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  • Kiersten Tague
    Oct 2021

    Alexis was super nice and very helpful when I was looking for a product. She also did my brows and I loved the way they turned out. She listened and knew exactly what I wanted. I 100% recommend her.

  • Sharon Siegel
    Oct 2021

    Looking for hair accessories, the prices were a little high but I found Ulta Beauty to have a different selection than other stores.

  • Phil S.
    Oct 2021

    This review is really for my girlfriend. I haven't seen her this mad in a long time. Why? Glad you asked. She is/was a customer at Ulta. Seemed like a nice store, with decent staff, nice products and good coupons in their catalog she received in the mail. But that all needs to be there every time for it to be a great store. This week, she received the catalog which had a 20% coupon in it. So, as an avid customer, off to the store we went. And it begins. Looking for a particular product, can't seem to find it. No one around to help. Finally settle on something and proceed to the checkout. One cashier. Yes, I'm aware of the employment problem. We waited for about 15 minutes while one customer, yes one customer is waited on. Some return issues I guess. Here comes the acting Manager to the rescue. She takes over the transaction for the customer in front of us to no avail. So, the manager tells the cashier to help us on the next register. Ok now we are cooking. Nope, the cashier can't get logged into the register. Attempt after attempt as we stand there. It seemed like another 5 minutes until another worker appears out of nowhere. Now the cashier asked the coworker to help her log in and the coworker explains that she has the cap-locks on. Ok, well now shes logged in. She rings up the product and was handed the coupon. She types on the register a few more times and winds up with a puzzled look on her face. Her comment was that this coupon is NOT valid. HMMM. She said the register wouldn't accept it. Didn't ask the manager who was standing right next to her. The Manager didn't offer to help after my girlfriend spoke up about the coupon. No help, no real explanation and no 20% off. This wouldn't be that bad, but its not the only time it has happened. So, no more ULTA fo her. She made the comment that it seems that this store has completely gone down hill and she can get her items elsewhere. If you have experienced anything like this or know of someone, you might want to add your comments.

  • James N Maria Luttrell
    Sep 2021

    Danielle is an amazing stylist and just the sweetest I will definitely be back!

  • huma aziz
    Aug 2021

    Vast variety of beauty products. All top notch

  • Rob
    Aug 2021

    My Wife loves this place, as she rightfully should. I know absolutely nothing about cosmetics, but as long as she comes home looking gorgeous and smiling, they must be doing something right.

  • Theodore Whitecotton
    Jul 2021

    My wife and I came here and she went shopping for make-up and what not. I personally don't really know much about make-up but she said that the store was very well put together and everything was easy to find. I will say that the staff was very nice and helpful. Everyone seemed like they were in a good mood which is nice. Definitely recommend.

  • Heather Anderson
    Jun 2021

    Emily is so sweet ! And great with my eyebrows .

  • Faine Tebo
    May 2021

    Love this store and all the sweet employees that work there

  • Kathi Davidson
    Mar 2021

    Clean and neat! This one smells really nice too! Friendly staff and best of all....all the beauty a girl can have!

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