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  • Mark Clark
    Mar 2023

    I simply cannot trust the judgement and expertise of someone who has no common sense and discernment when it comes to face masks. Reena, what are you afraid of? SARS? MERS? Covid? Flu? I would direct you to a systematic review by Xiao et al published in 2020 that found “no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks”. Seriously, Reena, it’s an office, not the OR, get over yourself and stop with the useless masks for everyone’s sake.

  • Christy W
    Feb 2023

    Dr Patel has some of the best bedside manner I've ever come across. The only bad thing I can say about her is she always seems to be overbooked. A simple 6 month checkup can end up running two to four hours when you include wait time. Not another surgeon I'd want working on my eyes, but for regular treatment I've had to find someone else.

  • Steve Schafer
    Oct 2022

    Thank you! I came into Dr Patel with bad dry eyes and very dense cataract in my right eye. The Dr started me on drops, ointment and blinking exercises, etc. I feel a great improvement daily. Dr Patel has done surgery on both eyes and they are healing nicely. It is amazing the difference in my sight. My vision is much better. I am very happy with the Dr and staff. They are professional, friendly and always encouraging.

  • Connected Betty`
    Oct 2022

    I can't thank Dr patel enough, for making my vision million times better. I had a very high prescription and very dry eyes, and it was very challenging to get the lazik surgery done, but with her knowledge and competence , my dream comes true ,and yes I can see without my eyeglasses.( I had the surgery a month ago ) I was able to see much better immediately after the surgery and my vision gets better every day. I'm so happy and satisfied with the result and grateful to Dr patel. I really can't recommend her enough.

  • Mike
    Jul 2022

    Dr Patel preformed cataract surgery on my right eye and my vision is worse. She wanted to do my other eye and Thank God l got a second opinion! I was told that l DO NOT need cataract surgery after all. Also she keep pushing for me to use eye ointment because of dry eye syndrome. She must have stock in the company that makes it is my guess. If you don’t feel comfortable with her then get a second opinion. I’m sure glad l did. I have 20/20 vision in the eye that she wanted to do cataract surgery AND that was 4 years ago !!!

  • Debra Henrichs
    Jul 2022

    Dr Patel is my Hero doctor. She saved my life!I woke up one morning with a pain in my right temple and my right eye felt scratched as though the cornea was damaged. The pain was constant and becoming more intense so I went to the ER and had a C-T scan and a blood test for Large Cell Arteritis which was negative. I went to Dr Patel and she saw that my right eye and eyelid were atrophying and sent me straight to the ER at Wesley. They saw by the high contrast C-T scan and MRI that I had an aneurysm behind the eye and needed emergency surgery.Thank you Dr Patel!Debra

  • Mary Barton
    Feb 2022

    I put off getting cataract surgery because I was nervous about having an operation on my eye. I worried unnecessarily. The surgery is fast and painless, and Dr. Patel is a very skilled surgeon. I came out seeing 20/20 in both eyes! I haven't seen this clearly in decades!

  • David Pratt
    Feb 2022

    I am going in for my second retina detachment surgery since having her remove my cataracts five years ago. Prepare to wait for about three hours every visit.

  • Lynn Galliart
    Feb 2021

    Very impressed! She fixed me right up.Cataract surgery often needs maintenance several years down the road, who knew?? She re-did my left eye so I could see well again. It had been 10 years since original surgery. I'm making another appt. to have my right eye fixed. Bring a book to read while you're waiting for your appointment. The wait time for appointments is lengthy.

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