbas* waitress refused to serve us over a lousy tip. People spent money in your slots machine so your job is to serve us free drinks so annoying. That's the stupid bitch waitress 0 star for Greenvalley Station Casino

  • Liz C.
    Dec 2021

    I Absolutely LOVE Green Valley Ranch!! It's Clean, the Staff are extremely helpful & nice, great restaurants, machines are the Best!! Pamela Taylor from VIP Marketing set up my Birthday trip and she was Awesome!! THANKS PAMELA!! They gave me a 3 night complimentary stay, $120 in slot pay & $50 room service. I loved it so much that I extended my stay another 2 nights. I played the poker machines and Happy Birthday to Me!! I won $7,000!!! I can't wait to come back and enjoy GVR!!!

  • Dena Stevens Coriz
    Nov 2021

    My 2 friends and I spent hours at The Spa. A lovely place we all agreed that we all want to go back. We all needed some down time.

  • Trish M.
    Nov 2021

    Refined Experience so they "advertise". Booked our superior room 3 months in advance and confirmed days before only to be told "we don't have any Superior rooms left". The compromise- "we can downgrade your room to a deluxe". Customer Service !!! PRICELESS. Not our problem you overbooked your rooms but your willing to do pretty much nothing to accommodate a repeat guest. Never in my life have I had such wretched service. When I asked to talk to the manager, was advised he was the manager. Even better ! Sadly we had a no so great experience in June and we're told by the business manager to give them a second chance and they won't disappoint. Here we are ! Day 1, you have failed yet again.

  • Tina B.
    Nov 2021

    Well, Dorothy, we are NOT at the Venetian...but paying like we are. From the moment I parked and walked, what seemed to be miles through a cheap, smokey casino floor trying to follow signs to a non- existent hotel lobby...I was regretting giving this property a try. Fortunately, the guests here are SUPER nice because they were they only ones to stop and help a gal out. Finally found the lobby with the help of friendly samaritans... front desk was also friendly and Doreen was helpful to check me in. The lobby is elegant & inviting. The room is boring, with an ok sized bathroom. The view overlooking the pool is nice. Worth the price tag? Nah, in this range, I've stayed at far nicer properties. $12 plastic cup of chardonnay from the hotel bar, hmmmm...not exactly classy, but maybe that's not what they are selling??? Hard pass on this on our next

  • IDee Jayy N.
    Nov 2021

    Their machines are very tight, the staff is very rude, food is mediocre, bonuses on the machines are the worst, table games staff is bland. Stay away.

  • Jack L.
    Nov 2021

    Still haven't been back. Won't go back. NEVER have I been treated so rudely by several staff. I live walking distance from here and I will go out of my way to avoid it.

  • Troy James C.
    Nov 2021

    Hey Vegas, I mean Henderson......any of you local guys and girls want to go to a casino that gives you counterfeit bills in exchange for your hard earned cash then I have the place for you!! Green Valley Ranch....GVR....Station know, that place that claims to "love locals". So....IF this was the first time I might be more forgiving....but this is the SECOND TIME they've made false accusations and "confiscated" the money in question......this AM we went to grab some breakfast before the games and I made the mistake of paying with cash....well. the cashier gives me 3 $20 and later on when I went to put those bills in a machine, it wouldn't take it....but it had tape on i assumed that was why....then I wentbto try another machine....same thing....then I went up to the Cashier where Jill basically treated me like a criminal and said she had to confiscate it. When I told her it was the change from their Cafe she said to bad so sad. They have to send it to Biden and his Secret only was I out there $$$ but they were also super rude about it....of course nobody gives it to me without getting it back times 10000 so I almost went to jail.....not because of the $$$ but the principle. IT WAS THE MONEY FROM THEIR CASH DRAWER THAT THEY BELIEVED TO BE COUNTERFEIT....AND.....THIS WAS THE SECOND TIME I'VE had to deal with this there!!! A couple years ago, Kim and I went play Bingo, she paid for hers, they gave us change, she gave that change to me and I paid them for mine (with THE MONEY FROM THEIR CASH DRAWER) thing you know....I have security standing around me and the Manager accusing me of passing a counterfeit I sit there, surrounded - like they're about to handcuff me with their little Station laynards after they verify....and after watching the security cam footage......they see that I was telling the truth.....and the guy used a permanent marker on the bill instead of the counterfeit bill marker.......even though even if it was fake, it came from them.....but NOT ONE APOLOGY....not one "sorry for the inconvenience" 2 YOU'RE OUTTA HERE. Jill and company just lost 2 Chairman.....(people who lose a lot)....and their customer service policy if you want to be treated like shit because they don't train people at the Cafe to identify counterfeit money before passing it out as change to their customers....Green Valley is the place for you. By the way....I would have not left even the 1 star.....however a very nice gentleman named Jim....a security person on duty who stepped in and helped de-escalate the situation and treated me GOLDEN!! He truly went above and beyond. If it was not for him if be leaving a bad review every day for Jill and GVR.

  • Desirae B.
    Nov 2021

    Do not ever book a suite through this hotel. I booked a 2200 square-foot suite with surround-sound, pool table, and a bar too in the room that can accommodate 15 to 20 people for special gatherings. It was my 50th birthday. We had reservations at a restaurant inside the hotel for 17+ people. Had a great time. We decided to move our gathering up to the suite because on the casino floor there was only one bar open that could not accommodate our gathering. 930 pm is when we went up to the suite by 10:30 PM a manager and two head of security told us we had to leave the suite that only the registered guest could stay in the room. Mind you at this time we had no music going and all we were doing was taking pictures it was not loud it was just people talking. My 50th birthday was so disappointing. You only turn 50 once.

  • Susan S.
    Nov 2021

    We had an amazing time here! The decor & ambiance were beautiful the hotel lobby was super clean & did not smell! They do a great job getting rid of cigarette smoke. Service was great... food at Hank's Steak house was excellent! Covid Protocol Observed. So cool to have great service and relax! Nice that it's off the strip... but close enough. Walking distance to Henderson outdoor mall also... Fun Times!

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Green Valley Ranch Spa By Well & Being

2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson

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