• Lyn Cole
    Feb 2020

    I absolutely love Galos Caves. I always feel so much better after a session. The chairs are comfy, the audio is relaxing. The woman who works the cave is very nice.

  • C. RN
    Jan 2020

    Very chill and quiet, no frills, great place to meditate and take a nap. Benefits of the salt not withstanding, I still enjoyed a sensory-stimulating experience with mood lighting and soft music. Room temp was perfect with jeans and a hoodie, chairs were the patio zero-gravity type (comfortable), and the desk staff person was such a nice girl. Wear white socks, it's a rule to help protect the salt from being discolored by dark colored socks. Hopefully you can make a reservation for a quiet time just to enjoy the space to yourself or with your own group, rather than strangers.

  • Angelita Clark
    Jan 2020

    We traveled 40 minutes to check this place out. The nice lady at the front desk told us to put our phones away so that we can relax and enjoy the healing properties of the cave. She mentioned the lights would be on because there was a reservation with a child. The first 10 minutes were very peaceful and relaxing. But what she didn’t say was that there would be 6 children under 5 strolling in 10 minutes after the session started. I love kids but If I would have known the situation I would have come another time. Next time I will ask if multiple children will be in the same room at the same time. It was not a relaxing experience and I paid full price plus the price for booties.

  • sal c
    Jan 2020

    Loved my first time here, tried it with a Groupon, friendly service will def recommend!

  • Denice Hizel
    Jan 2020

    Relaxing, glad I went back!

  • Bob R.
    Jan 2020

    First, I've not ever thought of myself as a spa person. My wife got us tickets to go to Galos Cave Spa and after reading other reviews, I thought it would be interesting. And, it was. Galos Cave Spa is small but feels larger. The attendant was very nice to us. The spa is available on the hour and you get 45 minutes. We arrived about 20 minutes early and waited for a short time. At a quarter till one, the attendant opened the door to let the others out and raked the salt before we were let in. Walking into the spa is like entering a cave with stalactites. If you look at the pictures, it has almost an amethyst cast. There are lounge chairs surrounding the room. And, since we were the only two there, we chose what we thought were the best seats. When she closed the door, we heard soft ambient music. The lights dimmed as we reclined our chair. After what seemed to be a few moments I opened my eyes and we'd been there 45 minutes. I slept through most of the time. Overall, it really was relaxing. They claim it is good for your health in many ways. I can't speak to that but I can say I felt very refreshed when we left. We bought two five-session passes and plan to go back there over the next several weekends.

  • Carla Lopez
    Dec 2019

    The scenery is relaxing. The cave is extremely tiny?, thank me later. My kid gets to dig in salt with beach toys they provide which is cool. They claim sitting in the salt cave for 3 hours=a week at the beach. You get better results taking a salt bath at home then the salt cave method?.

  • Lisa L.
    Oct 2019

    Came here on a cold day and it was a great choice. The pictures are very accurate. There are chairs and lounge chairs available to sit on inside the cave. They allow headphones inside which was nice. It's a quiet no talk environment inside which is great. We used a groupon and went with a group of 5. Regular price is affordable. Very clean and maintained. Temperature in room was good too.

  • Inesa T.
    Oct 2019

    We love to come here. It's nice and relaxing plus great health benefits. My sons allergies and asthma get better after couple sessions. His sinus was very bad - we came here and after one session he felt better. He slept so much better that night.

  • Kay R.
    Sep 2019

    Payed for this via Groupon! The number listed had a generic voicemail stating the number is no longer available!!! The other just rang! Then they sent a message via their email response in some other language! Completely unprofessional & apparently a scam!!

  • Troy Miller
    Sep 2019

    Nice salt room

  • suzann hollis
    Aug 2019

    This place IS a salt cave the Biggest problem is you might as well sit next to a Salt Lamp as They Do Not blow Salt through a Halogenic generator!! You are just sitting inside Stationary Salt. It’s an expensive non treatment for breathing and skin issues. Super Unfortunate they don’t upgrade and it’s not cheap!! Namaste

  • Manny Fernandez
    May 2019

    They double booked my session. so when you make an appointment make sure you explain everything to these receptionist twice. They have trouble understanding what a scheduled appointment is.

  • Daniel Sori
    May 2019

    Very nice, relaxing visit! 4 more to go.

  • Dorothy Lord
    May 2019

    Refreshing. Walked out with more pep in my step. Thank you, for Galos Caves, in Chicago, IL.

  • Kasia Z
    May 2019

    Nice and cozy place and very friendly staff

  • Kerri Connor
    May 2019

    I've been to 4 salt caves. I would have to Rank this #4. Its smaller, more cramped, especially entry area.

  • Clare J.
    May 2019

    Today I needed some serious R&R from a week of stress. I decided to start researching Salt Caves. I've heard of the benefits and been meaning to check one out for awhile. I found Galos as the one closets to my house so decided to give it a whirl. I called to scheduled an appointment and a woman said they just a 5pm available. I had to haul ass and make it from my Salon to West Irving Park in an hour during rush hour. I was so worried that if I was too late they wouldn't let me in. Upon arriving, I was greeted by a friendly woman who told me the rules and said I was the only one scheduled. I forgot to bring socks so she gave me some footies to wear. Inside, I was shocked at how peaceful it seemed. There was soft music and several chairs to relax in. I walked around a bit and thought maybe this isn't what it was hyped to be. Then about 20 mins into it hit. The calmness and relaxation out of nowhere. I completely felt at peace and ease. I can't wait to go back and stay longer!

  • Danny S
    Apr 2019

    Very nice, relaxing visit! 4 more to go.

  • G R.
    Mar 2019

    I've been meaning to try this out for years, however I always worried that I wouldn't be able to sit still for a few minutes let alone 45. I've had a few sleepless nights and to be honest started thinking about renting out a cheap hotel room or crashing on a friends couch. I relinquish my house for cleaning every other Friday. So not wanting to inconvenience anyone or end up with bed bug bites, I remembered that people claimed falling asleep here. I also remember the best deal is to get a groupon, so I checked and lucky me there is a deal for five visits, and you have a year to use the visits. The place is very relaxing, the room is warm and if you close your eyes it sort of smells like the ocean. Do wear white socks as others have mentioned, but if you forget they have little booties to cover your socks. The anti-gravity are more comfortable than they look, this is the first time I spent 45 minutes in one. I did fall asleep, and on queue I woke up with three minutes to spare. Since the rest was restorative, in my type A fashion the last three minutes excruciating because there were two other people in the room and I didn't want to disturb them. They do have some salts that you can purchase, however there was no pressure at all. You are in a room with others, so I'd suggest if you're sensitive to sounds, people moving around in there chairs, etc. you should schedule early in the day and avoid weekends. They have an Irving Park road address, however the building is on the corner and you enter on Natchez, there is parking right in front but it is metered, you will find free parking in Irving with a two hour limit.

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