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  • Dawn Biyash
    Apr 2023

    Great work. Also Very accommodating for my mom in a wheel chair.

  • Mar White
    Apr 2023

    Paula is amazing, she is kind, caring and empathetic. The experience is borderline therapeutic lol hopefully not to her detriment. The process can be a tad painful but it is 100% worth it. Some people mention scarring but I want to say that the initial mark isn’t a scar. It is a scab- which will eventually heal and fall off if you allow it to heal properly. The scars from ingrown hairs are about 100x worse than any fading mark you may get from electrolysis. Paula would hate me lol, I can’t even say I’ve been consistent and I’ve plucked between treatment (sorry!) but my point is my results have been amazing even without consistency she doesn’t pressure you to come back or make the next appointment as none of it stems from greed. She just wants to help. I have no idea what I would have done without this place I’ve yet to see Georgia for treatment but she exudes the same professionalism as Paula. They are quite the duo!

  • noa brodman
    Oct 2022

    Backstory: I have had electrolysis before as well as laser and I am in the esthetics field. I am so impressed with Georgia's skill and professionalism! I am so excited to FINALLY get rid of my hair permanently by someone so knowledgeable!! Thank you so much Georgia, I will be coming back for my future hair removal needs!

  • Sabrina Reynolds
    Sep 2022

    They do a great job at making you feel comfortable. Family owned n operated which I love. And they are super polite as well.

  • S S.
    Jun 2022

    Paula is a hair removal wizard! Don't wait any longer, make an appointment now. Booking online is super quick and easy.

  • Mike Baker
    May 2022

    Excellent work here, Paula knows her stuff and does a fantastic job! Highly recommended.

  • Lauren Presutti
    Nov 2021

    If you want real permanent hair removal, go to Hair Busted!!!!!! Paula is absolutely AMAZING and I wish I found her many years ago!! I first tried laser hair removal at another place and I wasted years of my life (and thousands of dollars down the drain) because laser hair removal does not work. It was extremely disappointing when laser hair removal did not work for me and I thought my hair problems were hopeless – but then I found Paula and she was life-changing for me!!! She is the best!!! She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, patient, understanding, genuine, and will always make you laugh during your treatments! Seriously, if you want permanent hair removal that actually is effective, you have to do electrolysis, and Paula is incredible at electrolysis! I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with my results from electrolysis with Paula, and I’m planning to do more electrolysis with Paula because it’s working SO WELL. I completely 100% recommend her to anyone looking for real results. Electrolysis is a miracle treatment for stubborn hair growth and you won’t be disappointed. Guaranteed.

  • Brittany Lutren
    Sep 2021

    Paula is nice, but scarred me and left marks for a month+. I do not recommend her services, her heat is way too high that she uses.

  • Naked Gunner
    Jul 2021

    Paula is nice and responsive but the treatment was not well done. The setting was too high leaving scars and raised marks.My hope is that it will go away in time but so far not good. It’s been over a month.I’ve had electrolysis done at other locations with wonderful results with no type of the scabbing and scar issues I’ve had here.

  • Stephanie Diane
    May 2021

    Paula has done such a wonderful job doing mf electrolysis for me on my chin, neck and upper lip. She has been very respectful and professional the entire time, she really seems to care about me and how I feel. I would definitely recommend her and hair busted for anyone interested in electrolysis or some other galvanic facial treatments and permanent makeup/ect. My face is now baby soft after years of having many hairs on it.

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