• A K
    Oct 2021

    I wish I had read the reviews before coming here. Worst pedicure ever mentally and physically. The owner clapped her hands together addressing us as dogs to let us know our chairs were ready. We were surprised as the tub nor chairs had been cleaned since the previous guests. Trying to make the best of it and not ruin my Mom's birthday, I opted only to have polish change. Then she cut my nails without asking and did not cut them straight, cut them curved, got polish on my skin and didn't remove it, yet managed to not completely cover the actual nail. Do not waste your money here and if you do take a chance, try asking for a receipt, they refused to give us one.Service: Pedicures

  • A R.
    Aug 2021

    Has been my favorite salon for years. Called and asked for an appointment. They told me to come at 2 o'clock. I then waited 30 minutes to be helped, I was rushed, cut in several places, and then asked for $80 for a gel manicure and regular pedicure. $100 for bad service!

  • Caroline Hamric
    Aug 2021

    Not only do they give a great pedicure, their leg and neck massages included in the service are great. Enjoy a glass of wine while you're there if you want! The chairs aren't too close, the space is clean and bright, and the staff are friendly.

  • Rachel
    Aug 2021

    Stay away from this nail salon! The technician ruined my nails and broke three of them, so I had to go back the next day to have them glued. The same technician didn’t even glue my nails in the correct spots. The staff was very rude and made me feel uncomfortable while they talked and joked in their language. The technician was extremely forceful with my hands and brushed the dust off of my pants (upper and lower legs). Very inappropriate and zero personal space. On top of it all, my service was not listed on the price board and they definitely overcharged me. Never stepping foot in this salon again.

  • Amy M.
    Jul 2021

    DO. NOT. COME. HERE!!! We called ahead and asked for 2 manicures which they said they would be able to accommodate together- lie. One of us got started, the other had to wait 40 minutes to get started. When doing the nails, the lady rushed through it, was texting while doing it, didn't even paint all the way down to the cuticle, and still had some paint left over from before. She even stated that if we wanted them to be good we should have come in one at a time? The massage was more like a child consoling you with a back rub since she wasn't paying attention to what was going on and actually made me more tense . Not a fan for the price paid and the service received.

  • Tracy Cullity
    Apr 2021

    As any business, you have to find the person that is right for you! I’ve gone a couple times, I recently got Angela and I will never go to anyone else for my dip nails!!! She does her craft 100%. I am so happy with my nails and will continue to go back. She is soooo sweet and SO talented.

  • Brittny Strayhorn
    Apr 2021

    Today my friend and I decided to get out feet done. I met her there. I decided I only wanted toe gel polish change. On the the price list it stated it would be $18 for polish change. My friend got a full pedicure without polish. Her total was $35 and my total was $45. How? I only got a polish change. I would’ve paid $25 but $! The lady told me the pedicure is $65. She told me the charged me to take the gel off and apply the new gel polish. My issue was the price list never specifies if the $18 is for regular polish or gel polish. That’s bad business. Shady! False advertisement! I will never refer anyone to this place. It cost me more for a gel polish change than a full set of nails.

  • Jamie S.
    Dec 2020

    Had another fantastic pedi. The staff is awesome and the massage is off the charts! The place is very clean, well decorated and I always have a great experience!

  • Aubree Thomas
    Dec 2020

    Waited an hour- had an appointment. No covid precautions. If you value yourself do not go here. Worst customer service and nail experience of my life. If I could give negative stars I would. Took hours. Had to go get my nails taken off at another salon directly after.

  • Eliz M.
    Dec 2020

    We were having dinner a few months back at a restaurant next door and thought this salon looks fun and clean.  Could not have been more wrong..Never again.   Horrible. And if you are COVID sensitive DO NOT.  Chair that they pointed me To sit in was visibly dirty.   Asked them to clean prior.  They did clean with the alcohol they use on gel nails.  Chair beside me was also dirty. Then in the middle Of my pedicure they sat a woman right next to me.... (not distances of 4 feet, let alone6 feet! ). across the salon was totally empty.   The woman had her 2 daughters with was sat on the other side of me - the other on the other side of her Mom.  There was no social distancing!  I was trapped.  

    I don't understand why this family for their protection and mine wasn't say on the other side?  

    All the pedicure chairs on the other side were empty!!!!  No regard for COVID RULES!!    Definitely violating 6 feet and no regard for clients health and safety.  

    One of the
    Tech's had her mask off most of the time.  

    On the
    Other side
    They have chairs blocking every other chair......whole side still  empty.  

    Not sure how my
    Pedicure will turn out- too upset and
    Worried about exposure at this point to care.

    If you think COVID is a joke or don't mind unclean.   This is your place.  

    We had seen when having dinner and thought we would give them a try!

    Stay away

    PS.   My daughter was getting a manicure.     Woman bounced back and forth from her to two other clients.   NEVER WASHED HER HANDS!!!

    At one point left my adult daughter sitting for :20 min.  Started working on yet another new client!  

    Now there is a second woman doing my daughters nails.  I have been done for :25 min....

    The whole thing was unbelievable!

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