• Kaitlynn Mueller
    Nov 2021

    Been here a few times, but left today feeling very disappointed and not wanting to return. I came in for a shellac mani and pedi. Both services were performed at the same time (likely in an effort to save time). I wouldn’t have been bothered by this however, the quality of my manicure since not being performed on a table does NOT look like a professional. I feel the result would have looked much better had it been completed at a manicure station as opposed to squeezing it all in on the tiny pedicure side table. In the future customers should have the option to have both services performed together or one at a time, especially if the quality is being sacrificed in the process.Services: Manicures

  • Linnea F.
    Oct 2021

    The pedicures here are fine, but I would never come back for a manicure. I got a dip manicure and first my dip nails had to be removed. She took cuticle scissors and used them to rip off the dip from my nails--a super painful experience. One thing they do here that I've never seen done before is a layer of Shellac over the dip. After the manicure, I left the salon with dip powder stain all over my fingers and hands--so I had to remove it myself at home with acetone. That very night one of my nails chipped. My nail itself was intact but the powder/Shellac chipped off. I went in to get it fixed. And two days later I have a crack on another nail. I haven't gone back to get it fixed because of the inconvenience. DAVI is not cheap ($40 plus tip for dip) and there are so many other places that do a far better job. I'd skip this place.

  • Sue S.
    Aug 2021

    Was there yesterday to have dipped nails removed. Because I'd never had a dip before I wasn't aware of the process. The woman I had grabbed my hand and with a cuticle clipper started ripping the dip off my nails. She didn't wrap them with remover first to soften, she just ripped. She had my hand held so tightly I couldn't get away. After the second nail I had decided I'd never go a dip again if this was how you remove them. She ripped some of my nails off below the quick and took off the top layer of nail. They will never be the same until they grow out again. She left them ragged and raw. I will NEVER go there again or recommend them. Have never had such unprofessional service!!!

  • Danielle F.
    Aug 2021

    This was not the fanciest mani I have had nor the most talented, but they talked to me and adjusted to make sure I got what I wanted, cared to make sure they did not over-file my nails, and the price was very good!

  • Thomas P.
    Jul 2021

    This facility has really gone down hill over the past two years. So disappointing. The attendant was not properly trained, and could not speak English. Also, the facility was not clean. Even though we had appointments (mother/daughter outing) we still had to wait 15 minutes. I will be moving on and looking for another place to have my nails done in the future. I really love this location as it is in gaslight village and provided the opportunity for additional shopping and meals while in the area. Just not worth it anymore. Posting as quoted to me from my wife sitting next to me reflecting on her recent experience

  • Ali Braz
    Jun 2021

    Absolutely LOVE this place, and I’m very picky! I’ve been going here since I movedhere 2 years ago, and they’re the best. Always get me in as a walk-in quickly, excellent work, and the owner is always making sure I’m comfortable and happy. Love the ambiance, area and clientele as well. Thank you!

  • Rebekah Delagarza
    Jun 2021

    1st time here, satisfied!! Daughter in law and myself full sets

  • Gabrielle L.
    May 2021

    Honestly not sure this place even deserves one star. I hardly ever treat myself for anything relaxing and this experience was astronomically bad! My boyfriend bought my an $85 dollar gift certificate to go here and when I walked in she sat me down and I told her I wanted a basic manicure with regular light pink nail polish. The woman told me no and that dip would be faster and healthier. We argued back and forth until I caved. I also never tried dip before but went with it. She did not let me look at any colors and picked the pink she wanted and began. She finished one hand and it was completely awful. It looked like I had bubbles on my fingers and I had hot pink nails. I spoke up and told her I didn't like the color and that the dip did not look right. She continue to argue otherwise and eventually started the process to take them off. while they were sitting in alcohol she started my pedicure water and told me to come over. The customer service was awful and she was not accommodating. I had one hand and she made me carry everything, did not lift the arm of the chair, threw 7 shellac swatches onto my lap and she didn't even check the temp of the water because I scolded my feet when I put them in. I hoped at this point my experience would get better but it only got worse. She did not trim my nails, she did not groom my cuticles, did not use lotion, hot rocks or exfoliating scrub and to top it off she didn't even cover my toe nails completely. Being completely annoyed at this point and utterly disappointed I decided to be positive and just let her finish my manicure and boy was that a mistake. She was clearly pissed because she paid more attention to everyone else in the store rather than the customer she was working with, so much so that she burned me 3 times (forearm and fingers) with the sanding machine. During the 2nd time she was doing my manicure I contemplated getting up and leaving multiple times and I'm pissed I didn't. She attempted at dip again on my nails and they just looked AWFUL. To say that I had lady bug looking nails is an understatement. When she finished she had me wash my hands and when I came back to my chair someone else was sitting there with all my stuff. Not done there is more. When I left my fingers were so sore and were bleeding from how aggressive she was and then at check out she proceeded to ask for more than $85 dollars for the worst mani pedi and customer service and proceeded to ask for a tip. YOU ARE CRAZY...tip you for what? ‍ I will never return and will continue to speak about how awful this place is. It has been a week and my shellac toes have chipped. However my nails are perfect since I went to another salon to redo them for a 3rd time.

  • Nadia Lindell
    Apr 2021

    Ive been here three different occasions and never leave with anything I wanted. The 2 times I went weren’t my choice. Theyre aggressive, (made me bleed and have to ask nicely to stop tugging my arm as it was hurting) rough, and they’re rude to you if you end up not liking the work they did on you, all while pleading to please let them know if there is something you don’t like. Today was my last time going because I asked for a specific shape with a picture three different tim

  • Julia R.
    Mar 2021

    I do not recommend going here. I got my nails done earlier this week and the manicure was not what I asked for. I asked for ombré nails and they looked like this. When I asked the lady if she could fix it a few days later, she made a huge scene and told me no. She then made me wait an hour and fixed it, but did an awful job again. The color is uneven and my nails are bumpy. I also got my acrylics taken off and it was super painful. I won't be coming back.

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