• Lynette Hoag
    Nov 2019

    5 of 5 ⭐️! Every pet peeve you have about your manicure has been thought of and managed like a boss by a boss. Make an appointment at 1 pm? Your manicure is done at 1 pm. No bleeding cuticles. Coffee, tea and sparkling water. A place to hang your purse. Tip included in the contract. Fabulous emoluent lotions and oils. They have all the colors. I will never go anywhere else. I've found my mani home. P.S. I've been getting manicures weekly since the 90s. This place is da

  • Christina Cole
    Oct 2019

    Great and relaxing space! Friendly staff. Owner is very knowledgeable and helpful in recommending best nail color for you.

  • Rebecca Marie
    Oct 2019

    Beautiful boutique, awesome music playing, very kind staff. Laura always does a great job!!

  • Louise Kross
    Sep 2019

    The shop is beautiful. There is a great vibe. The quality of work and friendliness of everyone that works here is fantastic!

  • Eunice Hernandez
    Aug 2019

    Clean, chic, attentive and friendly. I got my eyebrows done and they look great. Perks, this place is one block away from me.

  • Nina Esposito
    Jul 2019

    This is Nail Nirvana! Laura and Olga are skilled and precise. My regular manicure lasts 10 days or more. The decor is stunning. Staff is incredibly friendly, even the customers are friendly! Sometimes, if you're lucky, Sienna

  • Kiley Rawlins
    Jul 2019

    I’ve been looking for a great local place in Oak Park for a mani/pedi, and this is it. The team is friendly, genuine and cares about delivering a good experience. The space is intimate but updated and the owner is focused on using products that are organic/ clean ingredient- based. I will definitely be going back!

  • Jennifer Malone
    Jul 2019

    This place is legit! Chic and relaxing! Love the service and the setting. Had a pedicure with Olga and she was a total pro! Will be back and tell others!

  • Julie Spyrison
    Jul 2019

    Beautiful place, great owner, awesome pedicure....and gorgeous resident doggie!!!

  • Lisa Tyrka Walsh
    Jun 2019

    I really enjoyed my experience. Great vibe. The owner, Laura, did an excellent job went out of her way. Got the coolest nails ever! Highly recommend

  • Ginger Devaney
    Jun 2019

    This is a new place in my neighborhood, and I'm ecstatic! My biggest requirement for a nail place is an autoclave because fungus is scary, and everything here is either single use or autoclaved.

  • Monica Khetarpal
    Jun 2019

    I just returned from my first appointment. The owner did a meticulous job! She even custom mixed my color to give me what I wanted. And she served a delicious Americano while I was there! The place is beautiful and they are passionate about what they do. The owner is very careful about cleanliness, using high quality products, and hiring skilled techs (and treating them fairly). The prices are comparable to other local salons. I plan to take advantage of the discounted package deals because this is my new go-to salon.

  • Rebex Marie
    Jun 2019

    First off Olga did an awesome job on my pedicure, my feet feel awesome. The salon was very clean and the decor was beautiful. All the ladies whom were present in the salon were super friendly. I will be going back again.

  • Rosalyn Darling
    Jun 2019

    Perfection! Olga's work is so detailed and her lines are immaculate. I had a no-chip, and it's seriously the best I've had, even compared to NYC and Chicago. That atmosphere is chic and simple, very clean. They even have espresso while getting my nails done. It's so amazing to finally have a world class nail salon in Oak Park. I can't wait to come back.

  • Jessie M.
    Jun 2019

    I went for here no-chip mani/pedi and salon is beautiful and SO clean! Laura the owner did a fantastic job with my nails and they have soo many color options to choose from. Best nail salon experience I've had to date.

  • Crystal Kennedy Lowes
    Jun 2019

    Completed my appointment.

  • R. Paola Daly
    Jun 2019

    Every.single.detail was thought out and I loved it. The owner was professional, meticulous - which I really appreciate given I only do my nails every six months (don't judge)- and 100% welcoming. Also, credit card only.

  • Christina Cole
    Feb 2019

    Laura is the best! Her work with your nails is a masterpiece. You will have a great experience with a professional.

  • Nax Velazquez
    Jan 2019

    I would totally recommend Laura. She is great at what she does and also has a great sense of style, and her suggestions in color and trends are always great!

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