• Lisa Robey
    Oct 2021

    If I could give zero stars I would! My sister and I went to get acrylic nails done on 10.15.21. My cuticles were cut up bleeding and now infected I've never had this happen before when getting my nails done. On top of that my almond shaped nails are angled up and not shaped well. The tech didn't say two words to me beside asking color and shape. My sister asked for black coffin shaped nails with Halloween designs the tech said she could do it. Ive put the picture of what she wanted and what she recieved below. My sister walked out with designs that looked as if a 5 year old could do better after sitting in the chair for a hour and a half. Was very disappointed in this place all around. Price for nails was over priced for quality of the work.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Payton S.
    Oct 2021

    We went in to get my sister's nail's done and it was 40 minutes until they closed, and they completely ignored us. They sat at a table and was playing a card game. Then proceeded to say they were closed. Btw on the door it said they closed at 8 pm and it was 7:20 pm. That is not the way run a business. That is Awful! I don't recommend going there for. Good business

  • katelyn rose
    Aug 2021

    This salon is okay. My nails definitely don’t look bad but they are also not at all what I hoped for. I came in after another salon had done a very bad job on my nails and was promised to love the results. My cuticles are cut and burnt from the drill, and the nail tips were glued more onto my skin than on my natural nail. All of my nails are different shapes, lengths, and thicknesses. What is normally always at most a 45 minute manicure was well into an hour and a half here, to the point that my legs and back started to hurt from sitting so long. They look alright for now but I look forward to my next fill.Services: Acrylic nails

  • Tami R.
    Aug 2021

    I will never step foot in Le Nails ever again. Charged me 40.00 for gel and a week ago was only 30.00 Then expected a tip. Lol! Don't think nails looked horrible the lady was very rude.. will let my family and friends know about Le Nails...

  • hannah winter
    Aug 2021

    Absolutely terrible. Cut my nails all the way back passed the skin, paint job horrible, started filling my nails after he had already painted my nails. Bubbles are everywhere almost on every nail. My nails were pretty and long going in just needed shaped they were all cut off. Given this place two chances never going back or recommending to anyoneService: Gel manicure

  • Chris Miller
    Jul 2021

    My daughter and I both got manicures in which they looked great! Very pleased but for some reason hers was only $20 dollars and my manicurist charged me $35 dollars and tried to charge my card HER tip ($10) For the same type of manicure (not gel) Side note: I did ask the receptionist how much a manicure was beforehand and she said $20 -i would suggest to see the ticket they write out ahead of time so there is NO problem afterwards

  • Venus V.
    Jul 2021

    I love the atmosphere here. It's definitely a family owned business and it's relaxing. I like the deluxe pedicures and had a very lovely experience. I love my nails!

  • Adelynne C.
    Jul 2021

    My friend and I had a HORRIBLE experience. We came in for acrylic nails and had an appointment for 12:30. They didn't get us in until 1 pm. I got a simple design which was done terribly. Squiggly lines and uneven edges. My nail tech made me pay in the middle of my appointment instead of the end which I found very odd. My friend's nails were even worse! Her tech took an hour and a half for acrylic with normal paint. She left with paint all over her skin and a beat up nail because he ripped her hand out of the dryer. The customer service was terrible. Do not go here.

    Jul 2021

    I love the vibe there but I see that mostly older people go there and I'm guessing they don't ask for any designs that much. But I will be going back because again I love the vibe there.

  • Nicole Dubish
    Jun 2021

    This salon is truly poorly managed. I went to get a full set and paid $60 for 3 of my nails to break completely off only 2 days later. Also, the man who did my nails took 2 hours to complete them, and all I got was a solid color. I called to ask for a refund and told them I could send them photos of my nails for proof. They insisted I need to come in this week to get them fixed, even though I explained to them I work full time every day this week and have zero time to do this. He was very rude on the phone. To sum up, I didn’t get a refund and received a horrible full set.The owner’s comment to this post was “I told come I’ll fix for you you wanted to wait for another week isn’t acceptable?” How is it “unacceptable” to come in the following week when I work full time every day in the E.R. this week and simply do not have the time to come in? I am very disappointed with this salon.Service: Acrylic nails

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