• Kelli B.
    Jan 2020

    I was referred here by my chiropractor. Each massage therapist I had was very skilled and able to relieve my tight, aching muscles. They use essential oils if you like and also provide a foot bath before your session begins. They ask you your pain levels before each session and they will focus on your problem areas. The entire staff is friendly and accommodating. They call to remind you of your appointment. There are massage packages that you can purchase and they also provide a HMSA discount for members. I highly recommend this place and their therapists. I will go back for maintenance massages

  • Anthony A.
    Aug 2019

    Absolute worst customer service ever! I called in and I spoke to a Amy on Saturday, August 24. She told me that they only had a 6pm appointment available to come in. I was inquiring about a cupping massage. I was also told that I would get a 25% discount for being a first time customer of this location. I called back multiple times starting from 4:25pm with no answer. So since I live close to this place, I decided that I should just drive over. I came in and I waited in the lobby for over 20 minutes. Then a lady came out and just stared at me and didn't say hello or anything. I said oh I called in a while ago asking about a appointment and she said well I am busy at the moment assisting another person you're going to need to wait. Then after assisting the customer out, she looked in her book and said there is no appointments for 6:00 PM. Then stared at me and said well I can book you for an appointment on Monday and I said no because I requested for a 6:00 PM appointment today. When I told her that I had called multiple times she looked at the phone and said well I don't see any messages. Then I responded yeah I didn't leave a message because I came in but I did send a Yelp message which I never got a response to. She just said sorry you have to go, then walked me out because she says that the doors are locked and I won't be able to get out. Worst service ever by Hannah. Also, don't you think a place would have someone to be picking up the phone for all business hours and not just until 4:30 PM.

  • Susie Mabini Hebron
    Jun 2019

    Tiarre was the best massage therapist that I ever had and can't wait to make my next appointment...

  • Michael Cary
    May 2019

    I found them by online reviews for one specific therapist named Alissa. I could not get into see here as she has a very limited schedule to say it lightly. That said, I was offered Reuben. I met with him and was happy and tried to set a second appt for Alissa --again not available for weeks, so went to Reuben in between which was fine. At this stage PT Massage is 5 Stars. Ready to schedule 3rd time there with Reuben yet he was going away and normally require 2-3 session per month due to my fitness regiment so he offered Tiare a female therapist who he felt was comparable to him--outcome was she was nice and attentive but not a good fit for me. Called In for another visit post and of course asked for Alissa assuming it would be weeks to see her and Amy said she has a 1:30p this Weekend, which was two days away. I was floored as that was unexpected and said let's do it! Show up for session and find out I'm set with Tiare again? The two names don't even sound alike and as mentioned earlier would not have rescheduled with her. After 700+ massages in my life I feel confident I know what I prefer and what works for body. No management apology or even offered another option and I was so uncomfortable with what to do as she basically walked me to the room and told me to disrobe--I mentioned again I was to be with Alissa and was being told that was not possible Alissa is never available at that time she has regulars. Now I'm made to feel at fault and that possibly I'm making it up or made a mistake. No one is taking responsibility. This is awful. It's like going to a restaurant ordering a steak as they are known for great steaks and the waiter delivers chicken like that's perfectly fine. Sorry it's not. In the end I'm there uncomfortable and now in a session I prefer not to be. At check out no apology from the Amy (receptionist) who obviously messed this all up to begin with and /or a plan to comp this visit or the next for the trouble which is what I would do in a heartbeat, and have as a past business owner. I will consider updating this review after I finally see Alissa (coincidentally the owner) for bodywork in two weeks and see how she decides to manage what happened.

  • Ipo Cole
    May 2019

    I have a full body massage once a month

  • Judith Joy R.
    May 2019

    PT Massage is just what the doctor ordered for me!!! And what I order for me whenever I can! I have had massages by many therapists at many locations, but when I am in need, this is my go to place! I've had massages by several of the therapists there, including the owner, Alyssa. Each one of them gave me amazing massages... found the right knots and knew how to relieve me of them. This is not an over-priced hotel spa environment, but it's clean and smells good, as well as the place to get a great affordable massage that will make you feel less stressed out and totally relaxed. PT also work with the insurance plans that cover massages. Just wish mine did!

  • Tora O.
    Jan 2019

    Love coming here for massage! Every one of the massage therapist is different in their approach, and they are all excellent and professional. I highly recommend PT massage.

  • Malia Kaai-Barrett
    Oct 2018

    Awesome. All therapists are great. Deep tissue, accupuncture etc. plentiful validated / free parking. foot soak additional and does not count against time. get full hour massage or time purchased

  • Malia Kaai-Barrett
    Oct 2018

    Awesome. All therapists are great. Deep tissue, accupuncture etc. plentiful validated / free parking. foot soak additional and does not count against time. get full hour massage or time purchased

  • Jodie Kaderli
    Sep 2018

    This is my "go to" place for massage and acupuncture. They offer package deals to help you save money on your wellness routine. I especially like being able to use my Medical Flex Spending Account for these services. You won't find a better team of diversified professionals!

  • momo mama
    Sep 2018

    Friendly and knowledgeable massage therapists. Great relaxing ambiance room filled with etherial spa music. Was instantly greeted with a salt bath for my feet. Came in with whiplash injury since they accept insurance. Total relief for my stiff muscles. Ask for Jessica or Ruben if you like deep tissue. Andrea is an expert on acupuncture and cupping procedures. Always a pleasure to go there and highly recommended.

  • Chaleida Arce
    Sep 2018

    The BEST Therapist's services & Massage in Honolulu! For real is Amazing therapeutic & medical massages

  • Amy Gonzales
    Sep 2018

    Skilled therapist and relaxing vibes

  • Renee L.
    Nov 2017

    Rear ended on Kinau. My neck got stiffer as days passed. It was hard to turn my head and movement became painful. Needed help to get out of bed to the point of tears. Thank goodness for PT massage. Alisa, Jessica, Rubin , Andrea and Talia is the team that really cared and took the time to meet my needs. They accept insurance and I have no out of pocket expense with my visit. Rubin specialises in sports massage. Jessica and Talia do great deep tissue massage. Alisa and Andrea do cupping. Andrea is also a certified acupuncturist . All 5 stars since the proof is in the results.

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