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  • beth ruberry
    Sep 2023

    I had been a patient of Johannah Butler for some time, and was usually happy with the practice overall. Earlier this year, I had to be seen in the office for an urgent issue, but Johannah was on vacation, so Dr. Baronas was my doctor. At the appointment, we talked for a while as he went over my symptoms, but when we got to the topic of my current medications, his entire attitude changed. He was almost chastising me for being on so many meds as he talked about the side effects of each one. He told me to stop taking three of them immediately, saying they must be the cause of my illness (even though I had been taking them for over a year with zero problems). I did what he asked, but the change made no difference in my illness. I ended up being treated at the ER, and a few days later I was better. The illness had nothing to do with my medications, so I started taking them again, and a week later I had to put in a request for refills. Johannah said she was unable to refill them because they were interacting with the other meds I was taking. I told her that wasn't true, and after several exchanges, she admitted that Dr. Baronas told her not to refill them. I was left with no input in my own care, my meds, and I was never even told why they wouldn't refill them. It seemed to just be the personal preference of Dr. Baronas. Because I had no pills left, and no refills, I wasn't able to taper down, and had to scramble to find a new Dr. because I was going through terrible withdrawal symptoms. After being a patient all those years, I was shocked that Johannah and Dr. Baronas were so uncaring and irresponsible. My new practice is great and full of professionals, I'm back on the correct meds, and my Dr. actually cares about my input as a patient.

  • Amelia
    Aug 2023

    I've gone to this location for 12 years. They never told me my doctor retired 2 months ago, i called and asked why no one reached out and bothered to tell me, only to be told letters should have been sent out so dont expect any sort of accountability from them. And when dealing with fmla they always make horrible mistakes resulting in claim denial through NewYorkLife. They only faxed over the cover letter to NYL not a single form that was needed. The office staff does not care about your health care or even doing their own jobs, unless you the patient advocate for yourself they will attempt to not work and hide your concerns from their manager and instill a horrible knowledge that you cant expect your own doctor's office to help you. Please consider this before going there, i say this out of concern for the other patients so you aren't driven insane.

  • Pella Mazarakis
    Jan 2023

    Very bad customer services I’m trying to call them after waiting for 30 min to answer the lady hanged up on me and I’m calling back waiting for 30 more min . Good luck to their patients there . Never see so unprofessional people working before. Good luck to the patient. They probably will be dead before they make an appointment.

  • Ellen MacGeorge
    Nov 2022

    This office has taken a turn for the worst. I hope that whatever is gong on there improves for the patients they still have. Not honoring appts or refilling medical equipment perscriptions that are needed to live is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  • Kat W.
    Oct 2022

    Dr. Gallo is a great physician. I've never felt rushed. She truly cares and I know I'm in good hands. The staff is also great-very accommodating and friendly.

  • Deborah Harrell
    Oct 2022

    I love Dr Gallo and the rest of the staff at GBMC. They care about the patients that come in there. Dr. Gallo is a great Doctor, not just because she is my Dr. but she cares and does a great job. Deborah Harrell, Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • Cameo Tepper
    Sep 2022

    I came to this office for help with my son and his extreme illness. Not only were my family and I under extreme stress, but we didn’t know how to help my son. This office is one of the most warming and friendly offices Iv ever been to. The MA was incredible, Mrs. Sheila NP was everything you could ask for in a provider and more. I’m so grateful for this practice. Thank you!

  • Julian
    Feb 2022

    I’ve Been seeing Johanna Butler for about 5 years now and she has consistently been a very reliable and knowledgeable practitioner. I’m an Registered Nurse and I trust her very much. I would highly recommended her to anyone who is looking for a PCP.

  • Abigail S
    Sep 2021

    Completely incompetent.I needed a referral to see an ENT for a GROWTH in my esophagus. I came, was seen and was given a “referral”.I came to the ENT and was told my referral was incomplete.I waited OVER TWO HOURS for this office to simply send over a referral.The referral department was SO RUDE ITS UNACCEPTABLE. I WILL CONTACT ANYONE AND EVERYONE ABOUT THIS INCIDENT AND YOUD BETTER HOPE I DONT HAVE CANCER OR SOMETHING SERIOUS BECAUSE I WILL FILE A LAWSUIT FOR NEGLIGENCE.

  • Stephen Messina
    Feb 2021

    DOCTOR I HAVE DEBRA GALLO Is GREAT , Front Desk And Billing is TERRIBLE , As is the Case With the Perry Hall Location Also - BOTH Places Have Gone for Pre Op Physicals , Both Were for WORKMENS Compensation Procedures - Perry Hall Location Not Only DIDN'T They Have Listed What the Visit Was For, I Didn't Get the RESULTS For 2 Weeks , They Found it Filed Away in the File Cabinet And Their was a Very Serious Finding In The Doctor's REPORT - LaSalle Rd was SLIGHTY Better , Not Much , They AGAIN DIDN'T HAVE It Listed As What My Visit Was For , ALSO They Were Given Compensation Information 3 Times From Me AND Once By Clearway Pain Management Solutions Still They Haven't Corrected This And Keep Billing Me - SEEMS NO ONE AT THESE TWO LOCATIONS ( BESIDES THE DOCTORS ) Know How to Do Their Job Or are TOO Lazy to Do As Their Job Required - In My Days of Working People Would be Given a WARNING Or Two Then FIRED , Seems Their Hiring Practice HASN'T CHANGED IN A FEW YEARS For Clerical Or BILLING !!!!

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