• Jlynn Kramer
    Nov 2021

    Brailey is the most Qualified, professional and experienced piercer (body artist) I've ever experienced. Not only is her vigilant on education in regard to care and cleanliness... he also goes above and beyond to throughly double check with his customers if placement is desirable BEFORE he places the jewelry. He talks clearly and calmly through all cares and concerns and, makes himself available gor future questions (should there be any). He doesn't hesitate to invite you back should there be any problems with loss of jewelry or complications. I've never been in such a sterilized and professional pircing environment. After all my experiences with Brailey, I'll never go anywhere else. I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

  • ChimChim and Kookie
    Nov 2021

    It was amazing! My best friend and I went there Saturday night for a few piercings. Everything was great. Service, the vibe, literally everything. We're definitely planning to come back for more piercings one our heal. Thank you so much!

  • Britten Shelson
    Oct 2021

    I went in to get my second ear lobe piercing. I'm a wimp and was about to pass out. Brailey did my piercing and was incredibly professional. He assured me that it wasn't painful, asked if I had any questions, ensured the cleanliness of the room and materials, and overall made me feel a little more relaxed. This was about two months ago. I've followed all the instructions he gave post-piercing and my ears are happy and healthy. My friend also got her daith pierced and is very happy with it (she's much less of a wimp than I am). Highly recommend this place and Brailey!Service: Ear piercing

  • Amber Miller
    Oct 2021

    Great shop, and LOVE Tom! Their hours are super legit for random people like me who decide to get out of work and go grab some ink therapy. Tom has done 8 of my 15 tattoos! Tho I've seen work by all their artists and it's AMAZING, I'm a creature of habit and Tom's my guy! Super accommodating whenever he isn't booked balls to the wall, and never fails to go above what I initially imagined.

  • Pat Archambault
    Oct 2021

    Once again my family got tattoos. Tom the duck man's the best, he always gets us in quick, very clean, professional, up front &, super talented. Cat dad too!?❤️

  • Deb Strawser
    Sep 2021

    First time coming here for any service and got a kick butt tattoo from Nick! Awesome work! I am so in love,! He started a sleeve of flowers (rose, lily and sunflower) on lower arm. He was polite, professional and fun to talk with!

  • Carley Rosenkrance
    Sep 2021

    Brailey was friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, and gentle. He explained everything as he did it and was very in depth when explaining aftercare. 10/10 would recommend him!

  • Emilia Vasquez
    Aug 2021

    I’ve always gone to Juan for my tattoos. I love the way he designs them, makes them to life, makes them unique in their own way!

  • Arianna Berry
    Aug 2021

    Great first experience being tattooed here, I know they use top notch jewelry for the piercings as well.

  • Audra L. Lamoreaux
    Aug 2021

    Juan is a talented artist with a perfect hand and truly a class act. 5 star review from me. The shop is clean and comfy.

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