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  • Chloe Carlson
    Oct 2021

    Ashley got me in for a last minute cut and color and i am absolutely in love with it!Hadn’t gotten my hair professionally done in quite a while, and it looks so refreshed and healthy now. I had about 50 layers of box dye on my hair, and she was able to even it out and make it feel healthier.First pic is before, purple shirt is after.Services: Haircut

  • Jasmine Higgins
    Oct 2021

    Love this salon! It was my first time here and I really enjoyed it. My hairstylist Bailey was amazing and I enjoyed bonding with her over our obsession of cats.Very professional, and lovely atmosphere. ( I did a root touch-up and toned it more cool looking.) Before and after.

  • Payin Customer
    Oct 2021

    Bailey and Brenna were absolutely great, but I will never allow Shawna to do my hair ever again. She was borderline violent, and it got worse at the end when she started to get a little bit stressed because they had a lot of clients to help that day. I totally understand having some anxiety about a busy day, but you don't take that out on paying customers who were very nice the entire time. This included yanking out knots (with gusto... to say the least), yanking out foils, and shampooing with with much scratching and too much force. Force does not equal speed, lol. I have a very high pain tolerance, especially when it comes to my head, since I've always had long hair and have been yanking it around my whole life, but I am legitimately SORE after my appointment today. At one point when blow drying my hair, she even got a bit distracted and burned my neck. Though, I do admit that I love the way my hair turned out, and I will 100% love to go back and have an appointment with Bailey or Brenna (I think there is another stylist, but they weren't there today). Brenna was even just a trainee who helped out with different stages of the process, but I would much rather have had Brenna just do the whole thing because at least she didn't hurt me... lol.Services: Haircut

  • Maya McCants
    Jul 2021

    Prices are reasonable, staff is always friendly, and they always do a great job! Picture is from right after I got my last haircut.

  • Luis Gomez
    Jun 2021

    I got my haircut here twice. The first time the haircut was good. The second time they did a terrible job. Basically the stylist cut my hair really short on the sides and did not bother to blend it. I was not going to say anything and wait till it grew back to go elsewhere. However, this haircut is so bad everyone I see asks me what is wrong with my hair and I have to explain that they messed me up at this hair salon; it is really annoying. If you plan to go here, do realize it's a flip of a coin.Service: Haircut

  • Megan B.
    May 2021

    Heather was great! Loved her and I love my hair!! She made it just the right color and my hair still feels great even after getting it bleached :)

  • Kat2599
    Mar 2021

    Very friendly staff and stayed late just to finish my hair. Informative on what they were doing to my hair and why.

  • Heather Pyle
    Mar 2021

    They have top notch hairdressers. A very welcoming, clean and relaxing environment.

  • Anthony Robinson
    Jan 2021

    It took more than three years to grow my hair out from the last "haircut I got at a different salon. I was hoping to walk out from eclectic hair salon with my ideal haircut and style. I was assured the hairstyle I showed the stylist would be attained. But I think she just did what she wanted,and what was quicker for her. I spent $40 of my birthday money on a haircut, and would like to have been more content with the results. I hope in the future, that no matter what time you're doing your job, that you will do it as if it's for you, or someone you care about. I submit this with respect, and hope it makes a good difference. I can make the style I was given work for me. But it's not the one I requested. God Bless and be well. Sincerely - Mary

  • Colleen Mathews
    Oct 2020

    I love this place. Genevee gave me a super cute cut, fixed my covid hair. Woman owned also.

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