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  • Alex D.
    Oct 2021

    Wanted to get a small tattoo with a friend I was visiting in Boston and they were luckily able to squeeze us in last minute. It was my first tattoo and the staff were all so friendly and our artist, Aaron, was super professional and made sure we were happy and even sterilized between my friend and I. The whole process was effortless and we left very happy with the results. Would recommend this place to everyone in the area.

  • Doggypatchable ..
    Oct 2021

    Got my long awaited tattoo, my tattoo arrest Aaron, did great job, he was patient with as I get edgy sitting to long . My who experience was great he was on time and he made me as comfortable as it could be .cause of Covid restrictions there can be only few people in arrest room,and appointment only . Definitely going back.

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Oct 2021

    I love Stingray! I truly felt welcomed there. The staff there were extremely amazing for taking the time explaining everything and answering any questions I had left. Heck, even the phone call to make an appointment was pleasant. I have been to another piercing shop in the Cambridge area where they botched my earlobes piercing twice by two different piercers. My piercer, Kristina, did a wonderful job on my earlobes. Her precision is right on the money. I appreciated her even more when I got home to have a closer look at her work. If I had more earlobes, I would look for Kristina to get them done. Strongly recommended for anybody to get any piercing job done. 5/5Service: Ear piercing

  • Zachary Gardner
    Oct 2021

    I went to see Aaron for a geometric tattoo. He was awesome! The lines are straight and crisp, and I really appreciated how meticulous he was toward the end, switching to a smaller needle to touch up small soots that he missed earlier. Excellent excellent EXCELLENT artist. Thanks Aaron!

  • Levi Young
    Oct 2021

    got my double lobes pierced in 2018! never infected! I was incredibly nervous but the welcoming atmosphere and great decor almost immediately calmed my nerves. incredibly nice, helpful staff. 100% recommend!

  • John Osterman
    Sep 2021

    Got an amazing tattoo done by Alastair. Very happy with my experience here!

  • Felicia L.
    Aug 2021

    I heard really good things about Stingray before finally booking an ear lobe piercing for myself a few weeks ago. My boyfriend had a great experience when he got his ears pierced here in summer 2019 and all the reviews I came across seemed generally positive as well. I can't say that my experience was a 10/10, though, which makes me sad because I really, really wanted to like this place. First off, I called via phone to book a piercing appointment since they're not taking walk-ins like pre-pandemic times. Calling in was a good experience, the lady who took my call was super friendly and even held my appointment slot a few days extra without deposit because I was still contemplating whether or not to actually get the piercing. I called in again a few days later, made the deposit, and everything regarding booking was smooth. The day of, I went in and was greeted immediately by a nice lady with long, curly hair. She was amazing and helped me sign the forms quickly. Then she introduced me to Kristina, the piercer, who was pretty friendly as well. I didn't have any complaints about their service until the actual piercing itself happened. My ears are pretty small and I actually already have two lobe piercings in. When I went into the piercing room, Kristina took a look at my ears and marked two dots where she thought the piercings should go. Then she told me to use the mirrors to see if I liked the placement. I thought the one on the right was too close to edge, so I told her that and she said something about how my ears are small and she wants to make sure they fit. But she moved the dot inwards anyway and told me to check again--and it looked good to me so I told her that it looked great. When I went home and got the chance to look more closely, however, I realized that she had pierced it exactly where she placed the dot the first time, the dot that I wasn't a huge fan of. So now my two new piercings are uneven, and Claire's low key did a better job piercing evenly for my first two piercings. After piercing, Kristina gave a little monologue on after-care and it just sounded super impersonal, like I was just another customer she needed to say all of that to. She wasn't really explaining to me, it sounded more like reciting. Didn't ask if I needed any after-care supplies either--maybe she thought I'd know how to take care of lobe piercings since I already had two but those were from over 7 years ago so I don't remember super well. According to my boyfriend, they offered him saline solution and everything after he pierced his ears. So I'm not sure why the discrepancy is, but overall I thought the customer service, particularly for the piercing, was a bit questionable.

  • Greta Telo
    Aug 2021

    This is an amazing place. I love it. Great prices, services and always friendly. I got my Red Sox tattoo there in 2010, still looks amazing. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I got a small nose stud there, quick and painless. The place is really a 5 star establishment.

  • Michaela Bennett
    Aug 2021

    The staff were so friendly and thorough in helping us find exactly what we wanted for our piercings! I would definitely go again!

  • Michelle O.
    Aug 2021

    I don't often review places here, but I felt I needed to post this. I chose Stingray mostly from reading the reviews here and looking at Kristina's portfolio. I was a little apprehensive because of the poor customer service reviews, but it wasn't of great concern to me. From my first phone call to the end of my appointment, the customer service was exceptional. I don't know if they hired different staff or what, but I suggest you disregard those reviews overall. I showed up for a 2:30 appointment with an expired ID, because I rarely use it and don't have a driver's license, so I hadn't noticed it expired. They couldn't do the piercing without it, but they had a 5:30 opening and let me have it. I felt terrible and apologized profusely for messing up their schedule, but they could not have been nicer about it. My initial plan was three piercings on each side, but Kristina advised that there would be a high chance several would be rejected, so I decided to do one on the center of each clavicle and add more later. She very easily could have done at least four and made more money, but instead she was honest and helped me decide to do what was probably the best plan. It cost close to $135.00 for both piercings plus jewelry, which I don't consider expensive considering the quality of the work, the jewelry, and the overall service of both Kristina and the rest of the staff. Personally I don't think cost should be a huge concern unless it seems ridiculously overpriced for something as unique and involved as dermal piercings. I have several tattoos and recently had my nose pierced 30 years after I'd first done it, and this is by far one of my favorite things I've done as far as body art goes. I couldn't be happier with them. It wasn't that painful to get them done, and they are healing great. This pic was taken the day after getting them. One is starting to get some bruising around it, but that's to be expected. There's been no soreness or redness or anything besides them being tender the first few days. I still want to have three on each side, so I will probably go back in six months or so and add another on each side, then a third later. I cannot recommend Stingray, and Kristina in particular, enough. I wanted yo make sure I wrote a review to counteract the negative customer service reviews. I absolutely love my piercings and can't wait to go back.

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