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  • Lexie Gable
    Sep 2022

    I got there on a Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and strangely it was quiet which was lovely for me. Everyone was very nice right from the receptionist and the people that work there. The person who did my pedicure only spoke minimal English but lots of other people did. I had a hard time convincing him that I really wanted cold water in the basin because I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. He did a great job with my pedicure and they have lots of different colors to choose from. I had my service dog with me and everyone was respectful of him. I definitely plan to go back.

  • Cheyenne Milgrim
    Aug 2022

    The men were really nice to my two kids that got stuff done but the woman doing my mother nails were absolutely rude. Hit her with the drying tool and then blamed my mother. Made fun of the color my sister and I picked for her. And now a day later and her entire color polish has fell off her nail! On top of the women doing my own toes being rude because of the color that was already on was too much when I told her the company before had messed up. She pushed and rubbed on my cutlie so much it still hurts a day later. And then we brought my niece in because she's 18 months and obviously can't be left alone and they had rude conmments to say about that and this wasn't from the American women that works there as a hostees who didn't even have a long enough dress on. DO NOT RECOMMEND!Services: Manicure

  • shelby strailey
    May 2022

    I have been going here for quite a while and never have any problems, but yesterday i went in to get a full set and i had asked for my current acrylics to be soaked off. She sat me down in the chair and didnt soak them, she took a piece of acrylic nail and dug it under my nail trying to pop it off and ended up taking my real nail with it? she proceeded to try and tear the nail off and i had to tell her to not touch it anymore and then she tried to do it to the rest of my nails and i told her again i wanted them soaked off, she soaked them off and apologized but now im missing a nail and still had to pay for the service. The pain was unbelievable, i cannot believe thats even legal to do that. Will never be getting acrylics again.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Crowfeather Cleaning
    May 2022

    Tammy did such a beautiful job on my fill. I went to Ny Nails for my set two weeks ago and they got me out quickly for an interview with beautiful solar nails. Then my fill turned out so we’ll, Tammy made the nails shapes with very clean lines, thin and beautiful. I highly recommend this salon for acrylics!Service: Acrylic nails

  • Caitlin Fish
    Apr 2022

    I used them a few weeks ago and soon had gel polish that was just chipping off of most of my nails. Some nails were completely breaking off and it was very odd. So I went back to let them fix it and they did without charging me. Whenever I came back for my next fill I made an appointment with Jenny, because I like her quality of work. I knew the issue previously was a fluke and probably due to the gel polish. She started my take off for about 1 minute and then sent me to Amy because someone else came in. I didn’t set up an appointment with Amy and didn’t know her work at all. Amy was very cold and seemed very unsure with her routine. She did a fairly good job but it took her awhile and she kept making me move my hands in the weirdest of ways so she could do my nails. I’ve never had anyone so inexperienced do my nails and treat me like I was so complicated before. I was so uncomfortable and felt unwelcome. I then pay for my services and get charged for her cutting down my nails which I’ve never been charged for before. Normally having your nails done includes them being trimmed down. I was charged $5 extra for that. I never complain I pay and still tip her $20 cash for my nails. I will never be back and that really bothers me. You have given me extraordinary service in the past and always made me feel welcome. It was disappointing to be pushed to someone else when I scheduled an appointment and was treated so awful. I never acted out about my previous fill falling apart. I treated it like it was no big deal, but I never expected that you would be so rude and unwelcoming going forward. It was so awkward to get my nails done. NV Nails needs to be better at there customer service and remember that we could get our nails done anywhere. 90% of the salons in this area are cheaper and I knew that but I came there for the experience and I learned from this past experience that was a giant mistake. I will never go back! When I spend that kind of money I want to feel welcome, i want to relax, and I want to enjoy myself; none of which was the case this past experience.Update not even 24 hours in and my thumb has chipped completely off the edge. First 2 pictures are how ridiculous it looks and the 3rd image is how the thumb should look. Anyone who gets there nails done know this should not happen with gel especially after one day after they are done. This is insane. I don’t know what kind of cheap product they are buying but it obviously doesn’t hold up.Service: Gel manicure

  • Josie James
    Feb 2022

    They did a good job on my nail art and design and they looked great on the other hand they were very much over priced I walked out paying 83$ cause cause I got a mate finish they are gonan try and squeeze every dollar outta you and I wouldn’t go back for that reason I could have got this nail design anywhere else for $45/50 and my nails where really sore they also made me pay them to take off my old set I don’t know if that is normal or just something I have never had to pay for but, I didn’t like it. Over all tho my nails were nice .

  • Keely Hill
    Feb 2022

    I had one older lady that gave me a pedicure a few months ago that was every nice. She did a good job. Just called to make another appointment and the lady who answered the phone was so rude that I decided not to use their business. I’m not usually the type to leave negative reviews but I was so turned off that I’d give others a heads up.

  • Kathleen McCarthy
    Jan 2022

    A little over priced, but that's bc they pay the higher Branson Landing rent. The nail tech did a decent enough job, but my gel manicure polish didn't last as long as usual, despite not doing a whole lot of cleaning, over the holidays!

  • Sarah Russell
    Dec 2021

    Appointment was booked then I got a call day off to change the time from 730 pm (after they closed) to 530 or as soon as I could get there. I got there at 430, they argued with me, but got me in. While I'm getting my nails done, they start complaining that my Appointment wad at 6 yet I came in at 430. They pulled me from getting my nails done because her Appointment showed up finally. I ended up getting my done in the end. They charged me for "special length and shape ($10). It is a basic almond shape and length. Very frustratedServices: Waxing

  • sydney cothran
    Nov 2021

    I have used NV nail salon a few times in the past and was overall happy with my experience, however after the way I was treated last night I will not be going back.I did not receive what I asked for, the service was rushed, and my nail tech rudely accused me of not putting my thumb under the nail light (even though I did).I went back today asking for either a refund or for my nails to be redone in the way that I asked for the first time. They agreed to fix them for a 10 dollar charge because I, “would have been paying 10 dollars extra last night anyway” even though i was already charged extra last night for the shape. I politely declined because I do not agree with that policy. I believe that I was provided a disservice last night and should not have to pay extra for something I should have received the first time.I am writing this review in hopes that the policies in place at this salon will be revisited and hopefully improved upon. Along with the overall treatment of customers and improvement of the work culture/environment.Services: Dip powder

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