• Hope K.
    Nov 2021

    Unless you have a regular person here, & know their track record, stay away from this place! The woman we used damaged my daughter's nails using the Dremel & cutting her cuticles leaving her w/ bleeding cuticles. Plus I came to find out later that she put the tools she had just used on my daughter back into her drawer w/out sanitizing them. When she first came to bring my daughter back, I asked her not to cut her cuticles or use the Dremel, but she did both anyways! My daughter is quiet, but she spoke up to her as she was doing it & asked her to not use them, but the lady was rude & insisted that she has to do just a little. As it ended up, 3 of her cuticles areas were red & inflamed & 2 were bleeding. As you know, even though they are small, those sores around the nails can hurt so bad, so she had to live w/ that pain for a few days. My daughter later told me that the lady put the tools she had just used on my daughter back into her drawer w/ no sanitizing! Plus on top of this, the gel manicure was very poorly done & looked like a 10 yr old did it. I called the owner but he was unconcerned & said he can give 20% off our next service. This was ridiculous. I just gave his store over $200 for services for my daughter, mom, and myself. His employee damaged my daughter's nails, used unsanitized tools on her, (putting her at risk for infection especially since her fingers were left w/ open sores), & he thinks I should have to pay for it? Instead of standing by his customer & apologizing, he became defensive & rude. If he had said that it'll never happen again & he's sorry her fingers are sore & hurting & that using reused tools is never acceptable & he'll see to it that it doesn't happen again, etc, then I think I would have left it at that. Instead he had the gall to have an attitude & zero concern. I filed a complaint w/ the NV Board of Cosmetology & they fined them for being in violation of 2 state laws.

  • Jennifer M.
    Nov 2021

    This place can advertise "new management " all they want. What a joke of an establishment. Worst nail technicians ever. Place is disgusting and not worth any money. The male manger is a joke, along with all of his employees. Probably should be shut down due to lack of following covid protocols, but i've already reported them.

  • Ken Sandoval
    Oct 2021

    Love this place, been coming for years since they opened. From when you walk in, all the staff are friendly and welcoming . They are also open late, which is a plus bc it goes with my work schedule!

  • Cheryl Murray
    Oct 2021

    I THROUGH I was going to like this place , but to be honest I didn't.It was a waste of money and I know I won't be going back. I went to Kings & Queens on Eastern Ave in Henderson Nedava and they were GREAT. The young man that gave me my Pedicure was the best. He made my feet feel and look so great. I'm glad they re-open because it had close down due to a fire from another shop next door to them . But they are now back open and im very happy. I had my 1st Pedicure on Sunday and I will be going back to get my Pedicure's regularly.I wish the Anthem Nail Shop had made me feel and look as great as King & Queens Nail Shop do. They are located next to Panda Express on Eastern Ave. And they are GREAT !!!

  • Maren Rylee
    Sep 2021

    Consistently great service. They do a fantastic job on my mani and pedicure. The polish was put on nice and smooth. I will be back soon!

  • Tyrone Buckley
    Sep 2021

    Best mani pedi I have ever had! Wonder service and people with great hearts. She is so quick and dies an amazing job every time and they can last for up to a month without lifting or chipping.

  • Marc M.
    Aug 2021

    I Love Anthem nails, a great neighborhood salon! Natalyn has been doing my nails for over a year now, and I'm extremely happy each and every time. It's a professionally run, smooth operation. It's BEST to make an appointment with the staff at least one day in advance! Sandi M

  • Zack E.
    Aug 2021

    This nails salon is very hit or miss. Some days you have a good experience(not great) and some days it's horrible. They switched owners and that honestly hasn't helped any. The new owner Kobe is only worried about his bottom line. He'll double book appointments, and take walk ins minutes before one of the nail techs has a scheduled appointment and then the client with the appointment is stuck waiting. This has happened multiple times. I had an appointment scheduled with one of the techs and I show up and come to find out they are on vacation and don't bother to reschedule or tell any of her clients that day. On top of that the owner Kobe makes sexist comments to his receptionists and tries to laugh it off ( I guess he's not aware the people waiting can hear him). I would definitely take the time and drive to the next closest nail salon rather than stop here for a lousy experience!

  • Mavi B.
    Aug 2021

    I needed to fix my broken nail and get my gel mani cleaned up & filled - I needed it same day so I came in since there were immediate availability. This should have been my warning. I think it was my technician's first time - he was shaking the whole time and had a hard time controlling the dremel. My nails ended up so short and uneven. Probably the worst mani I've ever had. After ONE day the new nail tip is cracked. I paid $40. I'll be requesting a refund.

  • Valerie S.
    Jul 2021

    Only the best manicure I have ever had! French ombré with a hint of sparkle. Natalyn is my nail artist. Best to make an appointment. This place is popular and always busy for good reason. Final thought: I like to tip in cash. Especially when the service is this exceptional.

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