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  • Rebecca Witham
    Mar 2023

    My friend and I each got tattoos from Sylar at regeneration tattoo yesterday and they did an absolutely incredible job!! they were extremely professional and exceeded all of our expectations. Sylar was super nice, easy to work with and talk to, and an amazing artist. The studio was super clean and the artists do an amazing job keeping their spaces clean and making sure you have a great overall experience. 10/10 would get my next tattoo with regeneration!Service: Tattoos

  • Avery Schofield
    Mar 2023

    Me and my partner went in yesterday to get walk in tattoos, first of all I wanted a neck tattoo behind my hair and the guy argued with me and swore at me and upcharged to much for a NECK tattoo And my partner wanted something specific and the walk in guy was being completely rude to us about it even though he wanted to get something meaningful. I will say I like my tattoo but not the placement. And my partner is very disappointed about his tattoo. If I could give 0/5 stars I would. Save your money and go to redemption they are so much better than this hole in the wall. Save your money and go somewhere else instead of this place and if you do go here DO NOT GO FOR A WALK IN. Trust me you would want to save your money before spending it on the walk in guy who is so so rude and will tattoo what he feels like tattooing, not what you want tattooed. Also may I mention this place is so disgusting and so dirty.

  • Trevor McSweeney
    Mar 2023

    Absolutely one of the best tattoo shops in Boston. I had an amateur tattoo I got as a teenager that went all the way down my ribs. I wanted it covered up, but multiple artists had told me it couldn't be due to its size. The second I showed it to Frankie I could see the gears turning in his head. He ended up using much of its original shape but completely reworked it, covering up the old one flawlessly while barely making it larger. It went from being a scratchy blown out mess to a beautiful American traditional piece. He's currently doing my sleeve and I couldn't be happier!Services: Tattoos

  • Samantha
    Mar 2023

    I've been going to Regeneration Tattoo for a couple years now. As a woman who typically goes to appointments alone, it's really important for me to go somewhere I feel safe and comfortable. It's always a great experience, and it keeps me coming back. I've only been tattooed by Frankie, but have only had positive interactions with the other artists at the shop. I can't recommend Frankie enough. He always exceeds my expectations and I fully trust his expertise and advice when it comes to placement and size. Frankie takes his work seriously and it really shows in the quality of tattoo.Service: Tattoos

  • Will C.
    Nov 2022

    Came in here today to get my first ever tattoo. The tattooist whom I didn't get a chance to know the name of took me through the whole process and was very kind and professional. My tattoo came out nice and I was satisfied.

  • Kevina Santiago
    Oct 2022

    My overall experience as someone who received their very FIRST tattoo here, went tremendously well. Sylar was great! He even enlightened me at the end on how to care for my tattoo until it heals. I will definitely be returning soon for more ink!Service: Tattoos

  • J L
    Oct 2022

    I think it’s time I update my last review, it’s been a while since I wrote it I think in June when I first came here to get a sleeve done in black and grey realism. I had to stop coming after my second session and later I went to another artist to rework what was done here and to continue my sleeve, the artist said the work wasn’t good at all and would not last before it fades which it was already doing. He said whoever did your work didn’t even go by the reference for the shading and just drew shapes and shaded it in. I wanted realism and the artist could not do realism but took the work on anyway. We all know sleeves are a lot of work and money and I’m happy I went somewhere else to finish it and re work the ones I got here but I still have to have it touched up again. My new sleeve I’m going to an amazing artist who can actually do realism and I’d recommend this guy but if you want realism don’t go here

  • William Weber
    Sep 2022

    Frankie was super straightforward and professional. He provided realistic tips about the design so it would last and age well. Excellent work on fine script. Really nice to have walk up options. Tattoos start at $100

  • delemarle Christopher
    Sep 2022

    Did a walk-in today, super nice crew, talented and affordable, accepted to do a hand tattoo, very happy with the result. Thanks! I recommend !!!Service: Tattoos

  • audrey
    Sep 2022

    Ive been tattooed by 3 artists here and they havent failed me yet. Theyre quick, clean, polite, and understanding. 16 tattoos and counting and I think Ive finally found the shop I will be visiting regularlyService: Tattoos

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