• Angela B.
    Nov 2021

    I am SO BUMMED! My 2nd tattoo in my life at this place and I'm stuck with a tattoo the wrong color. The artist NEVER asked and I never stated the color bcuz I was getting more of the same. Purple, NOT blue ink. I won't show my tat. I'm too embarrassed. My disappointment is extreme.

  • Julia M
    Oct 2021

    I had an appointment with Mike and came a bit earlier than the actual time, as it was pouring rain outside. I was taken care of nearly right away and got to see the design I wanted. It looked amazing! Then when proceeded to the tattooing process we had a pleasant conversation and the overall process seemed to take a few minutes. The studio looks so great inside and is filled with nice, warm and welcoming people who have great talent and are passionate about their art. The tattoo I got is so beautiful and I still can’t get over it. If you are still wondering if you should come and get yourself a tattoo, this is your sign to book up or walk in and do it.

  • Kelly McDonough
    Oct 2021

    Such a great shop! Came in to ask questions & Chase the counter guy was super helpful & answered whatever questions i had. Super excited to get tattooed here!

  • Ashlee Menser
    Oct 2021

    Matt is great! Loved the atmosphere!

  • Gily W.
    Aug 2021

    I came in to make an appointment for 4 different small tattoos 2 of them was a matching for me and my cousin..... and each would have 1 extra separate !! I have shown them and they said come in at 12 as a walk in because they don't take small tattoos as appointment!!! Fine !!! When we got there at 12 they told everyone it will be 2 hour wait ! There was 5 in front of us ! And as we showed them the tattoo they said they can't do it cause they can't do that kind of fine line!!!! Which said everything!!!

  • Emmanuel O.
    Aug 2021

    Could have been better. Researching on the internet, I made the conclusion that this would be. a good shop to get tattooed at. Clean interface, clean and nice-looking shop. I however had an unfortunate experience with one of their artists, Matt. From our first interaction, I became immediately hesitant on getting tattooed there. I had asked to modify the stencil after it was placed on my body (which I think is the point of stenciling first right? to fine-tune the design and positioning to something that I really like given it would be permanent on MY body). This artist stated and I quote "dude you should have picked this out before coming here, I have other clients and can't spend all day if you can't decide". This was maybe 15 - 20 minutes of me just trying to perfect the positioning of the tattoo. Not one to take offense just for some trivial rudeness, maybe he was having a bad day, high workload who knows, I apologized for taking the 15 minutes to decide on my art and picked something and went with it. The worst part is that after fully healing the tattoo is aesthetically sub-optimal as he has scarred my skin in several locations leaving a raised, bumpy appearance that will take a while to heal and flatten: if ever. I went back to ask him for help and he was just rude and dismissive. What a great guy. I am now in consultation with a dermatologist to fix this "artist's" work.

  • Ashlee C
    Aug 2021

    I love that they take walk-ins. My husband and I were in town to celebrate and decided we wanted new ink. We only needed to wait 1.5 hours before Brandon was able to get us in. Brandon was great to talk, work with. The shop has a nice set up, with lots of character!

  • Savannah Schoose
    Aug 2021

    Great service. Very clean and professional. In love with my new ink!

  • Miranda Blumenfeld
    Aug 2021

    We walked in, presented the picture, sat down within 15 minutes of arrival. Whole process was enjoyable and easy! Great atmosphere, wonderful artists. It turned out better than I could have imagined. I’ll be back for sure.

  • Emily Genereau
    Jul 2021

    Sooo happy with the little rose tattoo I was able to get on a whim as a walk-in last week! The receptionist was really helpful and got me set up in just a few minutes. Brandon did my tattoo, and it looks so perfect. I wanted something small and dainty and he did beautiful line work. He was so nice to talk to and made me feel so comfortable. Luckily we live just down the street so I’m sure we’ll be back! Highly, highly recommend this gem of a tattoo shop.Service: Tattoos

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