• Kristi P.
    Sep 2021

    Very professional, friendly staff. Clean and well maintained office. Will definitely be back.

  • Kyle Wray
    Sep 2021

    Hands down best massage i have ever received. Can't wait to come back

  • Alicia Lecceardone
    Sep 2021

    Andrew is the best! Great experience overall!

  • Theresa Rollins
    Sep 2021

    I wish I could give this business more than 5 stars! I had never gotten any type of massage before coming to Sukho Thai and let me tell you this was a game changer. The staff and management are always very respectful and so nice, they make you feel so welcome. They really have helped me so much with stress and helped to relieve aches and pains from work.

  • Jim M.
    Sep 2021

    I was t-boned at a high speed 7 months ago. I thought I had whiplash but when it didn't go away, I went to a chiropractor which lead to a series of other doctors and treatments including physical therapy and multiple cortisone injections in my cervical spine. While everything seemed to help, it was slow. My chiropractor suggested a massage and recommended Sukho Thai. It turns out that my office is about 50 yards (probably less) away from the front door of Sukho Thai; we share a parking lot. This makes a huge difference for me. Could I save a few dollars if I drove a few miles? Probably. But being able to drop from a work call, walk out my door and into their door in about a minute ... that's priceless. My first massage was 60 minutes with Jessi. I explained my neck issue and other history. This was my first massage ever and it was great. The heated table alone is almost worth the cost. Apparently my body is made up of 2x4s, steel cables, and knots. I've had three massages in three weeks here, I've upped them to 90 minutes, and I can feel a real difference. These are therapeutic massages for me, not light-touch relaxation massages. At times I almost fall asleep and then she finds another knot and *yowza* I'm awake. 54 years old, most of those years stuck in a teenage boy mentality, has really put a ton of mileage on this body: both shoulders repaired, pretty bad mountain biking accident, high school football in the 80's, car accidents, three daughters (mostly grown), etc. It's about time I spend some time and $$ on me and I'm glad STM is so close, convenient, and good.

  • Khaleelah G
    Sep 2021

    Similar to a lot of people I have very tight neck and shoulder muscles. For my very first appointment I scheduled the 2 hour massage. No regrets! The knots I had were addressed and the stretching felt really good. I’ve been back every month since then. It is now a part of my budget.

  • Erica P
    Sep 2021

    Jessie was absolutely wonderful! Went for my first ever professional massage and she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Great Covid precautions as well.

  • s c
    Sep 2021

    The service was good and staff were friendly, I felt the prices were high.

  • Valerie Schwiebert
    Jul 2021

    They have highly trained professional massage therapists without exception. We have experienced therapeutic massage all over the world and they rank among the best. Reasonably priced, relaxing environment, outstanding healing.

  • Genesis
    Jul 2021

    Beautiful atmosphere, and strong ladies who help you release & relax. Treat yourself, and help a great local business ?

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