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  • Carmen D.
    Mar 2023

    After working for this dentist, as a parent in good faith I would not allow my own child to be a patient in this office.Parents, if the doctor does not allow you in the room with the child STOP! You should be allowed to observe your child, even if it is from a distance. I can see if the child is being operated on, but a dental office?!?!?!I have observed staff, including the dentist, yell at children and scold them for things like coughing up water or being scared of the procedure. I am also concerned about the dentist placing some kids in straight jackets, during medical procedures (I wish I was lying about the straight jacket, but it is the honest truth). I hope other former staff and patients, come forward and discuss the use of straight jackets, because it does unfortunately happen.If the dentist tells you that your child needs silver caps or fillings get a second opinion, before letting this office work on your child. He tells parents that the spot on the teeth means that your child needs fillings or silver capped teeth, but he is often exaggerating. Get a second opinion, before allowing this doctor to do major work on them.I had to leave this office. It was too hard watching scared children and higher up staff would bully other workers who would complain.

  • Emi
    Dec 2022

    Here to share you my experience as an actual patient. First of all Dr.Uchida is really nice, very kind and welcoming. But the staffs are not really great in my opinion. I’ve been going there for over 10 years, sometimes I can actually tell they want to take unnecessary things to get more money. I went to get my teeth’s cleaned last time, where they told my parents they would take 30-40 minutes. Well guess what? I was done in around 12 minutes! Wow, they told me I did super good but I felt like they were slacking and NOT doing their job. Before, I would actually have no tartar? or gunks in my teeth but found some last time . Felt super disappointed. Also they would spray this water right at my face and not even apologize. Not a single sorry, bro, even I can say sorry. I also had some toothpaste thing still in my mouth so I wonder what that was about… I hope Dr.Uchida gets better staffs and people who actually CLEAN the patients teeth.

  • Ki D.
    Sep 2022

    Just had our second checkup with Dr Uchida and team! My daughter loved both of her visits! Dr. Uchida was very entertaining and gentle! She especially loved giving high fives and fist bumps to everyone, including all of the aunties. The office is decorated and furnished nicely for little ones. Would highly recommend!

  • Lara C.
    Jun 2021

    Dr. Clyde Uchida, in Kahala Mall, came recommended highly by several of my co-workers. He has been my daughter's dentist since she was one year old, and 15 years later, she's still seeing him, as he and his staff have provided excellent oral care to my daughter. He also referred us to a great orthodontist a few years back. Dr. Uchida is a terrific dentist: highly-experienced, knowledgeable, great with kids, thorough and patient with parental questions and concerns, and well-qualified, with a master's degree in dentistry. He has been consistently named on the Best Dentists in Honolulu list. His two twin daughters are also in practice with him, and I've heard from other parents that they are also good. We've never experienced anything but courteous treatment and efficient and timely service from this dental practice. The office also makes it a point to provide reminder calls in advance of the appointment, so if you do need to cancel or reschedule, there's ample lead time. I also appreciate the fact that since COVID, Dr. Uchida's office has made an effort to ensure heightened health and safety protocols. uchidapediatricdentistry…

  • Sarah V.
    Feb 2021

    I moved my daughter to Clyde Uchida when my oldest was 5 she is 11 now. A friend recommended his practice because her 4 children go there let me just say they have been a blessing. They are friendly and my daughter doesn't cry anymore she actually loves going to the dentist. My two year old loves going their too. They have a practice in Kahala and Pearl ridge area. My kids love picking a toy from the treasure box and the kids movies they can watch. My daughters old dentist was a nightmare. I'm shocked all the bad reviews. I've never been pressured to gas my child it's always my choice and updating the forms is normal because things change. They have never strapped my children down and my daughter doesn't cry anymore or scared since switching to Uchida and daughters. I recommend 100%

  • S LH
    Jul 2019

    My son has been going to the Uchidas for 16 years and always experienced friendly, caring, and professional care. I have found it helpful to know upfront of what services are covered by insurance and what will be my share if payment. You have the option of denying services that insurance will not cover. I also find it very convenient that there are offices in Pearl City and Kahala.

  • Amy Feeley
    Jul 2018

    I didn't even get the the point of having my children see this dental practice, they are absurd. The first thing staff did was to ask us about our insurance, before asking anything else. After we went through insurance verification for both kids, the staff informed me that the office has a "separation policy" meaning that the office requires the kids be brought to the treatment area without the parent. They "feel that this causes better behavior by the kids." I explained further that both of my kids are significantly disabled and that one relies on me for communication and the other is extremely fearful and that they require my presence as an accommodation for their documented disability. They "had to talk to the dentist" to decide whether they could make an accommodation for my children's disability (their legally protected right) that was "against" their elective policy. Later they called me back to state that they would not accommodate my children's needs because the dentist would not break policy. This is, of course illegal under ADA. You cannot legally hold your elective, baseless policy over federal disability law.Now I happen to be a public health specialist who administratively manages a multi-million dollar healthcare network, and I tend to base my organizational policies on what is legal, and secondarily on best practice. A quick review of literature demonstrates that while there is NOT sufficient evidence that separation improves children's behavior, there is evidence that the vast majority of parents and children report that they do not feel comfortable with separation.Do these dentists care at all about federal law, or what their patients and their caregivers want? Do they care about aligning their practices policy with clinical best practice or simply what they find most convenient?Sorry, but if you cannot practice in front of me, you aren't touching my vulnerable, non-verbal child. There are dozens of pediatric dentists in Honolulu, so gratefully, I don't have to deal with these chuckle-heads. Perhaps they should consider running their practice more professionally.

  • Jinny
    Jul 2017

    I 100% agree with the feedback about the staff being rude. They are the rudest I've experienced in any doctors office. I stopped going to Dr. Uchida due to his staff, mainly the front desk who you see first. I have no complaints about Dr. Uchida except that when I told him he said he'd look into it and I never received a call back of any sort. In my opinion when you run a business that relies on customer satisfaction, there should be follow ups on complaints especially because businesses rely a lot on word of mouth and now with the internet it's very easy to write good/bad reviews.. I confronted them and of course they denied their actions but then said they were discussing another client. So, they not only are unprofessional and rude but Mind you, I just gave birth to my son so I was a little self conscious about my appearance but I'd have to say I looked better then the two um....cows behind the desk. I had brought my 3 year old daughter for a check up along with my husband in tow, who witnessed all of it . Of course, he already knew I was going to say something to them and Dr. Uchida. It's too bad that he has such low ratings, lost referrals and clients that have gone to other dentists all due to his very unprofessional and unwelcoming staff. He really needs to think about adjusting his staff and hiring people that care about his business by caring for his patients. I'm glad to see that this wasn't just in my head and unfortunately for Dr. Uchida very real experiences that others have had.This review is long overdue. I accidentally stumbled across these reviews and felt I needed to say something to validate the other reviewers.

  • Jennifer Long
    Jul 2016

    Very friendly and treat you like family! My favorite Dentist I have seen.

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