• Maddie D.
    Jun 2020

    Shana did a great job with my eyebrow waxing! I've been getting my eyebrows waxed since I was a pre-teen and I have to say this was the most gentle and relaxing eyebrow waxing ever! Will definitely be back!

  • Lisa Russell
    Jun 2020

    I’ve been a client of Foula’s for a while! She’s a great colorist! I have naturally curly hair. Foula is a natural. She knows exactly what to do!

  • Kati Jane
    Jun 2020

    Jimy is such a talented hair stylist! I have been seeing him for years and he is amazing with color, cuts, and styling. There is no one else I would trust with my super curly hair! I love seeing what the staff is up to on their social media pages. The Spas are always having fun competitions, and I love being able to follow the posts on Instagram and Facebook. The staff is always so friendly and welcoming; every experience is a great one!

  • Lauren Pryer
    Mar 2020

    I've been to this spa multiple times over the years and they never disappoint! They have redone the place and it is gorgeous. Prompt service, friendly staff and clean environment as always. I will be back!

  • Mark Peters
    Feb 2020

    I love the remodel. Everything looks great. Staff is friendly and great. My girl Lisa has been keeping me looking fly for year's. She kills it when it comes to the technique of hair cutting!!!!!

  • Vikki Hall
    Feb 2020

    Not a great experience, came in for a couples massage, arrived early to use their serenity lounge, was asked to sit in a chair and wait. Our Massage therapist retrieved us at promptly 1pm... There is no serenity lounge, there is no locker room, no robes... It is not a SPA , it is a hair salon that happens to do massages in a back room... Husband had his massage done by Cassidy, he really enjoyed it. Mine was done by Gina, it was not great, it was barely good, she did not listen to my wants or needs, so I'm a little confused as to why she even asked... It was like she has a routine, and she can't break from it, she didn't use firm pressure where I asked, and the massage was just not worth it. The charge 15 dollars more per person for a couples massage, which is odd, there is nothing more special about it... Not sure why they advertise things they do not offer. Can't get return call to talk to someone either... Finally spoke to someone and was basically told sorry for your luck , although she did admit they dont even have a serenity lounge as thier website states... again a hair salon with massages in a back room....

  • Vikki S.
    Feb 2020

    Don't do a couples massage here it is a colossal waste of money... Went to the Boulevard while this one was being remodeled and had a great experience... figured with this one being remodeled it would be nice. It wasn't, it is not a spa it is a hair salon with a massage room... they advertise a tranquil lounge, there was none, we got there early to relax a bit before hand but we sat in uncomfortable chairs until precisely our massage time, where we were led to a tiny room with 2 massage tables. Asked to prep there, no locker rooms, no robes... not a spa experience... my husband enjoyed his massage with Cassidy a great deal. I had Gina, it wasn't great, it was barely good. I was highly disappointed... after wards we were greated outside the room with water and ushered oout an on our way... I would be okay with this had it been priced accordingly, it was not. It was an absolute dismissal experience for the cost... Save your money, go to The Boulevard location, they do a much better job... this place may look pretty , but it is not a spa, and Gina is not a massage therapist who listens... spoke to someone afterwards, and even though their website clearly states they have a serenity lounge, I was informed they don't and that it was just too bad I didn't enjoy my massage, they would look into it... so basically buyer beware, they can lie about amenities and give poor service, but they still expect you to pay top dollar...

  • Angela Johannes Heydt
    Jan 2020

    I highly recommend Julio for a massage, especially if you have upper back and neck issues. He is very professional and you will feel much better when you leave!

  • Lauren Bugarini
    Dec 2019

    Beautiful! Scott is the best hair stylist hands down!

