• ryan upton
    Nov 2019

    Issac is awesome

  • Lacy Thurmond
    Nov 2019


  • Adam Cline
    Sep 2019

    An amazing place to go, staff is professional and all amazing artists.

  • Cameron A Pierson
    Sep 2019

    amazing work , great cool tattoo artist , very welcoming place just 10/10

  • Elizabeth H.
    Aug 2019

    So I've been coming here for about a year now for tattoos, and I've never had a bad experience. Everyone here is very good at what they do and it's always been a good time. I especially want to compliment Steve, who just tattooed me today; he is phenomenal!!! I really appreciated his attention to detail, and he's also just such a pleasant person who's really easy to talk to. I keep coming back because, like I said, everyone here is talented, but Steve is so meticulous about his lines (and so dang nice) that I might just request appointments with him forever now hahaha. Thank y'all so much!!

  • Brittany Freeman
    Aug 2019

    Best tattoo place ever! Excellent artists with great environment!

  • Alan Eskew
    Aug 2019


  • D Stoneback
    Jun 2019

    Allegiance is my go to shop. I mainly have black and gray realism which Isaac does. Really clean, everything is new, everyone is chill and cool and have a ton of knowledge.

  • Sam Caldwell
    Jun 2019

    Billy was great. Super friendly and professional.The shop is very clean, up to date and upscale.

  • Crust Nube
    Jun 2019

    Billy did a great job!!

  • Sean Woods
    Apr 2019

    Isaac, Kenny, and Katarina are all friendly, accommodating, and great people. I enjoy their company, seeing their work, and stopping by whenever I get a chance. This branch is an extension of the Washington Road shop, and is a little slower. All three of the artists do phenomenal work, whether you're getting a traditional tattoo, or are looking for cosmetic tattooing. Check this shop out asap, for some of the best artists in Augusta.

  • Tina Gill
    Apr 2019

    My first experience with a tattoo parlor. He was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Did a fantastic job on our tattoos. Place was clean and I felt very sanitary. I will return here if I get another tattoo.

  • Porsche C.
    Feb 2019

    Regarding getting piercings, definitely come here! I got a piercing here a few years back & then recently - my friend & I both got piercings as well. All of them were done by Amelia who is really good!! She is super nice, friendly, & made me feel comfortable every time I came. Everyone else that works there are friendly as well!

  • Mary Beth Eden
    Feb 2019

    Great place! Keith is a wonderful artist and will listen to your wants and needs and help in anyway he can to make sure you get what you want. Best place in Augusta

  • Dennis McAlister
    Feb 2019

    Keith is awesome!! Definitely looking forward to more.

  • Kristina R.
    Dec 2018

    The girls working the front desk are pleasant and helpful, but the good experience stopped there for me. I tried the Peach Orchard location first but they didn't have any openings- if you go, go there. It was cleaner and more organized. I asked for Philip based off his work online, and he said they'd call me in a few hours. When I came in, Philip kept saying how overbooked he was and that he was rushed. He didn't want anything to do with me, like I was wasting his time. People have their own lives and struggles but it felt unnecessarily rude. He charged me $150 for two band around my forearm, and the lines are sloppy. There are parts not shaded in and one half is noticeably skinnier than the other. I know they can't be identical but it looks like I just went to town with a sharpie. My arm is also carved up- it's been over 3 months and it's still as raised and wrinkled as when I got it. Luckily the tattoo has a more emotional meaning to me, so the blatant imperfections are not gonna ruin my life. But if you're looking for clean lines and any type of friendliness, maybe try somewhere else.

  • Erika W.
    Oct 2018

    Got my nose pierced back home when visiting and needed to get a new top. I called a few places and nobody else seemed to carry NeoMetal except Allegiance. I have two small kids and while it wasn't a tattoo I was getting, they let them both come into the shop, which I seriously appreciate. Wrenn didn't seem phased by them and I really appreciate that. When Wrenn took me back, she showed me her NeoMetal stash. I showed her the info my original piercer gave me and she helped me get a size smaller post for when my piercing is completely healed. I had some extra room because my swelling was a little ridiculous.I picked out a new top and she changed it for me, and told me she'd help me change the post when time comes at no charge. My entire experience overall was great. I didn't feel rushed or talked down to at any point. I felt comfortable the moment I entered the facility, seeing how clean and well maintained the piercing area is, having her change the top, and asking questions that I felt might be a bit silly. I would easily come back here for any future piercings and/or jewelry.

  • Whit Craig
    Oct 2018

    I wish I can review more then once. My husband got stationed down here and a few people I've talked to mentioned here to get tattoos and piercings. So this is where I decided to go. I've only had experience with the piercer and she has saved me and my piercings twice maybe three times, brains a little blah right now and I am greatful. From losing the balls down my sink to getting my ear piercing stuck in my ear(she couldnt get it out but I am greatful for her trying) She did a wonderful job with piercing me on the Friday the 13th special. Glad I was able to find a place to stick with. I havent gottwn a tattoo here yet (yet is the key word cause let's face it 11 tattoos isnt enough to for me!) Yall have an amazing staff and I cant wait to get tattoos here as well!

  • M Hartz
    Oct 2018

    Great shop!

  • Martin M.
    Jun 2018

    Brilliant. The folks runnin' the joint were nice. If they seem a little standoffish I think it's cause tattoos have come along way throughout the years, from subculture to pop culture... like most things. Philip did a killer job... great kat to talk to. So much so it was easy to forget that there was a needle stabbing me in the arm repeatedly. I've always been more of a piercing guy... stab it's over. This was my first tattoo. Figured why not do it in my hometown. I was pleasantly surprised with the family like environment and professionalism. I'll definitely keep an eye out for Philip when he tours Los Angeles. Great spot for newcomers and beyond. Thank you kindly, M

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