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  • Maria F
    Jun 2022

    NOT LGBT FRIENDLYMy boyfriend wanted basic and was given a deluxe instead. When he asked for colour he was laughed at and had to listen to the ladies gossip about him in their own language the entire time. They just assumed he couldn’t pick up any of the words I guess. If you are a male and want your nails done, don’t go here they will do more than what you asked for, overcharge you for it and then laugh at you when you want to get what you paid for.Service: Pedicures

  • Kristen Kirby
    May 2022

    I had mani and my daughter had a pedi with the same artist. Pedi was good, massage was great, but lady was a bit rude. Mani: lady rude, did not use the UV light between coats or at the end (maybe new technology?), did not do what was asked with the ombré colors, and when one nail was messed up and was asked to fix the one nail the lady ranted in her own language drawing significant attention to my daughter. It was rude and unprofessional and her nails do not look near as good as other places in town we’ve gone. They just had an opening so we tried them out. Will not return.Services: Manicures

  • Gatiba Aliyeva
    May 2022

    I have set an appointment for the lash extension a week ahead at 11am for 4.8.22. I came 4 minutes late and Anne told me that she already took someone else. They book 1.5 hr for the lash extension! So what the heak they did put someone onto my time spot?? 0 service 0 customer care and blaming others. And oh my God how they bully that white girl on the reseption. However she is the cutie and kind girl unlike other stuff members of Lam' nails. 0 responsibility. I have filed a complain to Better Business Bureu too. their dry sorry doesnt work.Service: Eyelash extensions

  • Jenna Stevenson
    Apr 2022

    I had heard great things about Lam's Nail and Spa from a friend who goes consistently, but I was very disappointed in my experience. When you go to get your nails done, especially for the price you're paying, when you order a manicure, you expect to get the works like a pedicure: soaking your hands, trimming and filing your nails, pushing your cuticles back, etc. You should not feel rushed or like you being there is taking the technicians away from other customers. That's exactly what it felt like when I got my gel manicure. They did absolutely nothing like a manicure, and my hands were still completely dry when she started working on my nails. She missed around the edges of my nails and didn't do the design like the picture I wanted. At the end, she quickly rubbed lotion on my hands and the oil they're supposed put on your nails didn't even go remotely on my nails, she practically put it on the first knuckles, and walked away. My family received a similar experience and we are all incredibly disappointed in the quality of the treatment of this business.Service: Gel manicure

  • Reagan Stevenson
    Apr 2022

    I had the technician Amy. She rushed and didn't do a good job. When I asked her if she could do the design that I wanted, all she did was shake her head no, didn't even speak. The only time she spoke to me was to ask if I was okay after she made around my finger nail beds bleed. I'm not happy with the way my nails turned out. When you get a manicure or a pedicure, you pay for special treatment, one way being rubbing lotion on your arms and hands, but they didn't even do that. I would not recommend this place, especially the nail technician Amy, and won't ever go back.Service: Acrylic nails

  • Cory Acevedo
    Feb 2022

    Very clean and professional nail salon. Great customer service. I got my dipping nail done and they are so pretty. Getting checked in right away, & making sure you’re taken care of. She is awesome! Love this place

  • ashley oliver
    Feb 2022

    Figured I would take my sister out and have a girls day. We just wanted something simple. When they started our nails they couldn’t even file them even. They were some too short or long and had sharp edges. I had to ask my tech several times to go over my nails and make sure they were even. She laughed and slammed her hands on the table. I ended up changing what I wanted because she kept rushing me about my color choices. I wanted three colors and in the end I just picked two because she wouldn't stop. My sister didn’t even have her nails filed on top, they did the exact same to her nails as well. Then after he was done with hers they were cracked and on her skin. 64.00 dollars for a waste of our time. Will not be returning.Service: Gel manicure

  • Rosland Campbell
    Jan 2022

    I Love going to Lams. The staff is amazing! I just love the way Amy does my nails. She takes her time and gets it right. Lam makes sure that every customer is satisfied.

  • Taylor Roden
    Dec 2021

    Lams was great! The vibe was great& the nail techs were wonderful. Ann is who did the design on my nails and I'm very happy with how they turned out! ?❤️?

  • Isabella Iurillo
    Dec 2021

    I came in wanting a gel fill in, one of the women started with me and then left to handle something else while I sat there for 10 minutes. Finally another tech was assigned to me and she started on my nails, had me pick my color and everything. She said I shouldn’t wait too long to get a full set because my nails looked old, I said i know but i could only get a fill for that day. She then started breaking off my nails and said “full set is 70$”. When i asked her to please just fix the 2 nails that SHE broke off, she said she’ll do it for 50. At that point i asked her to just remove them. She kept trying to get me to do a full set, I had to tell her 3 times that I didn’t have the money or time to do a full 70$ set and to just remove them. I came in for a fill in and after 45 mins i left with no nails and in tears. I’m never coming back here.

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