  • Marie Johnson
    Jul 2019

    Not worth the money. The front desk is snotty. They almost act as if they are better than you. Got a pedicure there for $45 when I asked for the cheaper one which is $35! Not worth $45 at all!!! What the lady did on my pedicure I can get done at a nail salon for

  • Savannah
    Jul 2019

    Always a great experience! :)

  • Todd Maccubbin
    Jun 2019

    this place totally took advantage of my daughter, she asked for a service that said from 115 then proceeded to add a ton of extras without explaining the increase in price that raised the price to 234. i am a single dad without a lot of money. i tried to give something to my daughter to make her happy. they are predatory. they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Stokes Twins
    Jun 2019

    I finally found the place that know how to cut the hairstyle I want,for a really good price.i have highlight and haircut for only 180 very affordable compared to the other salon.Ms.Cat did my hair.she was really nice and she make sure I am ok and comfy and making sure I am satisfied.and I was.i really loved my hair..i even felt really bad coz I only tip her 25dollar which I know she deserved more.Ms. Cat if ever you seen this I am sorry I do not have anymore extra that day

  • Gerta Mehmetllari
    Jun 2019

    Judith is the best.Great place to get a message

  • Jenni Lau
    May 2019

    Brought a gift card here for my brother because of his severe backache. Boyyyy...was he impressed. The massage gave him great comfort. My brother is very picky and even he gave them a big thumbs-up. Very professional staff/team.

  • Joe M.
    May 2019

    I have been going to this Spa for many years. It's always a great experience. I've been getting my hair cut by Kimm forever and never disappointed. I will be back every few months. Highly recommend!

  • Lydia Tesfu
    May 2019

    I have been seeing a stylist Julie B there for many years. She usually does a great job. But had a recent haircut and she literally butchered my hair. Wi not be returning for any future services.

  • Nettie Jackson
    Mar 2019

    Best Spa Ever!!! They Treat the Bride and crew like royalty!!! We will be back!

  • Terri Alliman Alexander
    Mar 2019

    Comforting ambiance, welcoming environment and great products

  • Wendy M.
    Mar 2019

    This place started on Belair rd and I have been a loyal customer (along with my husband-haircut4- 6x/yr-ish) and I followed Debbie to the Avenue at Whitemarsh where we've had our bumps with certain stylists and scheduling issues. I can say Stephanie was the one I settled with for years & then began seeing Kimm as well and both are great-different styles which is great. However coming here today after calling to schedule full hi-lights & cut with extra time per stylist request for today at 11:45 -which I was prompt for & there was line out of door after I walked in & 2 receptionist working!! I had to wait for a few min-ok. Not until I was in the chair was I told after I mentioned that they did tell you it's full hi lights and cut my stylist said no you're in for partial??!! WHAT. I confirmed on the phone with receptionist that I was getting full & cut. Stylist was apologetic for misunderstanding and already had a customer in back needing hair cut after my hair was hi lighted. She said I could come back & get the rest done another day & I could speak with management about this. She could probably couldn't do hi light full today. So normally I would give this place a 5 but until I see what manager has to say it will remain a 2 & that's only because of my stylist and the time I've dealt with her. I certainly don't want to have to come back for a complete full hi lite do over yet this is unacceptable!! Period when I confirmed exactly what I was supposed to be getting & extra time would be available for this Update: spoke with Amy & then Samantha-CEO who called me to get more info about my situation & after she already knew what happened but wanted verbal statement from me "to see if the spa was a good fit for me or I should find somewhere else?"... I explained & we discussed that I felt my 2 stylist were great the issue was the front desk staff making mistakes which was supposed to be addressed. We came to mutual agreement after I was given a small discount off previous issue for my time & mistake scheduling & I'm going in today to get my hair fully hi-lighted at their cost & we agreed it best to only have my appointments scheduled by only 2 people. I'm hoping after today the situation will be resolved & I highly recommend my stylist Stephanie & Kimm! Both top notch and know me & exactly what im looking for in hilights & style I was hoping to meet Samantha today to finally put this issue to rest & looking positively for a great outcome today. I'll update as needed I've moved up 1 star for now and will possibly change it pending today's experience still give Natalie-shampoo woman 5/5& stylist 5/5. Until later...

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