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  • Dragon Lady
    Jul 2022

    Mary paid me, tammie, July 16, 2022, delivering a check in person to her apartment, after I posted a negative review. I felt this was necessary since she was accusing me of stealing my own receipts, because i took them home to calculate, which i had done the entire time i worked for her. Never once was this a previous issue and it seemed retaliatory. I was finally also reimbursed for my boxes she used while moving that she previously refused to acknowledge.Mary mailed my final check July 8, long past the state required 72 hrs, and certified it per my suggestion. It did not arrive until July 19, at which point i destroyed it and filmed it for documentation. Because of how and where she mailed it from, it was significantly delayed. The delay was un-necessary drama but was consistent with what i experienced working for Mary; what seemed to be a hostile environment as a result of false accusations by her, and lack of consistent rules for everyone. I experienced theft, unresolved, undeserved lectures or tongue lashings, and vandalism to my property that has been personal loss to me on small and large scale. She paid well for private contractors, but with many financial obligations that i had never encountered as a private contractor previously in my career. Still, it was enough to be difficult to duplicate with other employers, making it a challenge to move on and still afford the living space I acquired specifically to be close enough to ride my bike so i could reduce my carbon footprint. Once she moved, that all changed.I did not find that this business was in alignment with what I seek from an employer. There are no written policy and procedures, and not everyone took their responsibilities as a team member to carry equal weight. As a professional, i found this challenging as there was no interest from her to address it. And i am not someone who tolerates being yelled at and lectured, especially when accusations are false, and I'm not allowed to eek a word in edgewise. It felt like walking on eggshells.However, there ARE some great therapists that work for Mary, and I would encourage anyone who finds the new location good for them, to continue to patronize these lovely individuals who work there. I quite enjoyed working with several of them, am happy that I had the chance to get to know them and consider them friends. And i will miss them.Tammie Can be found at Bellanina near Kerrytown.

  • Lauren Longyear
    Jul 2022

    As a student, I started going to Main Street Massage Therapy during times of high stress. I see Geoff, who is attentive, friendly and very helpful. Geoff's holistic view of relieving muscle tension is immensely effective. I always leave my massages feeling lighter and less tense along with having more relaxed breathing. Treat yourself to a massage here, you will not be disappointed.

  • JzzE1
    Jun 2022

    Yes, it was small, which is not a bad thing. Small also infers "intimate" It was different from any massage I've ever had, but it was also better in it's own way. I wasn't just rubbed from head to toe. She found my worst spots, some of them "I" did'n't even know were bad like that. I felt so much better afterwards, looking forward to my next appt! As for my Masseuse, Nisha, i have 3 words to say Ah-MAY-zing!

  • jessie-mae secord
    May 2022

    (update at bottom)My massage started ok. Accupressure instead of traditional massage, and he got some pressure points that helped immensely. But then he started asking me very intrusive questions about my mental health, completely out of nowhere and without any warning. It made me extremely uncomfortable and after the 2nd question I just stopped talking altogether. I felt like I was in a therapy session, not enjoying my mother's day massage. It really ruined my experience, and I would not see him again (Geoff) despite the technique working on me. I felt blindsided and would not have consented to this being a part of my treatment,I also won't return to the office. Their website should be clear on just how inaccessible the building is. The huge flights of stairs up were brutal, street noise was intrusive and parking was a nightmare (plus the road was closed so I couldn't be dropped off at the building.).Update: I added 1 star to my review because I was pleased with how management handled my complaint. They offered a full refund due to my experience, which was extremely appreciated.

  • Kali Villegas
    Mar 2022

    The 100 minutes of bliss is exactly that! I had an excellent experience and will definitely be back!

  • Angeline D'Balentine
    Jan 2022

    Nisha is amazing! I did the Bliss package, and got the works for 120 minutes. From Swedish to Hot Rock to reflexology, she did it all. Also experienced cupping for my first time. Fascinating. Helps tremendously with stress and circulation. Looking forward to our next session.(Photo is of top of stairs, sitting for a moment as she prepped the room. I liked the snowflakes.)

  • Caroline
    Jan 2022

    This place is super super small, located above a downtown restaurant.. Literally two people cannot be in the hallway at once unless you are facing each other. The massage room I was in was very much like a walk in closet. My massage was good but the person who performed the service (don't want to name) gave me a very strange head and neck massage for the last 10 minutes, leaving my short hair very very oily;I had planned to go to the store afterwards but I had to go home to take a shower. Also the bathroom smells like moth balls. Walls are very thin so you hear what customers and co-workers are saying while you are having your massage.

  • MarieJeanne Kouchoukian
    Jan 2022

    There are many different qualities that make a good massage therapist. Main Street Massage Therapy is the right place to find those qualities. Mary is very knowledgeable massage therapist, methodical, careful, dedicated and very friendly. Her hands on experience and expertise are very effective. She uses different techniques suitable for the body needs, such as neuromuscular therapy, cupping, and trigger points release techniques. Needles to mention the place is very clean, hygienic and inviting. I would highly recommend this place, specially for patients who are looking for medical massage treatments such as myofascial, trigger points release and fibromyalgia. Thank you Mary!

  • Caitlin Gedris
    Dec 2021

    Hal was very professional and experienced. I felt very relaxed but it also felt very healthy and therapeutic. There was a good balance between making choices about what I wanted and getting to depend on his knowledge and expertise.

  • Mhiz Eseh
    Dec 2021

    I was convinced to believe this company is real and fast on payment.

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