• Heather Banks
    Oct 2021

    Austin was great!!! He did amazing and I will be back.

  • Chevonne W.
    Sep 2021

    Each experience is positive. Friendly atmosphere. Professional. Mr. Kevin is gentleman and great barber.

  • Buckshot da great
    Sep 2021

    Very very professional place to get a cut. Not to pricey but for the service you receive, its worth it.

  • Tia Bail Bonds
    Sep 2021

    Dope and professional...

  • maurice hutton
    Aug 2021

    My barber Dee be putting me in there!!!

  • Shannon Williams
    Jul 2021

    Best barbershop in the Baltimore

  • Michelle Smith
    Jun 2021

    Always been and still is a barbershop with very quality skilled professionals that provide great service in Nice atmosphere for Men, Women, & Children

  • Jebb Jackson
    May 2021

    Opened for the business of hair styling for the contemporary person.

  • Jennifer J.
    May 2021

    I went in for a haircut and left with a sore scalp and cuts all over. My mans Duane way to tough with those clippers. I feel like he was trying to knock me out the way he was hitting the clippers against my skull. I don't know if he practices on a mannequin and forgets how to be with a human head but he didn't need to apply so much pressure. He clearly sharpens his blades daily because I left with cuts all over my head. The clippers was rough, the combing was rough, the brush was rough, the tilting my head was rough. If I go back I definitely need to go to someone else cause the pain ain't worth it.

  • aisha aslam
    Apr 2021

    Me and brother have been trying to find the right barber since we moved back to MD. Thought to check out this place since it’s in my old neighborhood. I called and made a 5 pm appointment for him and my son. When we got there and asked for D because that’s who we spoke with who then pointed out to another man instead of saying I’m D. So we start waiting for the other guy 20 mins go by and says I have another person in-front of you so I said I made an appointment with you. He says that wasn’t me. Meanwhile I’m so confused like who the hell is D. I asked the guy and he points to the original guy that directed us to him. He said yeah I answered the phone and figured when you come whoever is free will take you. So unprofessional!!!!! He expected me to sit there and wait an hour for him to finish someone that walked in after us. Horrible!!! They just lost long term customers! I will for sure speak of this experience with people I know that go to them.

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