• Ybaez Michele
    Oct 2021

    Loved this place. I have been to lots of nail places and I have to say the service here was excellent. Always takes time to show and tell you about color and find out what you want. Very explanatory and polite. The best nail person I have ever had in 30 years of having my nails done.

  • Caitlin McHale
    Oct 2021

    I was super upset with the way my nails were left the last time I was there. I paid $70 plus tip for a dip manicure and had 2 nails break off the first day I had them. I then had another nail break off a couple days later and when I went to get ONE nail fixed the nail tech put an extra 3 layers of dip and 2 layers of gel on every finger. I pointed out some things that I didn’t like to my nail tech but when she had a pedicure come in she rushed one hand and left them looking terrible. I understand that they were trying to make sure they didn’t break again but they left my nails looking like bubbles on top of my fingers. So upset with the service and immediately had to go spend more money at another nail salon just to make my nails look normal. Very disappointedServices: Dip powder

  • Halee Everly
    Oct 2021

    Gave 2 stars because they didn't have a problem fixing a nail from a $75 set if Dip nails, when it got messed up however not even 24 hours after the nail was fixed it again the design peeled right off

  • Halee E.
    Oct 2021

    This is what a $75 manicure from Lams nail and spa looks like yes you read that right $75....they fixed this nail yesterday (Monday @ 9am) and by 8:30 this morning Ive lost almost a whole face They did fix it for free because the original face came off Friday evening while just washing my hands they got me in to fix it Monday morning but not even 24 hours looks worse than before

  • Dawn Tipping
    Oct 2021

    Absolute horrible experience. I honestly will never go back there. Man did a really bad job. Nail polish all over my feet, left the place with it like that they did nothing to fix it. Then he started to do my finger nails and proceeded to cut them short. He burned my skin on two different fingers also. Another lady took over and she didn't do any better. Nails crooked, just ridiculous. Horrible horrible experience.

  • Sloan Golden
    Oct 2021

    This place is awesome. My deluxe pedicure was extremely good , my full set came out very cute and pretty is much more better what I'm asked for . She took time to be careful and gentle while filing and not to get the cuticles. She was very friendly and attentive.

  • Irvin Garrett
    Oct 2021

    Definitely check this place out! My go-to nail tech she does an amazing job. I'm always a happy customer when I walk out that door. They do great work without rushing through it.

  • Angeline Ashlee
    Oct 2021

    Absolutely wonderful salon! I had gel pedicure and full set. Very nice and professional staff. I wanted a specific design for my nails, and I was not disappointed. I love my gel manicure.

  • Brynlee Demarion
    Sep 2021

    Nail salons seem to be a dime a dozen these days but I am so glad I found this one! Hands down the absolute best pedicure I have ever gotten and am looking forward to a return visit.

  • Alma D.
    Sep 2021

    I appreciated the short wait time on a Saturday, however I should've been weary that I only needed to wait 20 minutes on a Saturday. I didn't think it was hard to mess up a gel manicure, but I will have to go somewhere else to have this mess fixed. The gentlemen who did my nails filed them down so much that my fingers physically hurt. He cut them down SO short. He had to remove polish and restart on my hands SEVERAL times, wiping them clean with a paper towel that left residue on my nails that made the polish uneven. He painted over my dirty nails and then filed them AFTER putting on the polish. I also only received two layers of a very light colored polish, so you can still see my actual nail. I called the store and the issued me a refund, first telling me I needed to come in, then calling me back and saying I didn't. This was absolutely not worth my time nor my money.

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