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  • Karla Fischer
    Mar 2023

    I spent most of an afternoon the day after I arrived in Santa Fe at this spa, starting with an oxygen treatment (Weary Traveler), followed by a Soqui bed session paired with an oxygen facial, then an hour massage and half an hour stretching session. All were expertly performed by Cathy, who was as kind as she was skilled. The massage was especially amazing, with lots of energy movement, pain relief, and leaving me with an overall sense of well-being. The facial and its lovely smelling serum left my skin plump and moisturized. The massage cream smelled like almonds and I was moisturized but not greasy afterwards, including the next day. I slept well that night and was re-energized and nurtured. I also enjoyed the complimentary tonic drink before my treatment and the delicious "cocktail" afterwards. Great experience!

  • Jazmyn Gideon
    Aug 2022

    Dinner customer from Denver! Everything we ordered was excellent and our host was great. She let us know what was and wasn’t vegan. Highly recommend if you’re in Santa Fe.

  • Justine L.
    Jul 2022

    The previous reviews are pretty spot on. This place is slightly sketchy and barely seemed open. I walked in trying to get a massage and got more oxygen therapy and light "petting" to the face. Definitely wouldn't call it massage.

  • Stacy P.
    May 2022

    I hate to do this but I have been in love with the Santa Fe Oxygen bar for years! I loved the old place, it was very calm and peaceful. They had two large rooms. One you could sit in and pick which service you wanted. They would give you a lovely tincture before hand and move you over to the quiet room and give you oxygen and the service you requested. After the treatment you were greeted with another tincture. It was such a calm and peaceful place. I went back in April 2022 and the original oxygen bar had closed down. So we went to the oxygen bar that's under their vegan restaurant. It was dark and noisy. I was not given oxygen and I was also not given the warrior package I paid for. My friend Kristina signed up for the belly package and she also did not get the treatment she asked for. and there was also no oxygen included. During both of our treatments there was a LOT of noise going on, so both Kristina and I were not able to get into the hypnotic state I've been in in the past. I really loved the old place and it's sad that it had to go. I do understand it was due to COVID but the owner should have kept the first place and given up the second place instead. I loved the old healers. I loved that we were given oxygen (if you want it now, you can only get it in the restaurant), I didn't feel calm and never went into the meditation. It was a cold dark place and super noisy. Unless they can move back to a place that is quiet, actually give us oxygen and do the treatments we requested and paid for, I'm never going back there again. Seriously, this was my favorite place whenever I went to Santa Fe. Now I'll be looking for another location. My message to the owner: Your /first place had everything a person could ever want. The healers were amazing, the place was calm and now it's loud and I'm paying for treatments that never happened. Except the Tarot Card reading. That was really cool. Below you can see who the tarot card reader is. You don't need to go to the oxygen bar to find her. Her e-mail address is at the bottom of the form.

  • R T.
    Apr 2022

    We had an appointment for a massage for two and no one showed up. We waited 30 minutes then came back and still no one. When we went back in to see if anyone arrived, the place was overpowering with sage smoke and zero ventilation. Not a spa like experience at all. You could cut the air with a knife. Go elsewhere... not a good atmosphere so I'm actually glad we found another place.

  • Karen Rawlings
    Mar 2022

    Very friendly people and extensive menu - food was great!

  • Ana Owens
    Feb 2022

    Excellent food. Also later hours than any other restaurant in Santa Fe!

  • ari lopez
    Dec 2021

    Best hummus ever!

  • Kathy M.
    Nov 2021

    I went to this spa not knowing how much I needed it. I was overcome with grief and did not know where to turn. In a one hour healing session I was able to move through the pain and feel like myself again. I am so glad I found this place, it has brought me back some peace. It's not your ordinary spa experience.

  • Patty Johnston Ricker
    Nov 2021

    Great meal and drinks!! We might go back later for dessert!

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One Sacred Body Spa at Santa Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar

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