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  • Sue Esro
    Sep 2023

    This is the only kennel I will ever trust with my sensitive rescues. They care so much and take the time to make sure every dog is pampered. I’d give them 100 stars if I could ⭐️!

  • Jenna Llewellyn
    Apr 2023

    Our pup, Sam, is an occasional daycare attendee and we board him here when we go out of town. He is generally an anxious dude but the staff here treat him with so much love! He never comes home anything but clean, happy, and tired from all the joyful playtime. Scheduling online is easy when done in advance. Prices are competitive with others in the area. Cannot recommend Pound Town enough. Won't send my dog anywhere else.

  • Sara Hays
    Sep 2022

    The staff is sooo nice and they take amazing care of my senior pup.

  • Brandon Currier
    Aug 2022

    Our dog attended daycare weekly and was boarded multiple times at Pound Town before we moved out of the area. Pound Town provides an excellent service with employees that clearly care about making your dog's stay as good, safe, and fun as possible. After moving out of the area and having to use a different daycare/boarding service, it really became apparent what a great job Pound Town does caring for each dog like their own, rather than being a machine that treats each dog like a number. Great job to the staff, highly recommend!

  • Amanda Bernadette
    Jul 2022

    I was dog sitting for my cousin & I loved that they posted a picture of him when I took him for doggie daycare. Wonderful staff!

  • Dan R
    Jun 2022

    Learn from our mistakes. This place operates passive-aggressively.The employees we spoke with, and the materials we were given, right up until we paid, said:• $45 per night for townhouse• Nothing about a non-daycare charge• Nothing about check-out time or late check-out charge• Nothing about a charge for paying by credit card.We learned, AFTER we paid:• $50 per night for townhouse• $10 per day non-daycare charge (the charge if you choose not to have your dog in daycare)• Check-out time is 10:00 a.m.• Check-out charge between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.: $28• There is a 3% charge for paying by credit card.Why “after”? Because my wife made the arrangements, but the deposit e-mail came to me. I went to the front desk, at drop-off time, to make some changes in the arrangements, and was not given a revised invoice before paying. I was just told the new total. Then I handed over my credit card. It wasn’t until my wife saw the e-mailed, “paid” invoice that she saw the previously undisclosed charges.Not knowing about the late check-out charge, my wife had casually told them we’d pick up at noon. Did anyone say, “Check out time is 10:00?” No.Did anyone say, “There’s an extra charge for ‘late’ checkout?” No.We showed up at 10:10 a.m., and were, still, charged $28 for late check-out.I do not know if we were dealing with an owner when we checked-out. We showed her the price list and brochure we had been given. She said that the prices had all changed at the start of the month. We had not been in this place before the start of the month. So, all that we were told and given was after the first. She said that she’s had some new hires who must have given us the wrong information, it was a mistake, and everyone makes mistakes.I pointed out that, as we spoke, the price list we had been given was prominently displayed right there in their entry room. “Sorry, that’s a mistake. Besides, you had a chance to review the invoice before you paid.” -- At the 11th hour.I explained how it had come to pass that I had NOT had a chance to review the invoice, while standing right at their front desk to pay the invoice. I had been told the amount, then handed over my credit card.I thought this information had changed her mind, because she said, “OK,” and turned to her computer.We thought she was making an adjustment. We waited. She was intent on her computer. She went to pull a guest folder out of a rack. We waited.She did some more on her computer, and we waited.[NOTE: When they originally told us that they must evaluate our dog before boarding, we said that we could save them the time: Our dog is antisocial. Best to keep her out of playgroups. The response: “No problem! We do that for other dogs!” – No mention of a charge.]When she went to pull a second guest folder out of the rack, I asked what the “non-daycare” charge was for. She explained. [It was not in any of the written materials given to us.]I asked if she was making a price adjustment. She said, “No.”I said, “So, you were going to just ignore us and let us stand here?” [Classic passive-aggressive behavior.]Her response: “I never said I was going to make an adjustment.” So, we left.The only thing she told us about our dog was how sweet she was. My wife had left food, treats, and glucosamine “pills”, with written instructions – which she, also, explained to the take-in person, at check-in. When we got home with the “leftovers”, it was clear that the instructions had not been followed. Yet we got not a word about why food, treats, and glucosamine pills had not been eaten.I realize, now, why they set their online payment pages the way they do: so you click the “pay” button without scrolling down to find an itemized list on later pages.And I know, now, why they make you pay in-full, upfront: because it’s easier to ignore the complaints if payment has already been received.3 stars is because, whatever they did or didn’t do for our dog, she seems none the worse for wear after 4 nights.

  • Phil Palutsis
    May 2022

    Great place for boarding and daycare. The dogs have a lot of room and the handlers are all very nice and helpful.

  • Austin Moore
    Apr 2022

    Excellent care, reasonable pricing & kind people. Our dog is no angel, but they make him feel welcome every single time he stays. Love this place!

  • Rachael Suiter
    Mar 2022

    Great experience boarding our pup for a few days. They were patient and helpful, encouraging our anxious pup to socialize.

  • Gage & Michelle Burton
    Feb 2022

    We brought our energetic poodle puppy and his poodle “aunt” to Pound Town to run with some new friends. They came home as happy as could be! Although the pup wasn’t as tired as we would have never ending puppy energy, I guess. Meanwhile, our other poodle napped afternoon away when she got home. The facility is adorable and clean. When we walked past other dogs arriving to daycare, they couldn’t have been happier; this provided additional confidence in the care the dogs receive. It is evident the staff is attentive, caring, and careful with all the dogs. Moreover, the communication is fantastic. Quick responses to emails and phone calls. Scheduling was also a breeze. Can’t wait to book another visit:). THANK YOU!

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