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  • Jennie C
    Jul 2023

    I usually have a decent experience here, I usually have a man who services me, but the last two times I have went I had an older lady doing my nails who is very rude. She just pulls and pushes on my hands and feet instead of just saying what’s she wants me to do. When I got a pedicure, she gave me the color samples which I thought were all gel, and begins painting, I knew immediately after she only pained one nail that it wasn’t gel and told her that I would like gel and I apologized because I thought the color options she gave me were gel. This has never been a problem because they usually always ASK. She then storms off and begins clearly talking about me, as if her having to remove toe nail posh off ONE nail was such a detrimental task for her to do. And the following week I got my nails done by her she rushed, sides of my nails weren’t polished, shaping not square at all like I asked :( That lady has honestly ruined my whole experience at this shop. I would keep coming here but I don’t want to risk getting her again as my nail tech.

  • Kenneth Padillo
    Jul 2023

    I wish I could give this place zero stars. Horrible customer service - all the workers are grumpy and they do not care. kept dragging my hands from under the lamp and giving me an attitude.They’re also very racist and don’t even try to hide it. The two white girls next to me received way better service than I did.They rushed my nails, the sides of it are missing polish, the shapes are all uneven. They didn’t clean around my cuticles where there was extra polish when they got done. They look so lumpy. They never once used acetone on my nails from start to finish.Never had me clean my hands before or during the process.Then had the nerve to charge me $70 for a full set, that was very short in length. Please avoid them. Go to Vera Nails down the street on Lee Dr instead.I never go here, and now I’m reminded why I will never go back.

  • This Guy
    Apr 2023

    The worst experience I’ve ever had at a nail salon!! First I was over charged!! What I signed for was 40$ and I was charged 49.20 I’m not sure if he added a tip but that’s illegal! The service was ok, there was no sanitation visible or any clean nail scrubs. So many things were wrong with the visit! I wanted to leave the whole time!!Service: Acrylic nails

  • Camryn Hall
    Nov 2022

    I was hoping for a relaxing spa day with my mom but as soon as we walked in they were barking orders at where to sit and to find a color. The guy doing my nails was doing 3 people at once so it felt very rushed and I was not happy with the results. He also wasn't very kind to me when I told him I wanted thin nails and he said it wasn't possible. I never leave reviews but I left feeling unhappy with lumpy nails ?? worst place I have been by far and I have gone all around for many years nowServices: Acrylic nails

  • Darnese Woods
    Sep 2022

    they did not go in order of people who came. started on me and then started servicing two others. i have came here plenty of times and the normal process was not given to me when i normal get a refill. i onlygot one coat of nail polish and they did not file it afterwards at all. i’m pretty sure it is because the shop began to get over filled but that does not mean shorten the service i am paying for. will not be returning.

  • Angela Hunsicker
    Jul 2022

    Worst pedicure I’ve ever had. I asked for the Luxury Pedicure (their most expensive one) and from start to finish she was done in under 30 mins. She didn’t file the nails at all and she didn’t even try to remove the dead skin and make my heels soft. I get pedis all the time and this is the most disappointing one I’ve ever had. I won’t ever go back to this salon.Service: Pedicure

  • Megan Bourgeois
    May 2022

    Friendly people and quick service. However, they did a horrible job. I'm the only one in the salon and as I'm trying to relax and enjoy my pedicure, another nail tech is doing my manicure at the same time. I don't understand the point as there was no one else in the salon. They rushed through both services and my nails were chipped by the next day. I received a gel manicure. Their prices are also higher than other salons and the quality is definitely not worth the price.Services: Manicure

  • Lashuan Miller
    Mar 2022

    Definitely coming back.. Amazing environment!! They shift is extremely nice. Service is Amazing and I absolutely love my nails..Service: Gel manicures

  • Jo Michelle
    Mar 2022

    Extremely happy with our nails! Me and my daughter came here to have our girls day Mani/pedis for my birthday and absolutely loved our experience. Highly recommend.Services: Nail art

  • Jade Smith
    Feb 2022

    Today was my first and last time going to this nail shop, I was really excited to go after reading the reviews and calling prior (2/6/22) to ask if they could do designs, upon being told yes and that an appointment wasn't need I came in today (2/7/22). I showed them the design, shape, and length I wanted. The guy who did my nails made a couple of comments that made me unsure of whether or not he could do the design I asked for originally asked for and I offered to change my design and he said that it was okay and I didn't need to change it- first red flag. Throughout getting my nails done I told him I noticed one of my nails was shorter than all of the other ones and I didn't want my nails to be that short. He basically ignored my statement and said "it's okay, I'll file them,"- this was the second red flag. When he began to do my design I knew he couldn't do it, but he decided not to make that known until after curing the first part of the design on my nails. I know not all shops can do certain designs which is why I came with back up options prepared, but instead he did whatever he wanted on my nails after finally telling me he couldn't do the original design- this was the final red flag. The shape isn't even sharp and it's very crooked on a few of my nails, the French isn't executed well and to be frank messily done, and the design looks like my youngest sister did it. I'm giving them two stars versus one because my pedicure went well and the price wasn't as much as places I usually go to, but I guess you get what you pay for.Services: Acrylic nails

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